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Charities & NFP

Charities say FBT changes will harm them


Some of Australia's best-known charities have lined up against the government's recent fringe benefit tax (FBT) changes, saying they were never consulted and will be harmed.


School anger over Sexpo ad


A Queensland school is angry after a Sexpo banner was flown above. Are kids overexposed to sex? Wendy Francis shares her thoughts on the issue.

The price you pay for activism – but it won’t stop us

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Caitlin Roper, my fellow Collective Shout activist in the West, has put together this montage of some of the abusive and threatening tweets we receive on a regular basis. We want people to know just how bad this is. We don’t believe women who speak out on issues should be threatened like this. Police have taken no action.


Six Australians share their bully stories: 'I lost faith'

Matt Young - News Ltd

They come from all walks of life. They are somebody's brother, sister, son or daughter. They have vastly different jobs and lives. But they all share one thing in common. They were bullied. Research commissioned by the Federal Government shows one student in every four in Australian schools is affected by bullying.

Human Rights

Attacks on visually impaired 'not unusual'

Megan Levy - SMH

A visually impaired woman who walks with a white cane was indecently assaulted and stalked for more than an hour across Sydney's train network in what police described as an ''appalling'' attack. The man repeatedly touched the woman's breast during the ordeal. Vision Australia said attacks on visually impaired and vulnerable people were not isolated incidents.


Aboriginal sentencing punishes the victims

Hannah McGlade - The Australian

The High Court appeals by the Aboriginal Legal Service in both NSW and Western Australia seek to ensure Aboriginal offenders receive reduced sentences in accordance with the principles developed in R v Fernando (1992). According to this case, systemic deprivation and disadvantage by reason of a person's Aboriginality must be taken into account in sentencing.


US: Gay marriage opponents face jobs ban

The Christian Institute

The seventh largest city in the US is considering a law which could ban anyone who disagrees with gay marriage from working for the city government.

UK: Local Tories ‘still very unhappy’ over gay marriage

The Christian Institute

Grassroots Conservative members are still unhappy with their party’s push to redefine marriage – with some saying they will switch their vote.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Sex workers deserve an end to discrimination

Amy Gray - SMH

As recent killings highlight, society is creating an environment that places sex workers at risk, not their profession.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christmas cheer threat a sign of the times

Caleb Taylor - Daily Advertiser

The humble Christmas banner could be staying in storage, with a new regulation presented to Bland Shire Council, in southern NSW, deeming it “too offensive”. In the regulation, which has garnered widespread public interest, council was presented with a draft banner policy which would prohibit advertising of political, sexual, racial or religious material, deeming it unsuitable to hang in the town.


God meets a different standard of proof

Richard Shumack - On Line Opinion

Earlier this year Australia was treated to a visit by one of the world's most renowned cosmologists, and celebrity atheists, Dr Lawrence Krauss. A highlight of his visit was his appearance on ABC's Q and A program where he took on Dr John Dickson from the Centre for Public Christianity in a discussion about whether God is required for the universe to exist.

America's religious right challenged by surge from religious left

Rhys Blakely - The Times

America's Religious Right, one of the mightiest political forces in the country over the past three decades, is on course to be superseded by a new power bloc: the Religious Left. A survey highlights a generational swing among young Americans. It shows that a quarter between the ages of 18 and 33 are "religious progressives" who hold liberal views on issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

Solicitor charged as part of investigation into alleged female genital mutilation

NSW Police Force

Sex Crimes Squad detectives investigating the alleged female genital mutilation of two young girls have charged a solicitor with doing an act with the intent of perverting the course of justice. Strike Force Longfield was established by the Sex Crimes Squad last year to investigate allegations two girls had the procedure, also known as female circumcision, performed on them when they were aged six and seven.

Event to draw men together

Junee Southern Cross

The Anglican and Baptist Chuches in Junee are pooling resources to help support the district’s men. Anglican minister Glen McDonald said the day was to encourage men to stand with Jesus. The Australian Christian Lobby deputy chairman Jim Wallace AM will be a guest speaker.