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Why Americans are becoming more pro-life

Ashley McGuire – Washington Post

For decades, abortion was thought of as an issue that riled up religious zealots in the Bible Belt. “Enlightened” Americans, however, saw abortion as the key to women’s liberation and a more egalitarian society.

Wednesday’s news that Gallup is now recording the lowest level of self-described pro-choicers in its history of tracking the abortion issue is no doubt an unwelcome hiccup in their vision for America.

Rally fights for abortion law change

Natasha Boddy – The West Australian

Liberal MP Peter Abetz has spoken out against WA's abortion laws, warning "the womb is most dangerous place for children to be in this State" at a rally last night attended by hundreds of right-to-life campaigners.

Addressing the 750-strong rally at Parliament House to mark the anniversary of the 1998 liberalisation of WA's abortion laws, Mr Abetz said the laws were at odds with the idea of protecting children.


Critics slam move to ease online gambling during live sport

Joe Kelly – The Australian

THE key players threatening to kill-off the government's controversial poker machine laws have expressed alarm at new plans to ease the restriction on internet gambling during live sports games.


Jail ‘rite of passage’ for Aboriginal youths

Anne-Louise Brown – The Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Sirr is determined to make a difference in the lives of WA's young indigenous men, who he says, see jail time as a "rite of passage".

Mr Sirr is the CEO of Outcare, a non-government organisation offering a unique training and rehabilitation strategy called Live Works.


MPs told to soften hearts on gay marriage

AAP – The Australian

MEMBERS of the NSW parliament have been urged to soften their hearts during a historic and emotional debate on gay marriage.

With increasing pressure to change what opponents say are discriminatory marriage laws, NSW is the latest Australian legislature to bring the issue to the floor of parliament.

Same-sex marriage campaigners distance themselves from polyamorists' demands

Ean Higgins – The Australian

THE main lobby group promoting gay marriage yesterday distanced itself from polyamorists demanding to be included in the proposed reforms, saying marriage involving more than two people would undermine a traditional institution.

As reported yesterday by The Australian, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has come under attack from polyamorists, including some who are members of her party, for insisting that marriage should be between two people of any sex, but no more than two.

NSW Government MPs support gay marriage motion

Sarah Gerathy – ABC

A number of New South Wales Government MPs have spoken in favour of gay marriage during a debate on the issue in State Parliament.


Quit for your own good, Abbott tells Thomson


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says MP Craig Thomson should quit Parliament for the good of himself and his family.

There is growing concern about Mr Thomson's mental health, amid mounting pressure over allegations he misused Health Services Union funds.


ASIO: No calls for refugee reviews

Michael Gordon and Daniel Flitton – The Sydney Morning Herald

SENIOR ministers have never asked ASIO to review findings that refugees were threats to national security, despite some having been in detention more than three years.

Refugees with correct ID losing out to boat arrivals

Gemma Jones – The Daily Telegraph

A REFUGEE trying to bring his relatives to Australia under a special humanitarian visa program - which is currently being overrun by boat arrivals - says he is being rejected at "the front door".

Majid Hana's seven family members are Iraqi Chaldean Catholics - one was widowed when her husband was killed by extremists in their home country.


How Christian are Christian lobbyists?

Fatima Measham – The Drum

Given the significant influence of Christian lobbyists, both in Australia and in the United States, it's a worthwhile exercise to consider the stories that inform their faith.

If Christian conservatives are convinced that the Bible tells them so, what in fact does it tell them?