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Coalition rows back from internet porn filter plan

Paul Owen - The Guardian

Australia's shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull tweets that opt-out idea was 'not our policy and never has been'.


Greens shift focus from environment

Sky news

With the environment barely causing a headline this campaign, it would appear the Greens have moved on to Plan B. The party has moved to portray itself as the only handbrake on an Abbott government if it can maintain the balance of power in the Senate. The message has grown louder as the coalition's polling has improved, but University of Tasmania political scientist Dr Richard Herr says it also shows the Green's campaign has struggled.

Homelessness & Poverty

What can we expect from a Coalition Government on social welfare?

Philip Mendes - Online Opinion

Over the last three decades, Labor and Coalition governments have introduced far greater conditionality into the income security system. But the Liberals have been particularly harsh in their rhetoric towards welfare recipients.


Shellfish, slavery and same-sex marriage: How not to read the Bible

Glenn Davies - ABC Religion and Ethics

While Australians wrestle with the implications of redefining marriage to include a union of two persons of the same sex, it would be a much more enlightened debate if proponents of this novel redefinition did not misuse the Bible in mounting their arguments. It would be more honest to declare their disagreement with biblical teaching, rather than pretend by shallow, ill-informed exegesis that they are following the Bible's primary theme of love. Here again, Jesus's words are instructive: "If you love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15).

Gay activists used 'Mafia Tactics' to shut down bakery, says Christian couple

Christian Post

Speaking publicly for the first time since gay activists forced a shutdown of their bakery because they refused to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians, Christian couple Aaron and Melissa Klein said their business was killed with "mafia tactics." "There's a lot of closed-minded people out there that would like to pretend to be very tolerant and just want equal rights," said Aaron Klein as he held hands with his wife, Melissa, in an interview with KATU from their home this week.

Overseas Aid

Coalition slashes foreign aid as part of $9b savings measures

Judith Ireland and Bianca Hall - The Age

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has announced a further $9 billion in savings, including cuts to foreign aid and delays to the Murray Darling buyback scheme, when releasing the Coalition's final budget costings ahead of the federal election.


Outburst a pointer to Labor fall

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Labor won't win another election unless it learns from Kevin Rudd's astonishing performance on Monday's Q&A. Want to understand Labor's fall? Then watch the Prime Minister abuse a pastor for holding an opinion on same-sex marriage which Rudd shared only four months ago. That Rudd also trashed the Bible - holy book of the faith he ostentatiously professes - made him seem even more cynical and unprincipled.

Shades of Paul Keating landslide for Labor

Sid Maher - The Australian

Labor is only a handful of seats away from a repeat of the 1996 wipe-out of Paul Keating's government, as strategists on both sides predict Kevin Rudd could lose about 20 seats to be left with just 50. Labor MPs and key figures from the ALP and Liberal Party have told The Australian that Labor faces big losses in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Victoria to turn its back on Rudd

John Ferguson - The Australian

Labor is losing its iron grip on Victoria with swings of up to 8 per cent forecast in some city seats. For years senior Liberals have dubbed the state "the Socialist Republic of Victoria", but party strategists on both sides of politics are now expecting big swings against the Rudd government tomorrow.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Bishop warns against rising anti-Christian bigotry in U.S.

Greg Kandra - Washington Times

Bishop Thomas Paprocki is not the kind of Catholic leader who minces words. The prelate, who presides over the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, warns that anti-Christian bigotry in the U.S. is on the rise and that the media is to blame.

Christian, Muslim leaders examine challenges of Arab Christians

Dale Gavlak - Catholic News Service

For decades, Arab Christians have been fleeing the Holy Land and the rest of the Middle East in droves, mainly because of violence. Within the past two-and-a-half years, some 450,000 Christians are believed to be among the 2 million people who have fled the civil war in Syria, an ancient land of historic churches, the country where St. Paul encountered Christ on the road to Damascus.