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Manifesto for a new Ireland: start with conscience rights

Michael Kirke - Mercator Net

Defying her party's attempt to force consciences on the abortion issue, Lucinda Creighton loses her job but saves a fundamental right.

Finland’s Interior Minister: Animals have more protections than unborn babies

Chris Barnekov - Life News

Finland’s Interior Minister has sparked an uproar by sharply criticizing the country’s liberal abortion laws. In a July 6 speech to a Lutheran missions gathering in Kankaanpää in southwestern Finland, Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen lamented that animals have more protection in Finland than unborn human babies.


Parents of intellectually disabled girls deny sterilisation breaches human rights ahead of senate committee report

Louise Negline - ABC

Parents of intellectually disabled girls have spoken out in favour of sterilisation, saying it gives their daughters a better quality of life. Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes says the practice is a breach of human rights and needs to be banned.


How to raise boys in the era of internet porn

Steve Biddulph - The Age

The sewers of the net can harm the way young men relate naturally to girls.

Drugs & Alcohol

Fine after drug counsellor found with ecstasy tablets

John McCutcheon - Sunshine Coast Daily

A drug counsellor, caught with seven ecstasy tablets at the Big Pineapple Music Festival, has told a court he had taken the drugs from a friend and planned to flush them down the toilet. Nathan Douglas Marriage, 37, of Maroochydore, and the friend, was spotted by police eyeing off drug detection dogs outside the festival entrance in April, and when approached by plain-clothes officers, he admitted he had the drugs in his pocket.


New leadership of South Australian Education Department promises change


The teachers' union is hoping key changes in the South Australian Education Department will bring improvement and a fresh perspective. CEO Keith Bartley has quit, citing health and family reasons, just a fortnight after the release of the highly-critical Debelle report on handling of school sex abuse.


Tasmania police to charge anti-logging activists for trespassing Te Ann mill in Huon Valley


Tasmanian police will charge 18 anti-logging activists who stopped work at timber mill in the state's south-west. About 40 protesters blocked access to the Ta Ann mill near Judbury in the Huon Valley.


Another Belgian double euthanasia

Wesley J. Smith - National Review

This is the third example of which I am aware of “double” euthanasia deaths in Belgium. The first were of an elderly couple. The second of disabled twins, who were going blind. And now the third, another elderly couple.


Casino Wars: Packer, Echo and the battle for the grind

Charles Livingstone - The Conversation

Gambling revenue from Australian casinos amounted to just over A$3.5 billion in 2009-10 (the year of the most recent official data). Of that, about a third, A$1.3 billion, came from Victoria’s single casino, operated by James Packer’s Crown. Crown’s Perth casino generated gambling revenue of over A$536 million in that year; thus, Packer gambling interests controlled over A$2 billion, or 53% of Australia’s casino market by gambling revenue.


'Sliders' who slip into marriage because it's the next logical step to living together are 40% more likely to divorce than 'Deciders' - who choose together to commit before moving in

Bianca London - Daily Mail

Couples who 'slide' into living together and then segue into marriage face more long-term issues than those who actively 'decide' to take the same steps, according to the latest study. Research by psychologists Scott Stanley and Galena Rhoades found that many couples start cohabiting without clear expectations, a shared commitment to each other or common values and goals.


The ducks are aligned for an August election

Michael Gordon - The Age

Suddenly, almost all of Kevin Rudd's election ducks are lining up in a row, increasing the temptation to grant Tony Abbott his wish and call an August election. One by one, the reinstalled Prime Minister is neutralising the issues that delivered Abbott political ascendancy and made the Liberal leader an unbackable favourite.


Support builds for asylum site at Port Moresby

Rowan Callick - The Australian

The prospect of a large new asylum-seeker centre alongside Port Moresby's international airport is being considered by Papua New Guinea officials. Talks have been under way for months over the prospect of a bigger and more conveniently located centre in addition to the Manus site.

Four die, hundred rescued as asylum-seeker boat sinks

Paul Maley - The Australian

Four asylum-seekers are dead after an asylum boat carrying about 150 people sank north of Christmas Island as Customs and Border Protection crews were trying to assist it.

Vietnamese asylum boats at 20-year high

Nicolas Perpitch - The Australian

The 84 Vietnamese asylum-seekers on a vessel stopped just north of Broome this week are part of the largest influx of people arriving from the communist country by boat in almost two decades

Religious Freedom & Persecution

After Morsi, Christians and churches targeted by Islamists

Asia News

About a hundred Christian families flee the Sinai after the murder of a Coptic priest and the beheading of a Christian businessman. Gunmen riddle churches with bullets. Christian stores are marked for possible attacks, whilst demonstrations target Patriarch Tawadros, "guilty" of supporting Morsi's ouster. Christians are likely to be scapegoated by Islamist groups and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Rapid decline of Christian influence in America

Lauren Green - Fox News

Author John S. Dickerson offers suggestions of how Evangelicals can adapt to cultural change

Christians respond to "Transgender Bathroom" movement

John Dere - Crossmap

In a recent article posted by Christian News, Christian leaders across the nation are responding to an increasing number of laws that allow transgender public school students to enter both men’s and women’s bathrooms. Nicole Theis, President of Delaware Family Policy Council, believes that allowing transgender people to use both male and female bathrooms will open the door for unwanted problems.

Christian hackathon highlights 14 religious app ideas

J. Nathan Matias - PBS

Last month, almost 150 people gathered in San Francisco for Code for the Kingdom, a hackathon that gave away $11,000 in prizes to teams developing Christian projects. The event also offered networking opportunities with Christian organizations and a team of 15 mentors that included VCs, religious leaders, and senior employees at major American tech companies. Projects focused on social organizing, fundraising, social reading, quantified self, content filtering, and open data.