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What really happens to women who have abortions?

Priscilla K. Coleman - Mercator Net

Once again, the New York Times ignores the evidence and backs supporters of abortion.

Children & Family

Study examines parental beliefs, attitudes on child media exposure

Meedical Net

Differences in parental beliefs and attitudes regarding the effects of media on early childhood development may help explain increasing racial/ethnic disparities in child media viewing/habits. A total of 596 parents of children ages 3 to 5 years completed demographic questionnaires, reported on attitudes regarding media's risks and benefits to their children, and completed one-week media diaries in which they recorded all of the programs their children watched.

A sobering lesson for fathers

Michael Brown - Charisma News

As a new dad more than 35 years ago, I read a book about effective fathering, and one illustration from one chapter—based on a real-life story—has stayed with me ever since. It provides a sobering lesson for fathers. Before I get to that illustration, let me share an anecdote along with some eye-opening statistics that underscore the critically important role that fathers play in the lives of their children. (Yes, men, what you father is not just your “biological offspring.” It’s your kid!)


Sex billboard angers Christian lobby group


A Christian lobby group is outraged that a strip club billboard has reappeared near schools in Brisbane. Earlier this year, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) campaigned to have the sign removed from its original site near the Brisbane Grammar School in Spring Hill.

Drugs & Alcohol

Youth avoiding drugs as addicts age, according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report

Clifford Fram - AAP

Heroin and other opioids appear to be losing their appeal among younger people, with a dramatic fall in treatment levels for addicts under 30. Almost 47,000 opioid addicts were being treated with drugs on a snapshot day in June 2012, according to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report.

SA Police nab 10,000 drivers on drugs in seven years

Lia Harris - Herald Sun

Police have nabbed 10,000 people driving under the influence of illicit drugs since the launch of its drug testing operation seven years ago. Police - who have drug-screened more than 241,000 people in that time - said the disturbing figure was reached this month.

Synthetic cannabis: even regular drug users don’t trust it

Sarah Macgregor - The Conversation

For decades, cannabis has remained the most popular illicit drug among Australians. The strong demand among cannabis and other drug users for methods to evade detection and legal trouble has made online products such as “drug-free urine” popular. More recently, this demand has fuelled the influx of a new category of borderline illicit substance – synthetic drugs.

Homelessness & Poverty

Humiliation at the heart of homelessness

John Falzon - Eureka Street

According to data just released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics the past year has seen a 4 per cent increase in the number of people placed in full-time custody in Australia's prisons. The Northern Territory, which also has the highest rate of people experiencing homelessness per head of population, has the highest imprisonment rate (889 prisoners per 100,000 adult population), followed by Western Australia (263) and New South Wales (175).

Human Rights

Pope asks G8 leaders to remember poor

Mark Caplin - Christian Today

Pope Francis and David Cameron have exchanged letters on the G8 summit taking place this week in Northern Ireland. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Pope Francis called for a human-centred global economic and political system. He said it was necessary that all political and economic activity "makes reference to man" and with "particular attention to the poorest".


Satisfied only with utter destruction

Tim Challies - Christian Post

There is much debate and much concern today about redefining marriage. Where it hasn’t happened already, it seems very nearly inevitable that the definition will soon be expanded to include homosexual unions. And once marriage has been redefined away from the union of one man to one woman, it seems almost impossible not to see it also expand to include polygamous relationships. Already books and media and reality television are attempting to convince us of the goodness, normalcy and health of polygamy; this is just the advance guard that portends a coming all-out attack.

Bernardi: I was right on gay marriage and polygamy

Jonathan Swan - SMH

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi says he has been "proved correct" that legalising same-sex marriage would lead to demands to endorse polygamy. "I stand on the record and say, well I was right," said Senator Bernardi, who was forced to resign last year as Tony Abbott's personal parliamentary secretary following public outrage about his comments. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's sister Christine Forster joined a number of gay and lesbian Australians in saying she felt insulted by Senator Bernardi's comments.

Every TV news outlet had coverage supportive of same-sex marriage

Alex Weprin - Medio Bistro

A new survey from Pew’s Project For Excellence in Journalism examines the coverage of gay marriage among the media. The big takeaway: almost every outlet presented more supportive statements in favor of gay marriage than opposing statements against gay marriage, including every TV news outlet. Pew looked at every segment on gay marriage from March 18-May 12, and classified every statement made on the issue as being supportive of gay marriage, opposed to gay marriage or neutral.

Overseas Aid

Unclean water kills almost 30,000 people each week

Bright Ideas

One of my favorite Bible stories occurred when a Samaritan woman went to a well to collect water and met Jesus. This event happened almost 2,000 years ago and still many people around the world must collect water in a similar manner. According to UNESCO, "Water is life. Yet 768 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water, and 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation. When water is unsafe and sanitation non-existent, water can kill."


'I do not see it as my role to intervene': Hawke on call to act on leadership stalemate

Jonathan Swan - The Canberra Times

Former prime minister Bob Hawke has rejected a call for him to intervene in the Labor leadership stalemate between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, saying it is a matter for the caucus to decide. Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie had earlier called on Mr Hawke to act as a "circuit breaker" for Labor. But in a statement to Fairfax Media on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Hawke said it was not his role to intervene.

Labor risks majority crisis

Mark Kenny - SMH

A late switch by Labor back to Kevin Rudd could provoke a constitutional crisis forcing Governor-General Quentin Bryce to consider options such as a sudden recall of Parliament to test Labor's majority or even the appointment of Tony Abbott as prime minister. Another option would be the commencement of an immediate caretaker period before an early election.


Asylum seekers and universal human rights: Does the Bible still matter?

Mark Brett - ABC Religion and Ethics

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) reported in 2011 that there were around 42.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, and of these, 15.2 million were classified as refugees. The disparity between the two figures reveals immediately the terminological and legal complexities that beset the human misery of displacement.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Coptic Christians threatened to convert to Islam

Raymond Ibrahim Blog

Two weeks ago in Egypt, a Coptic Christian man named Milad living in Tanta in northern Egypt submitted a formal complaint to authorities, saying that “unknown persons” invited him and his family to renounce Christianity and submit to Islam and convert. “They also snatched at the crucifix he was wearing around his neck, and threatened to kidnap his children and wife if he refused to convert to Islam.”


Church-owned aged care providers don’t want exemption from laws

Harley Dennett - Crikey

The federal opposition has shifted to protect the right of taxpayer-funded, church-run aged care providers to deny beds to elderly homosexual, transgender and intersex people?—?a right that religious providers are saying they don’t even want. Labor’s proposed amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act to protect LGBTI people from unfair discrimination has hit a snag with a report from Coalition senators now saying they want to keep existing exemptions for religious aged care facilities, all of which receive government funding.

Church fires back at police on abuse

John Ferguson - The Australian

A Victorian police deputy commissioner and the force have been accused of false and misleading evidence to the state's child sex abuse inquiry in a withering takedown of their allegations. An eminent lawyer has accused police and Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton of "blatant untruths", a "travesty" of justice, "utterly false" claims and of "malicious nonsense" in evidence obtained by The Australian.