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Woman who aborted baby in final weeks facing jail

Herald Sun

A mother of two who admitted aborting her baby herself in the final weeks of pregnancy faces jail. Sarah Catt, 35, bought a drug over the internet and appeared in court yesterday charged with taking it with "intent to procure a miscarriage". She pleaded guilty to the charge but refused to co-operate with police who do not know what happened to the baby’s body, the Mail Online reports. Catt, of Elmet, North Yorkshire, England, has two children, aged 10 and eight. She is still with her husband Stephen, 41, who went with her to court yesterday.

250 foetuses found in vats in Russian forest


A group of Russians have stumbled across hundreds of embryos and foetuses on a weekend stroll through woods. The almost 250 embryos and foetuses were found stashed in four huge vats in woods in Russia's Urals after apparently being illegally dumped by local hospitals that carried out abortions.


Gillard is late with her homework on Gonski reforms

Editorial - SMH

For a leader intent on setting education as her personal passion and career hallmark, Julia Gillard has been curiously hesitant about committing to the big reform initiative she herself commissioned - the funding model proposed by the expert committee led by Sydney businessman David Gonski.


Wanna bet? Gambling on the London Olympics

Paul Haven - SMH

What are the odds of a UFO sighting during the London Olympics opening ceremony? Or of the final torch bearer tripping as they ascend to light the flame? Or would you prefer a more traditional wager on the battle for gold between Russia and Spain in synchronized swimming duos? London betting houses will offer odds on almost anything, including all 26 sports at the games, from the 100-meter dash to fencing, from diving to soccer. The industry expects to handle a record 100 million pounds ($155 million) in wagers during the July 27-Aug.12 competition _ even some pretty outlandish parlays.


Same-sex marriage not the answer: expert

Health Canal

Same-sex marriage and anti-bullying policies will not prevent the high rate of suicide among young gay people, according to a researcher at The University of Western Australia. Associate Professor Rob Cover is the author of the book Queer Youth Suicide, Culture and Identity: Unliveable Lives? It is the first scholarly work in nearly a decade to examine this issue.


Tide has turned for Greens

Nicholas Stuart - The Canberra Times

The asylum-seeker debacle and last Saturday's Melbourne defeat marks the beginning of an ideologically pure party's decline. The Greens have dealt themselves out of participating in the future.

At last Labor takes fight to the Greens

Peter Reith - The Drum, ABC

When Bob Brown left the Parliament only a few months ago, many predicted the demise of the Greens. Although the counting in the Melbourne by-election is not finished, it looks like that prediction is coming to fruition. But because the Greens have a swag of Senate seats, it will take time before their influence is reduced.

Labor poll slump deepens despite cash handouts

Jessica Wright - SMH

The Gillard Government's carbon tax cash payments to families have failed to boost its popularity with one of its worst ever poll results coming on the same day Labor claimed victory in the Melbourne by-election. In the latest Newspoll, published in News Ltd papers today, Labor's primary vote dropped three percentage points to 28 per cent - 2 points off its all-time low in May 2010 - and the first time in three months it has slipped below 30 per cent.

Liberals mull ending Adam Bandt's career

John Ferguson - The Australian

Momentum is gathering in the Victorian Liberal Party to preference the Greens' sole lower house MP Adam Bandt out of existence at the next federal election. Senior Liberals believe the byelection for the state seat of Melbourne on Saturday has added weight to the argument the party should preference against Mr Bandt to end his career in federal parliament.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Flight of Christians from Mid-East reaches Syria

Aidan Clay - Gatestone Institute

A mass exodus of Christians, including a group evacuated from the besieged city of Homs, have been fleeing Syrian cities for safety. Caught in the middle of a showdown between opposition forces and the Syrian army, many Christians fear the prospect of an Islamist-led government if President Bashar al-Assad is deposed.


Stalemate as parties still at war over asylum policy

Phillip Coorey, Dylan Welch - SMH

Chances of a policy breakthrough on asylum seekers remain slim after a cross-party meeting of MPs failed to result in any significant policy shift among Labor, the Greens and the Coalition. With boats arriving at an unprecedented rate and immigration staff and facilities under increasing stress, Labor remains hopeful of the Greens folding under pressure to allow arrivals to be sent offshore for processing.


Compared to Craig Thomson, this HSU boss was a real pro

Anthony Sharwood -The Punch

Normally you have to delve pretty deep into a report to find the gritty stuff, whether it’s a Federal Budget or a report by a well known QC into years of shonky business dealings by the boss of a major union. In the case of the Temby Report into the Health Service Union’s East branch, you need only to read as far as page three. There you will find some recommendations which would be laughable if they weren’t so serious.

Police worried by teen knife violence

Elise Scott - AAP

Police say they will take young people in risky situations off the streets and contact their parents following a spate of stabbings involving teenagers in Sydney's west. Three teenage boys have been stabbed in separate incidents since Sunday, the latest a 17-year-old boy who was injured in the buttock with a knife during a brawl at the Parramatta bus interchange on Monday night.

US Study says young gay black men at high risk of HIV

Washington Post

Unless improvements are made, more than half of all young black men who are gay or bisexual will be infected with HIV within the next decade, according to findings presented Monday at the 19th International AIDS Conference.

Religious right targets Africa

David Smith - SMH

Christian evangelical groups in the US are attempting a ''cultural colonisation'' of Africa, opening offices to promote attacks on homosexuality and abortion, according to a study by a liberal think tank. American religious organisations are expanding across the continent, lobbying for conservative policies and laws and fanning homophobia, says the Boston-based Political Research Associates.

Serbia becomes hub for sex-change surgery

Dan Bilefsky - SMH

Twenty years ago, Serbian newspapers jeered that transsexuality was an act against God. Today, people are coming from around the world to Serbia for sex-change operations, which are now subsidised for Serbs by national health insurance. Nearly 100 foreigners and Serbs have undergone sex-reassignment surgery in the past year, and the numbers are growing.