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Drugs & Alcohol

Chinese nationals on student visas arrested in raids on Sydney drug syndicates


Three Chinese nationals in Australia on international student visas have been arrested as part of a police investigation into a drug trafficking syndicate in Sydney. Seven people in total, including one woman, were arrested by heavily armed police during a raid in Auburn this week. Police say they seized 15 kilograms of pseudoephedrine during the raid.


Pyne forced to clarify education reforms


Education Minister Christopher Pyne has been forced to clarify the government's higher education reforms.

Homelessness & Poverty

Homeless family living in tent near Perth offered housing after plight highlighted


A family with six children living in a tent on the outskirts of Perth will move into interim accommodation today after publicity about their plight led to numerous private offers of help.

Human Rights

Chris Kenny refuses ABC demand to drop Hamster Decides defamation case

Sharri Markson - The Australian

The Australian’s columnist and Sky TV presenter, Chris Kenny says he will not be bullied by the ABC into dropping his defamation case over the offensive Hamster Decides’ skit. The ABC has made an extraordinary public attempt to force Mr Kenny to back down on the defamation suit, releasing a legal letter to news networks, presumably moments after sending it to Kenny’s lawyers.


Indigenous life expectancy not improving but literacy, numeracy up

Bridie Jabour - The Guardian

Little to no progress has been made on improving Indigenous life expectancy and there has been a decline in Indigenous employment but the child mortality rate has been lowered and literacy and numeracy skills improved, the latest Closing the Gap report reveals.

Overseas Aid

Australia slips in generosity ranking

Paul O'Callaghan - Eureka Street

Australians are a generous bunch. Every year, almost two million households donate to the work of Australian aid and development agencies. Among 5.4 million Catholics nationwide, around 90 per cent of parishes and 70 per cent of schools support Caritas Australia’s work with the children, women and men most vulnerable to poverty and injustice.


Stop your complaints, says budget architect Tony Shepherd

Heath Aston - The Age

The man who helped provide the blueprint for Treasurer Joe Hockey's austere first budget has lashed out at ''narrow sectional interests'', including his ''good mate'' David Gonski, for the hostile community response.


Focus shifts to asylum backlog

Paul Maley - The Australian

The Coalition will introduce legislation aimed at fast-tracking the refugee claims of asylum-seekers in Australia in a bid to clear the backlog of almost 25,000 boat arrivals in legal limbo.

First group of asylum seekers granted refugee status on Nauru

Karen Barlow - ABC

The first asylum seekers to be granted refugee visas on Nauru have been released into the community. Thirteen asylum seekers have been given refugee protection, including an Iranian family and four single men.


AFL's growing band of religious players

Michael Gleeson - The Age

Senior football writer Michael Gleeson explores religion in the AFL and the players who let their faith define who they are, not their football.