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A pre-natal screening for autism is now available. Would you have it?

Andrew Whitehouse - Mamamia

The internet was ablaze last week with the news that health authorities in Western Australia have given approval for IVF clinics to ‘screen’ embryos to reduce the chances of a couple having a child with autism. The Reproductive Technology Council will now allow certain women undergoing IVF treatment to be selectively implanted with female embryos only.

Children & Family

Children in state care 'handed to predators': DHS whistleblower

Joseph Dunstan - ABC Radio

A former child protection worker in Victoria told ABC Radio Statewide Drive Victoria juvenile offenders convicted of violent sexual assaults have been housed in the same accommodation as children with severe intellectual disabilities.


ACT Education Minister admits to error over offensive re-tweet

Ewan Gilbert - ABC

The ACT Education Minister has admitted she made a mistake by re-tweeting a highly offensive message aimed at her federal counterpart during a row over schools funding.

Drugs & Alcohol

She appears to be a typical grandmother but this woman is a convicted drug dealer

Naomi White - Daily Telegraph

With her grey hair and floral blouse she may look like a typical grandmother, but this elderly woman is a convicted drug dealer, guilty of selling cannabis from her eastern suburbs home.

Abbott's silent war on drugs

Antoinette Lattouf - The Hoopla

I began my career at the age of 20, and as a young journalist I worked on countless stories about Aussie youth’s battle with booze and drugs. Over the past decade this has ranged from injecting room trials to the alcopop tax and most recently the court cases for drunken king-hit killers.


Quebec’s ‘medical aid in dying’ bill will allow child euthanasia: Coalition of doctors

Thaddeus Baklinski - Life Site News

A coalition of Quebec doctors has issued a warning that the Quebec government's proposed "medical aid in dying" legislation, known as Bill 52, opens the door for euthanizing children. "Québec's controversial bill on euthanasia does not limit its reach to the terminally ill," says Dr. Paul Saba, President of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice. "If the bill is adopted, in addition to opening the door to offering euthanasia as an option for those not in the terminal phase of an illness, the door will be wide open to euthanize children and persons who are not able to give consent."

Philip Nitschke's Adelaide euthanasia clinic comes under police scrutiny

Alex Mann - ABC

Police across Australia have contacted euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke over recent deaths involving items for sale at his new Adelaide-based clinic.Dr Nitschke, who founded voluntary euthanasia advocacy group Exit International, set up the clinic in suburban Adelaide last month.


Greens urge Labor to block plans to repeal pokies reforms

Dan Harrison - SMH

The Greens are urging Labor to block Abbott government plans to repeal the Gillard government's poker machine reforms, warning that no future federal government will have the courage to tackle problem gambling.

Punter Steve Fletcher bet on 'rort' in tennis game, Police Integrity Commission hears

Kate McClymont - SMH

Controversial punter Steve Fletcher received inside information from a former tennis professional to wager on a "rort in tennis" and a Victorian stablehand told him about an injury to a horse, explosive phone taps have revealed. A series of intercepted phone calls have been aired at the Police Integrity Commission, which is examining how Mr Fletcher, one of the nation's biggest gamblers, used the accounts of NSW police officers to disguise his betting activities.


Australian women still being prescribed Diane-35 as contraceptive pill despite regulator warnings

Sophie Scott and Alison Branley - ABC

Australian women are still being prescribed a contraceptive pill temporarily banned in France earlier this year, in breach of the advice of the medicines regulator.

Human Rights

UK: Reform to ‘insult’ law will come into force in February

The Christian Institute

A free speech reform backed by The Christian Institute is to become law on 1 February next year. From that date police will no longer be able to use Section 5 of the Public Order Act to arrest people just because others might find their words or behaviour “insulting”.


Indigenous shake up on council's agenda

Lisa Martin - The Australian

The man charged with leading Tony Abbott's indigenous affairs shake up hopes to help reverse the trend of prime ministers leaving office regretting they didn't do enough for Australia's first people.

Concerns Aboriginal children left vulnerable as more mothers go to prison

Emily Bryan - ABC

There are concerns in Tasmania about a growing number of indigenous women in the prison system. The Aboriginal community believes the cost of living is forcing more women to commit crimes, leaving their children vulnerable.


Get off the fence on gay marriage

Michael Pelly - The Australian

At the end of the High Court's hearing on the ACT's same sex marriage laws, a woman was looking for confirmation. "So that means it's still on?" "It" was the ceremony she had planned with her partner for this weekend in Canberra. The Chief Justice, Robert French, had just announced the court would hand down its ruling next Thursday, so the answer was yes. Whether their union will last more than five days is another question entirely. The hearing didn't even go the distance - it was slated for two days, but they were all done by 4.25 on Tuesday.

The straight line from marriage equality to divorce equality

Kelly Bartlett - Mercator Net

In 2008, Lauren Beth Czekala-Chatham and Dana Ann Melancon traveled from Mississippi to San Francisco for their dream wedding. A few short years later the dream dissolved and now Czekala-Chatham wants Mississippi to grant her a divorce. Small problem. Her home state doesn’t recognize female marriage. No marriage, no divorce.

United Church Minister Roger Munson will marry gay couple this weekend

Peter Jean - The Canberra Times

The Reverend Roger Munson sees nothing incompatible between the teachings of Jesus Christ and same-sex marriages. Christian church leaders remain at the forefront of organised opposition to the legalisation of same-sex marriage. But Mr Munson, a Canberra Uniting Church minister, is a registered celebrant under the ACT's marriage equality law and will preside at the wedding of a male couple this weekend.


Canberra's key party relationships: it's complicated

Annabel Crabb - ABC

The debt ceiling union between the Greens and the Coalition might make things awkward now, writes Annabel Crabb, but wait until July next year when the marital prospects in the Upper House get much, much broader.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Former MP Craig Thomson used union funds to pay for porn and prostitutes, court told

News Ltd

Explosive allegations about former MP Craig Thomson's appetite for porn and prostitutes have been aired publicly for the first time including claims he spent almost $2500 on escorts in one night. Prosecutors finally started outlining their fraud case against Mr Thomson yesterday, detailing in court for the first time allegations he used $28,449 of union funds to pay for sexual services, R-Rated movies, cigarettes, and flights across the country.


Syrian refugees face harsh winter in Iraq

Cathy Otten - D W News

The stream of Syrian refugees to neighboring countries shows no sign of abating. So far 200,000 have fled to Iraq alone. Aid agencies are working hard to help, but fear that a harsh winter will compound their problems.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Syria: Conflicting reports about missing nuns

Dan Wooding - ASSIST Ministries

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, has told the ASSIST News Service that it is concerned for the welfare of twelve nuns and three young women who were taken away from their convent in a village 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) north of the Syrian capital Damascus by Islamist rebels on Monday, 2 December 2013.

Conversions to Christianity in Muslim world: A potential death sentence?

Rob Schwarzwalder - FRC blog

Throughout the Middle East, notable individuals are converting to Christianity from Islam, but their stories, for obvious reasons, are seldom told. They actually face dramatic consequences and even death if they were to talk about their conversion. In Africa, to the consternation of some Muslim leaders, millions of Muslims are becoming Christians each year. In Europe, we tend to think only in terms of Christians becoming Muslims, but there is a strong movement in reverse as well. That is a story that does not make the headlines.

Bearing witness: Survivor describes Nigerian Islamist terror

Andrew Harrod - Family Security Matters

"Are you ready to die as a Christian?" asked Habila Adamu's AK-47-armed assailants from Nigeria's Boko Haram (BH) Islamist terrorist organization. During a recent visit to Washington, D.C., Adamu recounted surviving a massacre of Christians, in an effort to focus American attention on the bloody turmoil BH poses for Nigeria.

Sexualisation of Society

What it's like to suffer from body dysmorphic disorder

Melissa Davey - Da ly Life

The Butterfly Foundation aims to bring to the forefront in a new competition called ‘The Body Con’. Rather than just speaking out about the awfulness of body dissatisfaction and deadly conditions like anorexia sometimes associated with it, the Foundation wants help from society to turn the notion of an ‘ideal body’ on its head. They’re calling for anyone - from university students to advertising agencies - to create a 30 second advertisement in any medium exposing the media's fraudulent representation of beauty. They want help challenging misguided beliefs regarding how we are ‘supposed’ to look and be.


The latest plastic surgery trend is deeply, deeply disturbing

Melissa Wellham - Mamamia

We all know what the basic premise of plastic surgery is: to change your face. To look better, and to look more beautiful. Or, at last, to look more like whatever the definitions of those words are in your eyes. But for some people, looking ‘better’ and ‘more beautiful’ also means fulfilling a Westernised beauty ideal. For some, plastic surgery isn’t just about changing your face – it’s about changing your race.

Moderating LifeSiteNews comments can be brutal

Steve Jalsevac - Life Site News

Since LifeSiteNews added the powerful Disqus commenting feature we have received many thousands of comments from readers under our news reports. However, we quickly realized a strong moderation policy was needed or the commenting would be totally dominated by pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and other persons posting frequently vulgar, hateful, arrogant diatribes or propaganda or other useless gibberish.