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Children & Family

NSW 'king-hit' laws not for kids

Mark Coultan - The Australian

The NSW government has ruled out applying its new mandatory minimum sentences to children - the first exemption to its new sentencing regime - as it scrambles to introduce its new alcohol-fuelled violence package by next week. It was unable, however, to answer a series of questions about its mandatory minimum laws, which will apply to a range of offences beyond unprovoked attacks, or "king-hit" crimes.

Parents more likely to Google 'is my daughter pretty?' and 'Is my son smart?', research shows

News Ltd

New research shows parents are surprisingly sexist when it comes to Google searches about their children - asking is my daughter pretty? and is my son gifted?


Facebook, Twitter to remove 'harmful' content under proposed government crackdown

James Hutchinson - SMH

Major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will be directed to remove bullying and other "harmful" online content under a federal government proposal. But those involved say the proposal could ignore smaller networks such as Snapchat, and fail in its goal of stamping out online bullying. As foreshadowed on Tuesday, the government is currently consulting with industry and child safety groups on the proposal, which would see a "senior Commonwealth official" appointed as e-safety commissioner.

Drugs & Alcohol

A trial of closing earlier in Victoria was deemed a failure

John Ferguson - The Australian

An independent report into lockouts from hotels and other venues raised serious questions about the validity of the policy - including the potential to lead to more offending and injuries. The Napthine government cautioned this week that NSW's push to a lockout system might not work, given a report by consultants KPMG had found negative effects from a similar trial in Victoria.

Australian Medical Association calls for national summit on alcohol

News Limited

Emergency doctors who spend their weekends dealing with victims of drunken violence have called on the Federal Government to follow NSW's momentum in tackling alcohol-related harm. Sexual assaults, dying car crash victims and surviving drunk drivers and coward punch victims are some of the cases Victorian emergency physician Dr Stephen Parnis deals with on an average weekend.


Fix your marriage for $200: poll
(includes poll)

Jonathan Swan - The Herald

Australian couples will be allowed to apply for $200 ‘‘relationship vouchers’’ from July 1, with the Abbott government confirming the start date of the 12-month trial. The idea is the brainchild of Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews, who wants to ‘‘help couples achieve a greater degree of happiness and stability and thereby a better environment for their children’’.


Shorten revs up Labor frontbench

Herald Sun

Labor leader Bill Shorten has kicked off the year's first opposition frontbench meeting with a rabble-rousing speech about the party's chances in the coming Griffith by-election. He told the opposition frontbench meeting in Brisbane that in the past week Queenslanders have told him and ALP candidate Terri Butler of their worries about the state government's cuts, as well as concerns Prime Minister Tony Abbott might have a similar slashing program.


Australia offers co-operation on asylum abuse probe


The Australian government has rejected reports its navy mistreated asylum-seekers, but offered to co-operate with an Indonesian investigation. A group of asylum-seekers said they suffered burns after being made to hold hot pipes on their boat engine while being forced back to Indonesia.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Warsi sounds warning over persecution of Christians in Middle East saying it has become a 'global crisis'

Hannah Roberts - Daily Mail

Britain's most senior Muslim politician, Sayeeda Warsi, has warned that the persecution of Christians has become ‘a global crisis’. Minister for Faith Baroness Warsi described ‘a rising tide’ in attacks on Christians in the war-torn regions of Egypt, Iraq and Syria where they often become ‘scapegoats’ for events taking place thousands of miles away. Warsi, a mother of five and the daughter of Pakistani immigrants, pointed out that Christian minorities are threatened by Muslim majorities in the very places that gave rise to Christianity.


Newman fights for young Queenslanders' right to 'sow their wild oats'

Amy Remeikis - Brisbane Times

Campbell Newman wants to protect young Queenslanders's right to “sow their wild oats”. As long as they are safe. The Premier was speaking about the right of young people to head out to the state's entertainment districts for a night of fun, something he says may be getting lost in the debate about alcohol fuelled violence and what to prevent it.