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Charities & NFP

We would all lose if churches were taxed

Lyle Shelton - Online Opinion

When I pool my money with other parents to make our local junior AFL club work, I don't expect the Australian Taxation Office to slug the club with a tax bill. We have already paid our taxes and this mutual income is used to provide a benefit to our kids.

Children & Family

No forced adoption for Aboriginal children under NSW reforms


Vulnerable Aboriginal children would be placed in "kinship-care" rather than put up for adoption under tough new reforms of the state's child protection regime. The new laws, which are set to be debated in state parliament on Thursday, would see NSW become the first jurisdiction in Australia where child protection authorities would be required to consider adoption before placing a vulnerable child in foster care.

Drugs & Alcohol

NSW mandatory sentencing laws to be sent back to upper house 

Anna Patty - SMH

Controversial mandatory sentencing legislation to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence will be sent back to the upper house of the NSW Parliament for consideration a second time after the government rejected Labor's amendments to the proposed laws.


Being kind is first lesson for Victorian schools

Kindness is to be taught at Victorian schools in what is seen as a return to the importance of traditional values. The initiative is aimed at curbing bullying, by encouraging fellow pupils to reach out to victims of the scourge.


NDIS like a plane that took off before it was built

The NDIS was “like a plane that took off before it had been fully built and is being completed while it is in the air,” says a highly critical review commissioned by the agency itself. And it may be impossible for it to meet the timetable for the full rollout of the scheme by 2017-18, the review warns.


Country Liberals face revolt as NT Indigenous MLAs threaten to quit


A revolt is brewing in the ranks of the Country Liberals Government. The ABC understands the Member for Namatjira, Alison Anderson, led a delegation of three backbenchers to a meeting with Chief Minister Adam Giles and there may have been a threat to quit the party.

Latest counting shows Labor's grip tightening to form minority government in South Australia 

Daniel Wills - The Advertiser 

Labor is in the box seat to form a minority government as latest counting shows the party’s grip firming in key battlegrounds and likely to win more seats than the Liberals.


Refugee resettlement on agenda

David Crowe - The Australian

Tony Abbott is preparing to extend Australia's agreement with Papua New Guinea on processing asylum-seekers by launching talks on how to resettle some of the 1300 people in detention on Manus Island. The Prime Minister signalled the plans last night as he arrived in Port Moresby for a state visit to sign an economic treaty alongside the talks on people-smuggling.

Sexualisation of Society

Release of serial WA sex offender TJD prompts legislative review


WA Attorney-General Michael Mischin has ordered a comprehensive review of the state's Dangerous Sex Offenders Act after a convicted sex attacker was charged with breaching a supervision order days after his release.


Council offers venue, funding for Queen's Birthday Ball

Kim Stephens - The Brisbane Times

Brisbane City Council has offered City Hall's grand main auditorium and $13,000 in funding to the organisers of one of the city's biggest queer pride events.

New laws will allow for sex change to be made to birth certificates

Kirsten Lawson - The Canberra Times

Applause and whoops of joy greeted the passing of new laws allowing transgender and intersex people to change their birth certificates in the ACT Assembly on Thursday. More than 30 members of the community watched from the public gallery as Labor, Liberal and Green members voted unanimously.