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Ohio clinic fights suit alleging failed abortion

Fox NY

A northeast Ohio clinic is denying a woman's allegations that doctors failed to successfully perform the abortion she sought, eventually leading to her child's birth. Ariel Knights of Cuyahoga Falls is suing the Akron Women's Medical Group and two doctors. The 22-year-old woman's malpractice lawsuit filed last month alleges they were negligent in March 2012. In a court filing, the clinic and doctors deny any negligence and challenge the lawsuit for various reasons, including that they say at least some of the claims are barred by the statute of limitations. They want the case dismissed.

Children & Family

Putin orders ban on adoptions by foreign same-sex couples – report

Andrei Aleksandrov - RIA

President Putin is against the adoption of Russian orphans by foreign same-sex couples, Russian media reveal. The government and the Supreme Court have reportedly been requested to come up with amendments to the law by July 1. Most likely the order will be fulfilled by the Ministry of Education and Science, which deals with issues concerning orphans and adoptions, according to Izvestia daily. But the ministry says it has not yet received instructions on the matter.

Drugs & Alcohol

Booze tax isn't meeting costs of abuse


Alcohol abuse cost the community more than $14 billion in lost productivity, costs on the health and criminal justice systems, and traffic accidents. That's double the revenue raised from taxes on alcoholic products, says a new study that looked at the costs for 2010.

$100m heroin haul: Australian Navy intercepts ship

Ilya Gridneff - Illawarra Mercury

The Australian Navy has made one of its biggest drug seizures at sea, intercepting a ship allegedly carrying half a tonne of heroin worth an estimated $100 million. The Australian-led combined task force seized the alleged heroin haul at an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, last Friday. It is believed the ship was carrying the drugs to Europe. The ship, which was flying an unidentifiable flag, was tracked overnight before heavily armed defence personnel boarded it and allegedly found 500 bags of the drug.


Full marriage equality

Full Marriage Equality blog

Advocating for the right of consenting adults to share and enjoy love, sex, residence, and marriage without limits on the gender, number, or relation of participants. Full marriage equality is a basic human right.

Overseas Aid

Kherbet al-Khaldiye residents in Syria eating herbs to survive

Herald Sun

Aid groups are aware of the desperate needs of the population, but say they are struggling to meet those demands because the dangers posed by fighting. "It has become a struggle now to move food from one area to the other, with our warehouses and trucks getting increasingly caught in the crossfire," Muhannad Hadi of the World Food Program, said in a statement on Tuesday.


Clashes over ideology key to Labor's ructions

Lindy Edwards - SMH

The Labor Party currently has three competing traditions jostling for dominance. It has its old blue-collar tradition based in the union movement that was traditionally socially conservative, suspicious of big business, and saw a strong role for government in reducing the scope for the rich to exploit the poor. A second tradition was the Hawke-Keating tradition, which argued that robust economic growth was essential for providing the material conditions of the working classes, and to being able to afford a welfare state. The third tradition sprang from the liberation movements of the 1970s. It sought to tackle the next generation of challenges to social equality by addressing the marginalised status of women, Aborigines, migrants and gays.

Heat grows on Labor over possible changes to superannuation tax rules

Ben Packham - The Australian

Trade Minister Craig Emerson has refused to identify the "fabulously wealthy" Australians he suggests should lose superannuation tax concessions, as Labor comes under growing political heat over possible changes to super rules. As Superannuation Minister Bill Shorten sits out the latest debate on super tax changes, Labor mobilised Dr Emerson and Defence Minister Stephen Smith to argue Labor's case.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Brothel keeper found guilty of sex slavery


A woman has been found guilty of forcing young immigrant women into sexual servitude at a Sydney brothel. Chee Mei Wong, 37, had pleaded not guilty to conducting a business involving the sexual servitude of others and six counts of employing and exploiting non-citizens in breach of their visas. After just one day of deliberating last week, the jury in the district court trial returned guilty verdicts to all seven charges.


Australia seeks new regional partners to help process asylum seekers

Michael Bachelard - SMH

Immigration minister Brendan O'Connor has revealed that Australia is searching for other countries in the region that are willing to detain and process asylum seekers on its behalf. "Australia has agreements with Nauru and Papua New Guinea which have resulted in regional processing centres in those countries. Australia sees potential to engage other Bali Process members in the arrangements as they develop,'' Mr O'Connor told hundreds of delegates from around the region at a conference in Bali on Tuesday.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

US AWOL when Christians in cross-hairs

Michael Carl - WND

The U. S. government is absent when it comes to the issue of increasingly violent and deadly Christian persecution, according to a new book. The charge is the topic of “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” co-authored by Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea. Introduced at a Hudson Institute forum, the book says Christian persecution is on the rise worldwide, especially in the Muslim world. Marshall, a senior fellow at the institute, says that it’s hard to measure how bad the persecution is getting.

Sexualisation of Society

UK: Facebook and Twitter-linked sex crimes quadruple in four years as paedophiles exploit social network users

Simon Tomlinson - Daily Mail

Sex offences linked to Facebook and Twitter have more than quadrupled over the last four years, worrying new figures revealed today. A total of 1,642 cases where the social networking sites were used to commit a crime or were involved in some way afterwards have been reported to police since 2009. The number of cases each year soared from 139 to 614 over that period, while the number of alleged rapes has risen from 22 to 117.


Maldives: Amputation for theft added to draft penal code

Minivan News

The draft penal code bill has been amended to include punishments as prescribed in the Quran, such as amputation for theft. The new article added during a parliamentary committee meeting Thursday (March 28) states that if someone convicted of a crime requires legal punishment, as specified in the penal code, that person will face punishment as stated in the Quran.