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Irish mother’s death tragic, and exploiting it to promote abortion

Paul Coleman - LifeNews

In late October, a 31-year old female dentist named Savita Halappanavar died in Ireland after being refused an abortion. And although there was no causal link between the refused abortion and her death at the time, and there remains none now, pro-abortion proponents are seizing on her death as sufficient reason to legalize abortions in Ireland. In fact, these ideologically-driven arguments for abortion now fly in the face of members of the medical community who say an abortion could have actually killed Savita days before her natural death occurred.


'I was so addicted to Facebook I saw a hypnotherapist'

Melissa Overman -

Young Aussies are turning to hypnotherapy to cure their social media addiction. "It started when I broke up with my boyfriend," says self-confessed social media addict Natalie, 22. "I began checking his Facebook page ALL the time. I'd look through his photos and even if he was innocently standing with a girl at university, I'd stalk her page to find out everything I could about her."

Drugs & Alcohol

Drug text service launched


Drug information is now available at people's fingertips, thanks to a new text message service. The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) is launching the Get the effects by txt! scheme to coincide with Schoolies week in the hope it will be used by young people. The service works by sending a health and safety message listing the effects of a drug when a person texts that substance's name to 0439 TELL ME (0439 835 563). Links to further information and a counselling service are also sent to the user's mobile phone.


'Dying end up on a conveyor belt in hospitals', says intensive care doctor

Tory Shepherd -

Every week about five elderly Australians commit suicide, and euthanasia advocates say most of them hang themselves for lack of a better way to end their pain. At the same time, keeping people alive with "futile" but expensive treatments in hospitals is both cruel and blowing out health budgets, an intensive care doctor says.

Most want euthanasia legalised in Australia

Evelyn Yamine - The Daily Telegraph

Voluntary euthanasia is being pushed to the political forefront again, as a new survey shows that 70 per cent of people believe euthanasia should be legal.


State gay marriage vote nears

Josephine Tovey - SMH

NSW is one step closer to a vote on legalising same-sex marriage, MPs from across the political spectrum giving official notice of new legislation. A cross-party working group of MPs from the Coalition, Labor, the Greens and an independent have been working on a bill that would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in this state, after the failure of three federal same-sex marriage bills earlier this year. Coalition and Labor MPs will be allowed a conscience vote on the bill when it comes before Parliament next year.

Two very different men with the same excuse

Tory Maguire - The Punch

Yesterday at almost the same time two men who had done a bad thing, one very much worse than the other, used almost identical excuses. In Sydney Paul Douglas Peters, the so-called “Collar bomb hoaxer” was sentenced to 13 years in jail for the 10 hours of sheer terror and year of tough recovery he unleashed on 18-year-old schoolgirl Madeleine Pulver in her family home last year. In Melbourne champion jokey Damien Oliver copped an 8-month ban from racing after he admitted betting $10,000 against his own ride - a cardinal sin of the track. Both men cried as their punishments were announced, and it emerged afterwards both men said their actions had taken place during extreme distress over the breakdown or troubled state of their marriages.


Pressure builds for ICAC to suspend coal licences

Sean Nicholls, Kate McClymont - SMH

The NSW state opposition has joined the Greens in calling for the suspension of coal licences issued by the former Labor minister Ian Macdonald that are being investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption. The commission is examining the circumstances surrounding the issuing of licences at Mount Penny, Glendon Brook and Yarrawa as part of what it has described as the largest corruption investigation in its history.

Planned Parenthood takes credit for re-electing Obama

Sarah Crawford - LifeNews

Planned Parenthood has taken credit for pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s re-election by openly admitting that their political action committee’s plan relied on partisan scare-tactics. The abortion conglomerate has been a long-time favorite of Barack Obama, and they were more than willing to spend whatever they had to make sure that their best supporter re-won the presidency – to the tune of $15 million. Spending an outrageous amount of money, however, was not enough. The abortion giant had to cleave to the overly-used scare-tactic of the “War on Women,” claiming that members of the Republican Party — and the Pro-Life Romney/Ryan ticket — would take away abortion and women’s access to free abortion-inducing birth control.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

PM Julia Gillard announces $50 million funding to fight slave trade at summit at East Asia Summit

Mark Kenny -

Australia has agreed to fund a $50 million effort in a bid to reduce the trafficking of people in Asia for illegal activities such as forced labour and prostitution. Prime Minister Julia Gillard will announce the initiative today in the city of Phnom Penh, where she is attending the East Asia Summit.

Red-Green politics retrograde on prostitution

Matthew Holloway - On Line Opinion

So far three Australian states and one territory have liberalised sex laws through brothel legalisation, in each case these laws have been passed by Labor governments. The ALP is affiliated to the Socialist International (SI) comprising socialist, social democrat and labour political parties from across the world. The rationale of the left in Australia has looked at the issue of prostitution from a free market, economic approach to the sex industry backed by libertarian arguments, which rebadge prostitution as another form of employment and promoting user access.


Asylum seekers on boats reach 30,000

Bianca Hall - SMH

More asylum seekers have arrived on boats since Labor came to power in 2007 than people live in the remote community of Alice Springs, the opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, said on Tuesday. The number of asylum seekers arriving by boat has reached more than 30,000. The population of Alice Springs was 27,589 in the 2011 census. Mr Morrison sought to paint that figure as an impending human flood. ''We now have an average of more than 2000 people turning up every single month,'' he said.

Nauru: 'terrible spiral' of despair revealed

Michael Gordon - The Age

Amnesty International has implored the Gillard government to begin processing the 387 asylum seekers on Nauru and to rethink its strategy for curbing boat arrivals after describing conditions at the island's camp as ''completely unacceptable''. A delegation from the human rights body expressed shock at the conditions at the camp after being given access on Tuesday, saying they were tougher than at any mainland detention centre and responsible for a ''terrible spiral'' of self-harm, hunger strikes and suicide attempts.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christians in bulls eye for airstrikes


Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir is launching new attacks against the mostly Christian Nuba people, according to a new report from Christian Solidarity International USA President Dr. John Eibner. Al-Bashir said that Sudan would become a purely Islamic state now that the south has split off. This statement was very worrisome for many Christian that continued to live in the North.


Criticism for abuse inquiry deadline

Gemma Jones and Jessica Marszalek - The Daily Telegraph

Victims groups yesterday condemned the government's Monday deadline for submissions that will shape the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse. The government was accused of rushing the establishment of the commission after providing just seven days for feedback regarding the terms of reference.

Forget the small print. Just look at the headlines

Janet Albrechtsen - The Australian

The Gillard government's announcement of a royal commission into child abuse rates as political perfection. Immediately, the decision received bipartisan support federally, all states support the establishment of a royal commission and, most importantly, a Nielsen poll conducted a few days later revealed a record 95 per cent approval rating.