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Charities & NFP

Brisbane targets charity muggers with immediate effect

Kim Stephens - Brisbane Times

Chuggers are firmly in the sights of Brisbane City Council. Not content to wait for potential legislative change that would enable local government to limit the concentration of charity collectors in their municipalities, the council is moving on curbing the contentious practice immediately. Council receives hundred of complaints about chuggers - an oft-used abbreviation for charity muggers, or over-zealous charity collectors - and last year received the backing of the Local Government Association of Queensland to empower councils to limit the practice.

Children & Family

Family education program can help couple and the bottom line

Kevin Andrews - The Australian

States have always had an interest in the building blocks of their societies, namely families. Family formation and stability remain the essential catalysts for intergenerational renewal, formative human interaction, socialising children and linking individuals to the wider society.

Audit cold on Abbott’s parent leave

Phillip Corey - AFR

The Commission of Audit has criticised the government’s proposed paid parental leave scheme as excessive at a time when fiscal restraint is needed. The Australian Financial Review understands the commission’s interim report, delivered to the government 13 days ago, supports the concept of paid parental leave but finds that Mr Abbott’s scheme is too generous given the state of budget.


Australia bans award-winning Swedish film Children's Island over child porn concerns

Matthew Knott - SMH

Censors have refused classification for a 30-year-old award-winning Swedish film, in effect banning it, after an application by the Australian Federal Police. The Classification Review Board’s decision to refuse classification for Children’s Island, handed down in October but not reported until now, has echoes of the 2008 controversy over Bill Henson’s photographs of naked children.

Drugs & Alcohol

Baby boomers abusing drugs and alcohol at record rates; self-medicating to deal with ageing

News Ltd

Stressed and ageing baby boomers are turning to booze and drugs at alarming rates, campaigners have warned. There is a “silent epidemic” of baby boomers are drinking excessively and taking hard drugs, with booze-related hospital admissions and deaths are on the rise, says UK charity DrugScope.

Quit groups want ban on cigarette vending machines and tobacco price boards at shops

News Limited

Four of Victoria’s leading health groups are demanding a ban on cigarette vending machines and tobacco price boards at shops. Quit, the Cancer Council, the Heart Foundation and the Australian Medical Association are also calling for the abolition of exemptions to a ban on the retail display of cigarettes for the state’s 145 specialist tobacco retailers.


Euthanasia: ACT should not be shackled, says Rattenbury

Kirsten Lawson - The Canberra Times

The ACT Greens have energised the euthanasia debate, with Minister for Ageing Shane Rattenbury describing Canberra's inability to make laws on euthanasia an affront to democracy. ''ACT residents want to be able to make choices about their own life and death,'' he told the Assembly, quoting a Newspoll finding in 2012 that 82.5 per cent of Australians believed a terminally ill person should be able to have access to doctor-assisted suicide.

Human Rights

Coalition about-face on hatred disappoints

Simon Breheny - The Australian

It's concerning that the Abbott government is walking away from its promise to repeal the law that sent Andrew Bolt to court. Worse, the government has said it is considering new laws that would jail people for inciting “hatred” — a vague and ambiguous term — on the basis of race, religion or political opinion.


Kevin Andrews wedded to divorce cut

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

A trial offering $200 marriage-counselling vouchers has been recommended for a permanent rollout on the grounds it will save taxpayers millions by avoiding expensive divorces. Mounting the case for the scheme to be made permanent, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews said that if the scheme could prevent just 200 divorces it would have paid for itself.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Nordic model of prostitution approved by European Parliament

Hannah Osborne - Reuters

A vote at the European Parliament that supports the 'Nordic Model' of prostitution has been voted through with a large majority. Put forward by Labour London MEP Mary Honeyball, the model of prostitution law criminalises the client instead of the sex worker.


Canberra's Christian leaders seek humanity in treatment of asylum seekers

Larissa Nicholson - The Canberra Times

Australia's treatment of asylum seekers is inhumane and lacks compassion, Canberra's Christian leaders say. Newly appointed Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn Christopher Prowse spoke out about public attitudes towards asylum seekers at a church service at St Christopher's Cathedral in Manuka on Wednesday night.

Sexualisation of Society

The fight against the sexualisation of children

The Guardian

The use of images of children in tabloids has increased in recent years. But campaigns, both in the UK and the US, are trying to put a stop to the practice.