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Fears of abortion cost rise

Calla Wahlquist - The Examiner

The cost of getting an abortion in Tasmania could increase by more than 60 per cent when abortion-drug RU486 becomes available in the state. Specialist Gynaecology Centres doctor Paul Hyland said demand for medical terminations could force the clinic to lift the charge for surgical terminations by up to $200 to cover costs.

USA Today offers contrasting points on effort to set ban after 20 weeks

Medical Net

The 20-week bans are the latest front in the abortion wars that have raged ever since the Supreme Court's decision 40 years ago in Roe v. Wade. In addition to the state bans, the U.S. House passed a 20-week limit in June, using the atrocities by Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell as a rallying cry.

Children & Family

Pressure for single parents to be priority

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Kevin Rudd's new government is modelling options to provide more financial assistance to single parents, as senior frontbenchers argue that they must be given immediate priority for a welfare boost ahead of other unemployed Australians.


Modified online children's privacy rules take effect in US

Grant Gross - IDG News Service

Some websites and mobile app developers are confused about how to comply with revised rules governing the online collection of personal information from children that took effect in the U.S. Monday, critics said. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, under updated regulations for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), is restricting targeted advertising aimed at children and requiring that websites and mobile apps take extra care when handling children's cookies, geolocation information, photos and other identifying information.

Drugs & Alcohol

NSW government introduces 'drunk tanks' to clean up drunken violence around Sydney

Daily Telegraph

Boozed-up yobs will be hauled off the streets by police and thrown into "drunk tanks" this weekend in a new bid to curb drunken violence around the city.


Calls to tackle indigenous homelessness


A group of not-for-profit organisations is calling on the government and opposition to make homelessness and poverty a major issue in the election campaign. The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) says there aren't enough resources to support people who are living below the poverty line.


Definition of confusion: UK govt to re-term ‘husband’ and ‘wife’

RT News

A man can be a “wife” and a woman can be a “husband,” the UK government has decided, overruling the Oxford English Dictionary and effectively putting an end to the traditional meanings of the words for marriage partners. The move has been denounced as the vocabulary of “cloud cuckoo land” and “gobbledegook” by critics who believe that the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ should have their traditional meanings preserved. Updated explanatory notes in The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill being considered by the government is causing it to have to redefine the two terms, “clarifying” what it means.

Albanese signals marriage equality 'will happen' under Labor

Patrick Lion - News Ltd

Labor has given a strong indication same-sex marriage will be legalised, with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's righthand man declaring the party will make it happen. Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese last night made the declaration while being interviewed on a youth radio station.

Group wants Rudd to commit to marriage equality

Daily Telegraph

Marriage equality protesters are planning to create a chalk rainbow outside ALP headquarters in Sussex St today.

Overseas Aid

Costello welcomes renewed focus on foreign aid


Kevin Rudd has appointed Melissa Parke as Australia's first Minister for International Development. The chief executive of World Vision Australia, Tim Costello, has welcomed the announcement but he says after the Gillard government twice pushed back the timeline to meet spending targets and dipped into foreign aid to pay for the management of asylum seekers, Ms Parke has a lot of work to do to restore Australia's tarnished international image.


Damaging class, gender rhetoric discarded

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Kevin Rudd is rushing to change Labor's rhetoric and direction to match his ministerial changes, with the dual aim of correcting the political errors of Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan and pressuring Tony Abbott. The Prime Minister has dismissed outright the class warfare promoted by the former treasurer and sidelined the gender war Gillard invoked in her last weeks in office.

Wikileaks Party registered for election


The Electoral Commission has approved registration of the Wikileaks Party, the Voluntary Euthenasia Party and the Nick Xenophon Group.


An Indonesian solution? There is a better approach to asylum seeker policy

Frank Brennan - ABC Religion and Ethics

What an honour it is to have with us Jeff Crisp. With a refreshingly international and humanitarian lens, Jeff raises three questions: Why has the enforcement and deterrence agenda become so dominant? What have been the consequences of that agenda for refugee protection? Can alternative (and better) approaches be found?

Regional employers' call to make Australia's country towns more attractive to refugees

Tahmina Ansari - ABC

Regional employers say more has to be done to attract refugees to Australia's country towns and keep them there to help address labor shortages.

Test Bob Carr's claims of economic asylum: UN

Paul Maley and Sid Maher - The Australian

The UN's top regional refugee adviser has challenged the government to end its 11-month suspension of asylum-seeker processing to test its claim that asylum-seekers arriving on boats were economic migrants, not genuine refugees.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christian couple attacked for refusing to recant faith

International Christian Concern

Police officers attacked a Christian couple in Lào Cai province, Vietnam, last Monday after the couple refused to recant their newly found Christian faith. Police repeatedly struck both the husband and wife until the wife began bleeding, at which point the police halted the beating and released her.


Disturbing child abuse case links Australians to paedophile ring

Caro Meldrum-Hanna - 7.30 ABC

Two Australian men hid their role in a disturbing child abuse case behind an image of two doting fathers, but the shocking evidence against them is part of a police effort to break an international paedophile ring, and a warning that this report contains confronting material.

Sex attack victim a recent mum

Chris Hingston - The Age

The 23-year-old woman sexually assaulted in North Melbourne was out celebrating for the first time since having a baby, detectives have revealed. Police have released CCTV footage relating to the sexual assault of the new mother in North Melbourne in the early hours of Sunday morning.