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Gender selection abortion scandal puts spotlight on Victorian abortion law

Sophie Timothy - Eternity Newspaper

A Christian GP says he sympathises with a Victorian doctor who’s being investigated by the Medical Board for failing to refer on a patient who sought to abort their baby on gender selection grounds.

Children & Family

Does same-sex parenting really make “no difference”?

Douglas W. Allen - Mercator Net

After crunching census data, a Canadian economist has found that children in same-sex homes are worse off educationally.

Drugs & Alcohol

Father and son in court on ice importation charges

Steve Butcher - The Age

A Victorian father and son have been arrested in Melbourne and charged with importing more than 200 kilograms of "ice" through Brisbane. The arrests follow a joint Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police and Customs operation that culminated with raids this week.


Tasmania’s push for euthanasia comes under fire

Paul Russell - Mercator Net

In February Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings and the leader of the Greens, Nick McKim, released a discussion paper on euthanasia seeking submissions and input from the community on a draft proposal for legislation they referred to as voluntary assisted dying.. Their intention to work towards this legislative change had been originally announced in mid-2010.


Forrest must consult widely: Indigenous advocate


An Indigenous employment advocate is urging Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest to consult widely in carrying out his review into Indigenous employment.


Commonwealth to fight ACT same-sex marriage bill in High Court

Lisa Mosley - ABC

The Federal Government plans to challenge ACT same-sex marriage laws in the High Court when the territory enacts legislation. The ACT Labor Government expects the law to pass with the support of Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury when the ACT Legislative Assembly sits later this month.

Same-sex marriage law High Court challenge confirmed

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

The federal government has confirmed it will challenge the ACT’s same-sex marriage laws in the High Court as soon as they are passed.

Gay marriages likely before challenge

Katina Curtis - AAP

The ACT could experience a wedding boom by Christmas if it passes a law allowing same-sex marriage. But Commonwealth Attorney-General George Brandis warns it may be distressing for same-sex couples if, encouraged to use the law, their marriages are later invalidated by a High Court challenge.

Gay marriage supporters stay confident

Sean Nicholls - Sydney Morning Herald

Advocates of same-sex marriage laws in NSW remain confident of success despite an announcement by the federal government that it would challenge in the High Court similar laws in the ACT.

Tasmanian Law Reform paper fuels same-sex marriage argument ahead of parliamentary debate

Matt Smith - The Mercury

Same-sex marriage advocates are hoping a new Tasmanian Law Reform paper, to be released today, will strengthen their argument on the eve of new debate in Tasmanian Parliament.


What's happened to the conservative wing of the Australian Labor Party?

Andrew West - ABC

It used to be said, by everyone from Gough Whitlam to Don Dunstan, that the Australian Labor Party needs two wings to fly, left and right, each appealing to different sections of the community. But the leadership of the once reliably conservative Australian Workers Union -- founded in the mid 1890s by a Methodist lay preacher, William Guthrie Spence -- has taken a distinct turn towards the liberal left on some key social issues. The union's national secretary, Paul Howes, says all Labor MPs should be forced to vote in favour of same-sex marriage, while his predecessor, Bill Shorten, now a candidate for the Labor Party leadership, has suggested quotas for gay and lesbian candidates for parliament. So what's happened to the once influential social and religious conservatives in the labour movement?

First round of Labor leadership battle goes to Bill Shorten

David Crowe - The Australian

Bill Shorten has won the first stage of the race for the Labor leadership after gaining stronger support than first thought from his fellow MPs, opening a substantial gap over his rival Anthony Albanese.


Many of 250 drowned migrants were African Christians fleeing persecution

World Watch Monitor

Of the more than 250 African migrants who drowned less than one mile from European soil last week, many were Christians fleeing religious persecution.So reports World Watch Monitor on the Lampedusa shipwreck that has shocked Europe into another round of discussion over its refugee policy.The ship left Libya carrying an estimated 500 passengers, predominantly from Eritrea and Somalia, but caught fire and sank near the Italian island of Lampedusa. Only 155 people were rescued.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Stories of religious persecution and the silence of secular media

Rachael Kohn - ABC

The Christian death toll is rising around the world. Recently 83 parishioners were killed in twin suicide blasts that ripped through the historic All Saints Church in Peshawar. Built to look like a mosque, with its dome and minarets, such considerations are of little concern to the militant group Jandullah, a Taliban offshoot that claimed responsibility.

More than 60 church leaders remain locked up in Communist Vietnam

Ryan Morgan - International Christian Concern

In July, International Christian Concern received a tragically long list from a well-placed contact in Vietnam. The list contained the names of 63 Christian pastors and church leaders who remain locked up in deplorable conditions in four prison camps around the country. The prison sentences received by each are staggeringly long, ranging from five to 18 years.

Quebec’s coup d’etat against religious freedom

Sean Murphy - Mercator Net

It appears from Quebec government policy documents describing its proposed Charter of Values (the precise language of which has yet to be released) that it considers physicians and other health care workers to be state functionaries because they are engaged in the delivery of "public" health care. As state functionaries, they will be forbidden to wear noticeable religious symbols or clothing, unless local authorities exempt them from this restriction.


$40m class action launched against Cash Converters over short-term NSW loans


A $40 million class action has been launched against lender Cash Converters over short-term loans to thousands of customers. Law firm Maurice Blackburn lodged the paperwork for two lawsuits against Cash Converters in the Federal Court today.

Uniting Church in bid to raise $56m

Barney Zwartz - The Age

The hammer is about to fall on 56 Uniting Church properties in Victoria as the church tries to raise $56 million to pay debts incurred in the calamitous collapse of Acacia College last year. The church has yet to announce which churches will close because ministers and congregations are still being told, but state secretary Mark Lawrence said the sales would affect at least 14 church complexes.