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‘I don’t think I will ever get over it’: ‘Happy Days’ star still haunted by her teenage abortion

Ben Johnson - Life Site News

She became an international star who sold millions of records worldwide, a glamorous leather-clad poster girl, and a rock 'n' roll trendsetter with a recurring role on one of the top-rated series in television history, but throughout it all Suzi Quatro was hiding an unbearable secret: a teenage abortion that caused her so much pain that the 63-year-old still says, “I don’t think I will ever get over it.”

Could Texas abortion drama change perspectives on sanctity of life?

Mission Network News

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States, Americans have been divided. Despite research that indicates pre-born babies in the womb feel pain and can now survive premature birth, abortion continues. However, abortion restrictions are now in place in Texas.


Pig brain cells to treat Parkinson's


Brain cells from a rare New Zealand pig will be used in an attempt to regrow dying human brain cells in Parkinson's patients. The world first trial on four New Zealanders with Parkinson's disease will take brain cells from the Auckland Island species of pig and inject them into the human brains.

Children & Family

Rainbow children

Catalyst ABC

Jim Wallace cites research from the US in his campaign to restrict the right to marry to heterosexuals. Jim Wallace: You've got Lerner and Nagai, for instance. You've got... you've got Prof Amato. And these have shown, without any doubt at all, that children in a married family, with their biological parents, perform best across a range of performance indicators. Mark Horstman: These are papers by the researchers that Jim refers to. Nagai and Lerner is published by an organisation that advocates FOR traditional marriage, not an objective scientific journal. Dr Simon Crouch is running a study that involves the whole range of so-called rainbow families. For the first time, his Australian study of child health in same-sex families is investigating the complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing of children.

Abbott baby scheme 'house of cards'


The ACTU says the coalition's paid parental leave levy is a "house of cards" and will topple the moment the Australian economy is squeezed. ACTU president Ged Kearney says opposition leader Tony Abbott's proposed 1.5 per cent levy on 3000 large businesses to pay for his $3 billion a year scheme will probably be the first thing a coalition government will ditch if another GFC hits.


Voluntary system ineffective in curbing junk food ads: global review

Danielle Bowling - Food Magazine

The effectiveness of a voluntary approach to limiting junk food ads targeting children is being called into question, with surveys from around the world showing the industry has done little to change its ways.

Donor Conception & IVF

IVF makes superheroes possible

Clare Cannon - Mercator Net

Forget magic; IVF blends fantasy with reality in today's superhero tales.

Drugs & Alcohol

NSW govt waters down its line on alcohol

Emma Kemp - AAP

The NSW opposition and Greens have angrily declared the alcohol lobby the winner after the government released its new guidelines on alcohol promotion. The guidelines ban the use of merchandise, interactive games or technology that appeals to minors.

Comment: Legalise doping or lose the spectacle of sport


Sport, at both international and local levels, seems to constantly be in a doping crisis. It may be time to consider legalising performance enhancers because zero tolerance is clearly not working.


US Judge rules in favor of student thrown out of class for saying he doesn’t support gay lifestyle

Thaddeus Balinski - Life Site News

A judge has ruled in favor of a student who sued after he was thrown out of class by a gay activist teacher for expressing his religious beliefs against the homosexual lifestyle. Federal District Judge Patrick J. Duggan of the Eastern District of Michigan declared the teacher’s actions in punishing Daniel Glowacki violated his First Amendment Rights.


Callie Rogers says she's never been happier since losing $3.2m lotto win

News Ltd

A British woman who won $3.2 million when she was aged just 16 now has just $3300 left, but insists she's never been happier. Callie Rogers scooped the jackpot in 2003 but said she was too young to win such a large amount and wasted it on property, expensive holidays and nights out with friends.


Queen signs gay ‘marriage’ law

Hillary White - Life Site News

Queen Elizabeth II has today given Royal Assent to the coalition government’s bill creating gay “marriage,” after the House of Commons approved minor amendments on Tuesday. The law will come into effect mid-2014. All three of the main parties in Parliament supported the bill, though there was significant opposition within the ruling Conservative party. Colin Hart, director of the Campaign for Marriage said that Prime Minister David Cameron, leader of the Tory party, “needs to remember that the Coalition for Marriage has nearly 700,000 supporters, nearly six times the number of members of the Conservative Party”.

Wrecking marriage will ‘come back to bite’ PM

The Christian Institute

David Cameron’s same-sex marriage Bill has cleared Parliament, but opponents say it will “come back to bite” him. Critics say that the Government’s failure to properly protect the civil liberty of people who believe in traditional marriage will lead to cases of injustice. The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) – which opposes the redefinition of marriage – said: “These cases will come back to bite the Prime Minister”.

US: Baker faces jail over gay wedding cake refusal

The Christian Institute

A baker in the US state of Colorado is facing a possible jail sentence because he declined to make a cake for a gay wedding. At the time of the incident last year, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was a criminal offence in the state.


What can Lebanon teach Australia about refugees?

Joseph Wakim - ABC

Tiny Lebanon, with its population of just over four million, has accommodated around one million refugees from the war in Syria. By contrast, only about one in 600 residents in Australia are asylum seekers or refugees. Our policy makers need to adopt a global perspective, writes Joseph Wakim.

Fears unit's closure designed to reduce successful claims

Michael Gordon, David Wroe - SMH

The unit within the Refugee Review Tribunal that provided advice on conditions in countries asylum seekers had fled has been shut down, in a move the Greens say is aimed at making it harder for refugee claims to succeed. All staff in the tribunal who worked on compiling country information for those considering appeals were transferred to the Immigration Department, where they work in a single consolidated unit, on July 1.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Aceh, increasing intolerance against Christians: 17 house churches closed

Mathias Hariyadi - Asia News

The Muslim majority province is led by Zaini Abdullah, who has based his political fortune on the "full application" of sharia. Jakarta protests and demands the governor "respect religious plurality," but Christian leaders denounce violence and persecution by the Islamic community.

Sexualisation of Society

Sexual exploitation of girls now TV 'humor'

John Evans - Baptist Press

The sexual exploitation of teenage girls is becoming a joke for television shows. A new study released by the Parents Television Council found that girls are more likely than adult women to be shown in sexually exploitative scenes on television, and when girls are involved, the scene is more likely to be shown as humorous.


The church and the world: The politics of Sydney Anglicanism

Michael Jensen - ABC Religion and Ethics

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in brutal old Sydney town has never been easy. Nevertheless, the early evangelical leaders saw themselves as responsible not only to win souls but to build what Peter Bolt describes as "a wholesome society, in which the Worship of God was the centre from which human beings and human society would be rebuilt, reformed and rejuvenated."

Channel 9's biblical miniseries outrates Winners & Losers and MasterChef

Colin Vickery - News Ltd

Aussie TV has a new cult hit - The Bible. Channel 9's premiere of the 10-hour miniseries drew heavenly ratings last night. The first hour of The Bible averaged 880,000 viewers across Australia's five capital cities. The second hour also rated strongly with 793,000 viewers.