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Richard Dawkins apologises for causing storm with Down's syndrome tweet 

Press Association

Richard Dawkins has apologised for the "feeding frenzy" triggered by his tweet claiming it would be immoral to carry on with a pregnancy if the mother knew the foetus had Down's syndrome.

Children & Family

Children's torment affects mum and dad

Wes Hosking - Herald Sun

Parents of bullying victims can suffer as much from the scourge as their children, it is claimed. Severe anxiety is among the most common problems in distressed mums and dads. Those with unresolved bullying issues from their own childhood are typically worst affected.

Body image issues are affecting children as young as 4, says psychologist

Rosie King - Mosman Daily

Shocking research identifying children as young as four with body image issues has prompted two Sydney psychologists to warn parents that the problem is far greater than many think. Clinical psychologists Dr Louise George and Dr Ariana Elias have teamed up to ­develop workshops to help parents­ head off any problems, which they said can ­develop earlier than expected.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol is destroying us: Four Australians share their stories

Likes a drink, or drinks too much? Whether it's an indifferent attitude to the excess consumption of alcohol, or our ignorance when it comes to the effect it has on our bodies, Australia's most socially accepted drug is destroying lives.


Bible study, prayer groups allowed in schools

Wes Hosking - Herald Sun

Schools have been assured they are free to run bible study and prayer groups at lunch amid confusion around new rules. Education Minister Martin Dixon has this week advised schools the activities can operate provided he gives religious groups his authorisation and they comply with rules for special religious instruction.


Mick Gooda calls for 2015 referendum on indigenous recognition

Dan Harrison - SMH

The nation should hold a referendum to recognise indigenous Australians in the constitution next year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has argued.


Senators told same-sex couples who marry overseas can be left in legal limbo

Helen Davidson - The Guardian

People who take part in a same-sex marriage overseas could come back to Australia and legally enter a heterosexual marriage without getting a divorce, but if they returned to the other country they could face bigamy charges, a Senate inquiry has been told.


UN agency in High Court challenge to Abbott government's treatment of asylum seekers

Michael Gordon - The Age

The United Nations refugee agency will seek to appear in a High Court challenge to the Abbott government's power to intercept boats on the highs seas, hold asylum seekers indefinitely on customs vessels and seek to return them to third countries.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Mosul's Christians recount flight from historic home under ISIS threat 

Benjamin Hall - Fox News

In a church in the northern Iraq city of Sulemaniyah, Munira Aziz lay in a corner, her hip broken, her voice almost gone and a piece of cardboard the 74-year-old woman's only protection from the blistering sun streaming in through a broken window.

Sexualisation of Society

Napthine government to introduce sexting laws

Henrietta Cook - The Age

People who send or threaten to distribute explicit images without consent could soon be charged, with the Napthine government introducing Australia's first “sexting” offences into Parliament this week.