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Children & Family

Katy Gallagher heckled by Canberra mums

Peter Jean and Lisa Cox - Canberra Times

Protesters have confronted ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher to demand the introduction of tougher punishments for child sex offenders. Ms Gallagher appeared surprised as she was shouted at by protesters who presented her with a petition signed by 13,500 people. Ms Gallagher walked out of the Legislative Assembly building to meet with the crowd of about 50 who are upset about the 7 and a half year sentence given to a repeat sex offender who assaulted a three-year-old child in the Belconnen library.


PM targets schools in bid to close the gap

Dan Harrison, Michael Gordon - SMH

Tony Abbott's chief adviser on indigenous policy has challenged him to close the gap on school attendance by the end of this year, four years ahead of the Prime Minister's proposed deadline. Mr Abbott announced the bold target while conceding that efforts to end the disparity between black and white in health, education and employment outcomes would be ''doomed to fail'' unless this ''most basic target of all'' was met.


Belgium allows euthanasia for terminally ill children

Robert-Jan Bartunek - SMH

Belgium became the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age when its lower house of parliament passed new "right-to-die" legislation by a large majority. The law goes beyond Dutch legislation that set a minimum age of 12 for children judged mature enough to decide to end their lives. It has popular support in Belgium, where adult euthanasia became legal in 2002.


Karl O'Callaghan's approach to indigenous offenders makes sense

Bob Maumill - SMH

Karl O'Callaghan is a copper with a difference. He is definitely not your hard-nosed, fire-breathing Police Commissioner. Although dedicated to leading a force with the primary aim of tracking down and charging people who break the law, Commissioner O'Callaghan devotes a fair amount of media time talking about cause and effect.


Underage marriage in remote areas rife

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

More than 3000 under-aged teens are married or in de facto marriages across the nation, according to data which reveals that the practice is most widespread in indigenous communities.

Australian Marriage Equality will target 50 MPs to vote in favour of same-sex marriage

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

Fairfax MP Clive Palmer is on a hit list of federal MPs whom marriage equality advocates believe they can persuade to support same-sex marriage. Advocacy group Australian Marriage Equality (AME) will use Valentine's Day to unveil a list of 50 lower house MPs they will target to vote in favour of a change to the federal marriage act.


Advertiser-Galaxy Poll: Six Labor ministers face losing seats as city voters swing behind Liberals one month from March 15 SA election

The Advertiser

The Liberals are poised for an overwhelming victory at next month’s state election, with new polling showing a 55-45 statewide lead over Labor. The Advertiser-Galaxy poll of 849 people was taken last night and shows the Liberals’ electoral position has further improved since leading Labor 54-46 in late November.

Once upon a time: parties jostle to get story across

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

The absolutely essential task for Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, to develop a politically effective economic narrative, has begun. The story is still developing from both sides and holds pitfalls for each.


We don’t want Eminem here: Anti violence groups combine to condemn tour

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has been hearing from us a lot lately. That is because there’s been just too many misogynistic rap artists granted entry into Australia.

Aust, NZ sex assault rate double average


The rate of sexual assault in Australia and New Zealand is more than double the world average, according to a new report. After several highly publicised rapes and murders of young women in India and South Africa, researchers from several countries decided to review and estimate prevalence of sexual violence against women in 56 countries.