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China made $2 billion from controversial 'One Child Policy' in 2012, claims Chinese Christian lawyer

Morgan Lee - Christian Post

China made more than $2 billion from its "One Child Policy" in 2012, according to a Christian Chinese lawyer, with the huge sum of money being generated through fines imposed by regulators.

Drugs & Alcohol

The Feds have been watching Silk Road all summer: Here's how they took it down

Jim Edwards - Business Insider

Silk Road, the anonymous Internet marketplace known as a destination for buying illegal drugs, has been seized by the FBI and it’s alleged owner Ross Ulbricht arrested. The arrest, and the seizure of Ulbricht’s $US3.2 million stash of Bitcoins, has been a long time coming. The feds have been investigating Silk Road — a major web site on the secret internet for criminals — and the Tor web network and browser you need to visit it, for years.

Silk Road’s gone, but the void’s already been filled

Nigel Phair - The Conversation

The arrest of the man who appears to be behind the Silk Road — the infamous online black marketplace — comes as a welcome surprise. And while we should applaud the efforts of law enforcement, we must remember that Silk Road is one just one product of the deep underworld on the web.

Backyard labs fuel growing 'ice' epidemic


Crystal methamphetamine use seems to be growing thanks to backyard laboratories, leaving authorities to measure the impact its use is having on communities.


Vision Australia sacks blind workers, but executives earn big bucks

Stephen Drill - Herald Sun

Vision Australia has sacked 71 blind workers across the country, despite paying its executives more than $174,000 each year.


Recognition of Aborigines in Constitution 'a priority'

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

The Attorney-General, George Brandis, has declared that despite being a constitutional conservative, he has an "open mind" about the way the Constitution should be altered to recognise indigenous Australians, vowing to have a form of words settled by July next year. Senator Brandis revealed that work on developing constitutional change would begin immediately and be one of his priorities.


New senator predicts same sex marriage will not pass

John Sandeman - Eternity Newspaper

Family First’s Bob Day is on course to be a Senator for South Australia when the new Senate takes their seats in 2014. It’s third time lucky for Day who stood as a Liberal in a hard to win seat in 2007, for the Senate for Family First in 2010 (just missing out) and now successfully in 2013.

Time for Labor to move on from same-sex marriage issue – ACL

Australian Conservative

The Australian Christian Lobby said it would be a mistake for the Labor Party to lock its MPs into supporting same-sex marriage when voters are looking to both sides of politics to move on from the issue.

UK: Gay marriage and HS2 hit local Tories


Conservative associations are running out of money and shedding members, with the blame being put on unpopular policies such as same-sex marriage and the HS2 rail line.

A comedian, a priest and a same-sex marriage campaigner walk in to a bar

ABC 7.30

Same-sex marriage has long divided Anglicans and now the Western Australian church is preparing to vote on a more inclusive approach, led by a priest who is also a stand-up comedian.


Family First Senator-elect Bob Day calls for changes to unfair dismissal, minimum wage laws


South Australian Family First Senator-elect Bob Day says he will fight to allow employers to pay workers below the minimum wage when he joins the Upper House. Mr Day will be the only new face from South Australia in the Senate after the count was finalised yesterday.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Not enough staff to police sex trade in Far North Queensland

Bianca Keegan - The Cairns Post

A senior police officer says there is a lack of staff in a team dedicated to crackdown on illegal prostitution across the state.

Victim was trying to save girlfriend from sex slavery, Zheng trial hears

Mark Russell - The Age

Abraham Papo was in tears when he told his older brother that his Korean prostitute girlfriend was being held as a sex slave, a court has heard. Mr Papo died in a confrontation with De Jun "Kevin" Zheng outside a South Melbourne brothel when trying to find his girlfriend.


Australia responds to UNHCR request and agrees to resettle 500 Syrian refugees


The Federal Government has announced it will resettle 500 Syrian refugees as part of its humanitarian refugee program. The places will be quarantined for Syrians within the existing annual refugee intake, which is capped at 13,700.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Time for American Christians to do something about persecution

Kerry Walters - Huffington Post

The media, the State Department, and the American public have all stubbornly ignored the uptick in the persecution of Christians around the globe, especially in Muslim cultures. The Pew Research Center concluded a couple of years ago that Christians are now persecuted in more nations than members of any other faith tradition. One sectarian watchdog organization estimates the annual number of persecuted Christians to be between 100 and 200 million.

Sexualisation of Society

Melinda Tankard Reist and Dr Emma Rush discuss sexualisation of children on ABC Nightline

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Dr Emma Rush and I were guests on the ABC Nightline program hosted by Tony Delroy last night.


Church sex abuse process fails victims

Annette Blackwell - News Ltd

Lack of oversight and accountability by the Catholic Church in handling child sex abuse complaints has led to mixed outcomes for victims, a church spokesman says. Francis Sullivan, chief executive of the church's Truth Justice and Healing Council has announced proposals to reform the approach to clerical sexual abuse.