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Harsher penalties needed to prevent Wicked Campers from re-offending

Rachel Ford - Christian Today

Campervan rental group, Wicked Campers, has issued a public apology for its 'insensitive' slogans, but more needs to be done to stop the group from re-offending, the Australian Christian Lobby has insisted.

A wave of disgust is growing over Wicked Camper vans’ demeaning slogans

Wendy Tuohy - Herald Sun

“A sense of humour is a sense of proportion,” according to a statement attributed to Wicked Campers company director John Webb, the man whose company’s cheap rental vans have been photographed sporting such slogans as “Women are like banks — once you withdraw you lose interest” and “A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done”.

Drugs & Alcohol

Aussies smoking less but taking more drugs


Australian are smoking and drinking less but using more illicit drugs, a national survey shows.


Euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke may be suspended

Harriet Alexander - SMH

The Medical Board of Australia has moved to suspend the registration of euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke over his role in the suicide of a man who did not have a terminal illness. The board has asked Dr Nitschke to show cause why he should not be suspended in the interests of public safety.


Exclusive: Plibersek still wed to marriage equality plans despite double-up with new senator

Benedict Brook - Star Observer

Labor's loudest voice on same-sex marriage, Tanya Plibersek, has told the Star Observer she remains committed to her marriage equality bill despite micro-party NSW Senator David Leyonhjelm grabbing the limelight with plans for his own bill. She warned against introducing a bill too soon, particularly without Coalition MPs being given a free vote: “I won’t bring a bill to the Parliament on marriage equality that’s doomed to fail— that doesn’t make any sense.”

Overseas Aid

Almost 7 million need aid in Sudan: UN


Almost seven million people need aid in Sudan, the UN says, following the worsening conflict in Darfur and an influx of refugees from was in South Sudan.


'Politicians have to stop drinking the Canberra Kool-Aid': Liberal senator Cory Bernardi

Matthew Knott - Canberra Times

Senators should be banned from serving as ministers, corporate donations should be outlawed and all perks should end when politicians leave office, according to outspoken Liberal Party senator Cory Bernardi.


'Epidemic of child marriage' for Syrian girl refugees, aid agency warns


Aid agency Save the Children says among Syrian refugees in Jordan, the child marriage rate has doubled to one quarter of all marriages. Before the Syrian conflict began, child marriages were 13 per cent of all marriages but now they're 25 per cent.

Amnesty calls on Australia to return 153 asylum seekers to shore

Oliver Laughland - The Guardian 

Amnesty International has called on the Australian government to return the 153 Tamil asylum seekers detained at sea for three weeks back to shore to have their claims processed. Court documents have shown that the asylum seekers, around 37 of whom are understood to be children, are being held in harsh conditions on an Australian ship understood to be the customs vessel Ocean Protector.

Sexualisation of Society

Is Sex Box 'TV porn'? Mixed reviews from therapists

Patrick Begley - SMH

The BBC’s Sex Box, coming to SBS 2 on Friday, has a simple premise and claims noble intentions. Couples enter what looks like a sustainable housing competition model, “a private, clean, sound-insulated” brown hut that sits in front of a studio audience. The lovers get it on over the next 35 minutes before emerging rosy-cheeked to discuss their experience with a panel of three sexperts.