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Children & Family

Childcare subsidy cuts to hit middle and low income families, warns Early Childhood

Matt Wade - SMH

The federal government is under fire for a budget change that will deprive families of $230 million in childcare subsidies over the next four years. The income eligibility threshold for the Child Care Benefit will be frozen for three years from July 1, saving the budget $33 million next financial year, rising to $77 million by 2017-18.

Drugs & Alcohol

Melbourne CBD may become smoke-free

News Ltd

Melbourne's city centre could become completely smoke-free within three years after a cigarette ban in a laneway was dubbed a success.


Future of religious instruction in schools depends on teacher supervision

Benjamin Preiss - SMH

State school principals must offer the opportunity of special religious instruction when accredited instructors are available, the latest ministerial directive says. The state government has moved to clarify principals’ responsibilities in special religious instruction, saying that the sessions are “clearly opt-in” for parents.


Illegal sports gambling a growing threat


The International Centre for Sport Security says crime gangs are laundering more that $A150 billion through illegal sports betting.

Human Rights

Drink drive laws pass despite human rights concerns

Michael Inman - The Canberra Times

New drink-drive laws that lawyers have warned invade basic human rights passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly on Tuesday. The revised road transport bill means the police now have the power to detain a driver for up to 30 minutes if breath or drug testing equipment is not available.


Indigenous schooling in NT a 'human tragedy'


The state of Indigenous schooling in the Northern Territory has been described as a 'human tragedy'. A report into Indigenous education in the Top End has found the system is failing students and things are only getting worse.


Inquiry into Greens overseas marriage bill begins

Ron Hughes - Gay News Network

A Senate inquiry has been launched into the Greens' bill to recognise same-sex marriages entered into overseas. The inquiry will examine the impact of not recognising those marriages in Australia, and also the legal, social and economic effects passing marriage equality laws has had in other countries.

Overseas Aid

Mean cuts to foreign aid diminish us all

Editorial - The Age

The single biggest cut to government expenditure in the budget is not in the area of family tax benefits or unemployment payments. The biggest cut has been reserved for a line item that barely rates a mention among most Australian voters: foreign aid. As a result, the Abbott government's decision to strip $7.6 billion from development assistance over five years is unlikely to attract much outrage in the general community, and that is a sad indication of just how insular and self-centred this nation has become.

Tony Abbott indicates goal on foreign aid could be pushed back 10 years

James Massola - SMH

Aid groups may have to wait more than a decade before the federal government even considers raising foreign aid spending in real terms as Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the government would not "borrow money to give it to people overseas".


Budget 2014 reply: Bill Shorten says Labor will block key Abbott government budget reforms

Mark Kenny - SMH

Key elements of the Abbott government’s economic strategy have been thrown into chaos after Bill Shorten declared its first budget a document based on lies and committed the Labor opposition to combine with the Greens in the Senate to block them.