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Abortion protest ban faces challenge

Matthew Denholm - The Australian

The nation's first laws banning protests within 150m of abortion clinics, passed by the Tasmanian parliament yesterday, face a High Court challenge some experts say would succeed. Christian groups outraged at the restriction on the right to protest yesterday told The Australian they would consider a legal challenge.

Tasmania to decriminalise abortion

Calla Wahlquist - The Examiner

Tasmania will become the third Australian state to decriminalise abortion after the Legislative Council passed an amended reform package this morning following two marathon late-night debates this week. The Reproductive Health Bill removes abortion from the Criminal Code and pushes the existing requirement for two doctors to approve the termination of a pregnancy on medical or psychological grounds up to 16 weeks.

Upper House passes Bill to remove abortion from the criminal code

Michelle Paine - The Mercury

Tasmania's Legislative Council has passed a bill that removes abortion from the criminal code. Upper House MPs passed the Bill today, nine votes to five.

Children & Family

Zoe's Law passes in NSW Parliament lower house

Anna Patty - SMH

The controversial foetal rights bill known as Zoe's Law has been passed in the lower house of the NSW Parliament despite opposition by some government ministers and MPs. Prompted by the stillbirth of Brodie Donegan's daughter, Zoe, after Mrs Donegan was hit by a car while she was 36 weeks pregnant, the bill for the first time recognises a crime of grievous bodily harm against an unborn child as a person.

Zoe's Law to give greater legal rights to unborn babies

Geraldine Cardozo - The Australian

The rights of unborn babies have been reinforced under legislation passed in the NSW lower house.


Kanye West, naked Kim Kardashian on Bound 2 clip is sickening

Christine Sams - SMH

The music industry has reached a new low. And that's saying something. The release of Kanye West's clip for Bound 2 — in which he simulates sex with a naked Kim Kardashian on a motorbike — makes Miley Cyrus' twerking seem quaint.

Google’s Schmidt predicts end of censorship within a decade

Australian Financial Review

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has a bold prediction: Censorship around the world could end in a decade, and better use of encryption will help people overcome government surveillance. In a lecture at Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday, the executive of the world’s biggest web search company made a pitch for ending censorship in China and other countries with restricted freedom of speech by connecting everyone to the Internet and protecting their communication from spying.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

She spent $50,000 trying to have a baby she didn’t want

Mamamia News

Claudia Connell was single, in her early 40s and, like many women in similar situations, worried about the tick, tick, tick of her biological clock and the time she had left to become a mother. Connell didn’t want to be the woman who regretted not having a child when it was too late to do anything about it. She didn’t have time to meet a man, fall in love and decided to have a baby. And so she had to act on her own.


Teaching has become feminised and boys lose out

Kevin Donnelly - The Age

While there is no doubt that many women are still discriminated against and that significant issues like domestic violence must be addressed, it's also true that making education more girl friendly shouldn't mean that boys lose out.


Koalas in timber plantations: a testing issue for FSC certification

Mark Poynter - On Line Opinion

Last month, in a widely publicised move, Australian Bluegum Plantations – the nation’s biggest export woodchip company – had its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification suspended because koalas were being killed or injured during harvesting operations in south western Victoria.


NSW cop defends online betting 'loophole'


A NSW police officer says he did nothing wrong when he exploited the loopholes of corporate bookmakers to run an online gambling ring.


Should Christian counsellors have the right to discuss 'reparative therapy' with Christian teens?

Nate Kellum - Christian Post

California and New Jersey passed new laws this year barring counselors from talk-therapy that would aid minors in getting rid of unwanted same sex-attractions. Equating conversations with lobotomies and electric shock treatments, the two states assert that they are well within their rights to dictate how mental health professionals should go about their counselling. Though "reparative therapy" has been stigmatized by the media, sexual attraction does in fact change for many people throughout their lifetimes. Mounting evidence proves this kind of counselling can be invaluable to those seeking to change their attractions.


Fed govt commits to Qld indigenous reforms


Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion says the government is committed to building on the success of the program, which means welfare payments can be withheld from parents whose children aren't enrolled in school.


Mark Dreyfus: The Shadow Minister for Marriage Equality

Michael Nguyen - Same Same

Australia’s Parliament has returned with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and newly-elected Labor Party leader Bill Shorten locking horns on boats, debt and the economy. On the issue of marriage equality, the Attorney-General Senator George Brandis has decided to take the ACT to the High Court to challenge their same-sex marriage laws, after the Prime Minister initially gave indications his Attorney-General was softer on marriage equality than his actions let on.

Overseas Aid

DFAT-AusAid merger details to come next year

Noel Towell - The Canberra Times

Staff from abolished development agency AusAID could have to wait another seven months before they know if they have a job, or even where they will be working. Two months after AusAID was taken over by Foreign Affairs and Trade, top DFAT officials were unable to tell a Senate Estimates committee how many job losses would follow the merger or what would happen to AusAID’s Canberra office property.


Frankston MP Geoff Shaw to fight deception charge after being refused diversion

Shannon Deery - Herald Sun

Disgraced Frankston MP Geoff Shaw has lost his bid to be placed on the courts diversion program and has had all 24 charges reinstated.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Popular Norwegian anchorwoman suspended for wearing cross necklace on air

Thaddeus Baklinski - Life Site News

A well-known Norwegian anchorwoman has been suspended for wearing a necklace with a tiny cross while reading the news on air. The firing reportedly happened after members of the local Muslim community protested, claiming that the "chain with the cross offends Islam" and that "this symbol does not guarantee the impartiality of the channel," according to La Repubblica.

Sexualisation of Society

13-year-old pleads guilty to rape of 8-year-old girl: was addicted to porn by age 10

Dustin Siggins - Life Site News

A 13-year old boy in England has pled guilty to rape, attempted rape and sexual assault of an eight-year old girl, and, according to reports, pornography may have played a significant part in his crimes. The actions took place when he was 10.


How to take responsibility: Clerical sexual abuse and the future of the Church

Francis Sullivan - ABC Religion and Ethics

As has happened in other parts of the world, including Ireland, the United States and Canada, Australian society is taking extraordinary steps to bring the Catholic Church and other institutions to account for the destruction caused by sexual abuse of children and young people.

Faith not so dead at all

George Pell - The Catholic Weekly

The British Isles, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, English-speaking Canada and to some real extent the US constitute the Anglosphere. The US is in a world of its own, a subcontinent sufficient in itself, even more than Brazil, not always much interested in the wider world. Unlike the other parts of the English-speaking world in the West, which are also being changed by migration, the US had many German migrants and now has an increasing number of Hispanics. Its predominance in every sphere, except cricket, is acknowledged.

A 'mere Christian'? Assessing C.S. Lewis after fifty years

Alister McGrath - ABC Religion and Ethics

There is much that is good to enjoy and embrace in this "most reluctant" of converts.