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March for the Babies


A 6 minute video of the 'March for the Babies' on Saturday 13 October 2013

Charities & NFP

Anglicare says thousands going hungry

Miriam Hall - ABC

Anglicare Australia says Australia's poorest are going without food, sometimes for up to 24 hours. The organisation has launched a report based on a national survey of families receiving its emergency support. The authors of the report says up to 45,000 Australian household cannot always afford food.


Hacker group Anonymous outs internet bully they claim drove Anna Todd to suicide

Jenni Ryall -

Hacker group Anonymous has named a man it claims posted topless pictures of a 15-year-old girl online and harassed her so mercilessly she committed suicide. Amanda Todd, from Vancouver, Canada, was found hanged in her home on October 10, weeks after she uploaded a video to YouTube that describes - via a series of note cards - her treatment at the hands of cyber bullies.

QUT students behind ’12 year old sluts’ page

Melinda Tankard Reist - Collective Shout

A petition was recently launched to pressure Facebook to remove a page called ’12 year old slut memes.’ The page, used to bully, humiliate, expose and shame young girls had attracted over 200,000 ‘likers.’ Thousands of complaints have been submitted to Facebook via the page’s reporting system and a petition directed to Facebook. Facebook has refused to remove the page, defending it on the grounds of free speech and tagging it as ‘controversial humor.’ [UPDATE Page now deleted from Facebook.]

Trolls or criminals? UK law wrestles with social media

Judith Evans - SMH

For many they are the scourge of the internet, but rights campaigners in Britain are increasingly leaping to the defence of online "trolls" amid a string of criminal trials over tweets and Facebook posts. Prosecutors are to revamp their approach to cases involving social media following an outcry over freedom of speech, after "offensive" online comments from bad jokes to homophobic insults resulted in arrests and even jail.

New complaints body not needed for ABC: Scott


The head of the ABC, Mark Scott, says it would be a mistake to make the national broadcaster accountable to a complaints body that supervises news media on all platforms. ABC chairman James Spigelman has criticised a recommendation by the Finkelstein report to create a new complaints body with responsibility for all news media, including the ABC.

Drugs & Alcohol

Police find suitcases containing millions of dollars in storage shed after motorcyclist stopped in Brisbane

Kate McKenna - The Courier-Mail

Police have laid more charges against a man linked to the discovery of millions of dollars in cash and a large quantity of drugs in a Brisbane shed. A 32-year-old man was charged with drug trafficking on Monday after police seized a large haul of drugs and weapons plus millions of dollars stuffed in travel bags from a shed in the inner suburb of West End.


Why non-government schools provide the best model - part 2

Kevin Donnelly - Online Opinion

Non-government school critics argue that the only reason independent schools outperform government schools is because their students come from wealthy backgrounds. The critics are wrong. Contrary to the argument put by the President of the Australian Education Union, Angelo Gavielatos, such success is not caused by the fact that non-government schools only enrol already privileged students.

Being straight no longer normal, students taught

Miranda Devine - The Daily Telegraph

Students at 12 NSW high schools are being taught it is wrong and "heterosexist" to regard heterosexuality as the norm for human relationships. The "Proud Schools" pilot program, implemented in 12 government schools in Sydney and the Hunter, is designed to stamp out "homophobia, transphobia (fear of transsexuals) and heterosexism". Teachers are given professional development to learn to identify and stamp out any instances of "heterosexist" language in the playground, such as "that's so gay".

Is this tolerance or propaganda?

The Daily Telegraph

Nobody in this day and age could possibly condone homophobia or any form of discrimination or hate speech towards people just because of their sexuality. People can no more be judged by their sexuality than by their gender or the colour of their skin. It also goes without saying that any measures to stop bullying or abuse in our schools are desirable and welcome. The question is whether the new anti-homophobia initiative "Proud School" will actually do that or whether it is so ridiculously proscriptive and politically correct it might have the opposite effect.

Confessions of a university ghost writer

Benjamin Preiss and Peter Cai - The Age

Mary has written extended essays on commerce but she is no business student. She has completed assignments on Chinese Tang dynasty poetry and Asian history but she is no lover of humanities. Mary is an academic ghost writer who helps students cheat by doing their work. For the past three years Mary, 21, has written essays for other students in return for cash.


Call for discussion on euthanasia

Nursing Review

Australia is witnessing a shift in public attitudes to possibly support euthanasia for people with dementia, says a leading expert on healthcare ethics. Chair in nursing at Deakin University, Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone, said alarmist and negative framing of Alzheimer's disease as an "epidemic" and "the worst of all diseases" was seriously undermining public understanding of the disease and the care options available to them.


Alarming increase in number of HIV cases

Amy Corderoy - SMH

HIV rates have increased substantially for the first time in five years, leading experts to warn that urgent action is needed to stop the spread of the virus. Figures released today show that the number of new diagnoses increased by 8 per cent last year, and by 50 per cent during the past 10 years. The most recent increase in the number of new HIV cases diagnosed - from 1051 in 2010 to 1137 in 2011 - has been driven by increases among gay men, although in the past 10 years there have been rises in other groups.

Homelessness & Poverty

Aussie school children left hungry: report

Roje Adaimy - SMH

Thousands of Australian children are suffering at school because their parents can't afford to properly feed them, health and social experts warn. A report released by Anglicare Australia on Tuesday estimates around 45,000 households accessing its emergency relief services don't have enough money to adequately feed their families.


NT leaders raise concerns with Mills


Aboriginal leaders from Arnhem Land want the new Northern Territory chief minister to lobby the federal government to scrap the NT intervention program. Aboriginal leaders from east, central and west Arnhem Land met with Terry Mills in Maningrida over the weekend ahead of the start of the Yolngu Nations Assembly. Mr Mills swept to power following a backlash from Aboriginal voters against the NT Labor government and he has promised not to ignore indigenous communities.


The real misogyny

Babette Francis - On line Opinion

The real tragedy is that by accusing Abbott's of "misogyny" and "sexism", Gillard and her cohorts trivialize the barbaric treatment of women and girls by the Taliban and the sex-selective abortion of female fetuses in China and India. Those are real examples of misogyny.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Strip club infuriates 'Christian community'

Bridie Jabour - Brisbane Times

Toowoomba residents come out in opposition to a proposed strip club in the CBD. Furious Toowoomba locals may have to grin and bare it if the state government approves an application for the city's first strip club. The site of the proposed strip club – LA Showgirls – is across the road from a child care centre and on a busy one way street in the CBD.

ACL recommends NSW Government target demand for prostitution

Ben Williams - International News Magazine

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has recommended the New South Wales Government join the growing list of progressive countries that are prohibiting the purchase of sex, in a submission to the government’s review of brothel legislation. ACL NSW Director David Hutt cautioned the government against introducing a licensing approach or ‘regulated’ brothel industry. “Legalised prostitution is a failed experiment,” Mr Hutt said.


Desmond Tutu works with UN to end child marriage

South Africa's Anglican Archbishop is working to end child marriages. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was in the United States last week to promote a campaign to end the practice of child marriages in the developing world by 2030.