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Pediatricians push ‘morning-after’ pills for minors

Christian Examiner

The country's leading pediatrics association has urged its members to provide information about the "morning-after" pill to under-age, female patients and give them prescriptions in advance for the drug, which can cause abortions. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which has 60,000 members, made the recommendation Nov. 26, according to Reuters News Service. If heeded by pediatricians, the policy would enable girls under 17 to acquire the "morning-after" pill more quickly after sexual intercourse.

Children & Family

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made a foetus

Archbishop Cranmer Blog

His Grace would like to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the announcement that they are expecting their first baby. Girl or boy, he or she is destined to ascend the Throne and reign over the United Kingdom (should it remain united) and the Dominions overseas. But His Grace is puzzled. Everywhere he turns he reads about a Royal baby. Even The Guardian talks of the couple 'expecting their first child', despite the Duchess being in the 'very early stages' of pregnancy. We are told that the couple 'are to be parents', and that this 'will be the Queen's third great-grandchild', and 'a first grandchild for Prince Charles'.


Opting out of religion only way in to ethics

Sean Nicholls - Sydney Morning Herald

Parents will not be told of the availability of ethics classes in their school until after they have opted out of special religious education, or scripture, under changes to be adopted by the state government. A government-initiated parliamentary inquiry into ethics classes advocated the approach in April, angering supporters who claimed it was designed to impede their take-up in schools.

Kirby draws the line on 'stolen' funding

Justin Ferrari - The Australian

One of the nation's eminent jurists, Michael Kirby, yesterday characterised the funding that governments provide to private schools as money stolen from their public counterparts. Ahead of a Council of Australian Governments meeting on Friday, which is set to address school funding, the former High Court judge said it was time to recapture the ideals that gave Australia one of the world's first free, compulsory and secular school systems.


Garrett slams hoteliers' 'ugly' pokies campaign

Phillip Coorey - Sydney Morning Herald

Schools Minister Peter Garrett has broken the ceasefire between the Gillard government and the poker machine lobby by accusing the hoteliers of verballing community groups and schools in his electorate. Mr Garrett, who represents the seat of Kingsford Smith in New South Wales, took issue with an "ugly" and "misleading" campaign mounted by the Australian Hotels Association against the watered-down poker machine reforms that passed Parliament last week.

Overseas Aid

PNG push for visas as thanks for Manus

Samantha Maiden - The Daily Telegraph

Australia is being urged to open our borders to guest workers and migrants from Papua New Guinea to thank the nation for helping to process asylum seekers offshore on Manus Island. As Immigration Minister Chris Bowen prepares to visit the remote processing centre today, PNG political leaders have urged Australia to "free up" visas for locals.


ALP needs 'one-strike' policy on corruption: Faulkner

Simon Cullen - ABC

Labor Party members in NSW found guilty of corruption would be expelled from the ALP under a new "one strike and you're out" policy being put forward by senior party figure Senator John Faulkner. In a wide-ranging speech about integrity and trust in the political process, Senator Faulkner took aim at those being investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in his home state.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Scouts’ pledge to drop any mention of God in promise with new members able to declare themselves as atheists

Steve Doughty - Daily Mail

The Scouts are to drop their historic rule that teenage recruits must declare religious belief, the movement’s leaders said yesterday. In future boys and girls who join the organisation will be allowed to declare themselves as atheists and make a pledge of honourable behaviour that makes no mention of God. The retreat from religion marks a break with a tradition begun in 1908 when the movement’s founder Robert Baden-Powell wrote a Scout Promise which required a vow to ‘do my duty to God’.

Christian deported from Maldives for bringing in literature

Jeremy Reynalds - ASSIST News Service

Authorities in the Maldives held a Bangladeshi Christian in jail for 23 days before deporting him for bringing Christian literature into the South Asian archipelago that claims to be 100 percent Muslim. Dome of mosque in Male, capital of Maldives, which claims that 100 percent of its population is Muslim. According to a story by Morning Star News, customs officials found Jathish Biswas, 46, with 11 books on Christianity in the Dhivehi language, the Christian worker said. Arrested on Sept. 27 at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Malé, the nation's capital, he was deported on Oct. 19, after being held in jail for 23 days.

Jihad on Christmas Trees

Soeren Kern - Gatestone Institute

More than 25,000 people in Belgium have signed a petition denouncing a decision to remove the traditional Christmas tree in the central square in Brussels and replace it with a politically correct structure of abstract minimalist art. Critics accuse the Socialist mayor, Freddy Thielemans, of declaring war on Christmas by installing the "multicultural" structure of lights to placate the city's burgeoning Muslim population.

Sexualisation of Society

Body image 'arriving' as fundamental issue


Kristan Dooley of Womens Forum Australia and psychologist Louise Adams discuss the harm that can be caused to girls by a sexualised media environment.


An estimated 1000 cases of forced marriage a year in Australia

Neda Vanovac - AAP

Forced marriage isn't just a problem for other countries but is alive and well in Australia, a forum in Sydney has heard. The NSW Community Relations Commission is holding an inquiry into human trafficking, including sex slavery and forced marriage, of which there are an estimated 1000 cases a year in Australia, according to NSW Minister for Women Pru Goward.

Vatican: In 9 days, Pope will Tweet

Kate Seamons - Newser

Get ready for one of Twitter's newer handles, @Pontifex, which belongs to none other than one Pope Benedict XVI. The pontiff doesn't plan on using it until Dec. 12, the Vatican revealed today, but come next Wednesday, he'll begin tweeting in six languages. His first tweets will take a Q&A format, with the Qs being questions about faith.