ACL compiles a daily media monitoring service of stories of interest to the Christian constituency relating to children, family, drugs and alcohol, marriage, human rights, religious freedom etc.

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Children & Family

Greens pledge $100 million a year to tackle family violence

Nino Bucci - The Age

The Greens will pledge $100 million annually to tackle family violence in Victoria as a Senate inquiry begins public hearings in Victoria.

Drugs & Alcohol

Duff dumped: Woolworths' Simpons beer ruled 'highly appealing to children'

Rose Powell - SMH

Woolworths attempt to cash in on an alcoholic export from the long-running TV show The Simpsons has come to an end after an advertising standards body ruled the campaign was marketing alcohol to children and young adults.


SA chaplaincy jobs in doubt as funding row deadline looms

Nick Harmsen - ABC

Hundreds of school chaplains and secular support workers are facing an uncertain future as a deadline looms in a funding row. The Commonwealth wants the South Australian Government to take over the running of its chaplaincy program but state Education Minister Jennifer Rankine is refusing because it excludes non-religious workers.

Homelessness & Poverty

Community groups fear G20 impact on homeless and other vulnerable people

Cameron Atfield - Brisbane Times

Community groups will meet in Brisbane next to discuss concerns over the G20 summit's impact on the homeless, the mentally ill and other vulnerable people.


Noel Pearson proposes changing constitution to create Indigenous representative body

Katherine Gregory - ABC

Indigenous leader Noel Pearson has proposed changing the constitution to recognise a new representative body for empowering Indigenous Australians.


Tony Fitzgerald urges Queenslanders not to vote for either major party

Bridie Jabour - The Guardian

The man who headed Queensland’s landmark corruption inquiry, Tony Fitzgerald, says both major parties have failed the voters and are serving only their own interests.

Democratic Labour Party says it will take High Court action to reclaim John Madigan's Senate seat


The Democratic Labour Party says it is prepared to take High Court action to reclaim the Senate seat held by John Madigan. Senator Madigan dramatically walked away from the party last week, saying he would serve out his term as an independent.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

WA prostitution laws still on the agenda, despite opposition from Liberal MPs


The West Australian Government hopes to implement new prostitution laws by the end of its second term, despite opposition from Liberal MPs. The Barnett Government introduced legislation in 2011 that would have allowed brothels to operate in some zones but outlawed sex workers operating privately in residential areas.


Detention damages children, says bishop


A senior Anglican cleric says the government appears to be ignoring the damage done to children by offshore detention while rightly pursuing churches and other institutions over historical abuse.


Christian Democrat Rev Fred Nile again moves to ban burqa in NSW


Christian Democratic Party leader the Rev Fred Nile is again trying to ban the wearing of the burqa in NSW. Mr Nile's private members bill, introduced in state parliament today, would prohibit the wearing of the burqa and other face coverings in public.