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Geoff Shaw’s abortion shock for parties

Annika Smethurst, Michelle Ainsworth - Herald Sun

Opposition leader Daniel Andrews said maverick MP Geoff Shaw was “off the reservation” and Labor would not support a debate on his radical proposed changes to abortion legislation. Mr Shaw is preparing to drop a bombshell in State Parliament and cause divisions on both sides of politics with a bill that would outlaw partial-birth and gender selection abortions.

Charities & NFP

Breast cancer charity’s tactics under fire for ‘aggressive fundraising’

Tory Shepherd - The Advertiser

A charity has been “aggressively fundraising” and fooling donors into thinking it is the reputable Breast Cancer Network Australia, an inquiry has been told. Missing only the word “network”, Breast Cancer Australia is the charity which has been confusing donors.

Children & Family

Better social policy 'could improve teen mums' poorer lives'

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Teenage mothers are less likely to finish school or gain employment, and are more likely to have less income and suffer from poor health. A study by the Melbourne Institute at the University of Melbourne examined the educational, labour, health and partnership outcomes of young women in the first three years after childbirth.

Drugs & Alcohol

Tasmanians sought for study into why low-income smokers find it harder to quit

Helen Kempton - The Mercury

Tasmanian smokers on low incomes are being offered two months of nicotine replacement therapy to take part in a study into why there are more smokers on “struggle street” than in higher socio-economic areas.


Euthanasia debate: Doctor confirms he helped patients die, wants to be charged

Norman Hermant - ABC

A doctor who confirmed he provided a fatal dose of euthanasia drug Nembutal to a patient says he hopes Victorian police charge him so the issue is forced into the courts.

Overseas Aid

The Coalition is set to slash foreign aid – but we can still make a difference

Leslie Cannold - The Guardian

We don’t have to wait for Australian governments to act in the national interest when it comes to foreign development aid. We can do something to help our nearest neighbors now

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Investigating prostitution
(Interview with Wendy Francis, ACL)

Gabrielle Burke - ABC

Investigating prostitution - it's not what most of us go overseas for. Wendy Francis has just come back from a trip to Sweden to look at the way they deal with 'the oldest profession'.


UN has doubts over PNG refugee processing

Lisa Martin - The Australian

Australia has been told it has a legal responsibility for any refugees in detention on Manus Island that cannot be resettled by Papua New Guinea. The United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has also questioned whether the resettlement plan negotiated between Canberra and Port Moresby is even achievable.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

New anti-discrimination laws 'erode religious freedom'

Katherine Towers - The Australian

One of the nation’s leading authorities on law and religion has warned that religious freedom in Victoria is being degraded in favour of anti-discrimination laws. This warning follows a decision of the Victorian Court of Appeal that watered down the exemptions allowed for religious bodies under the state’s Equal Opportunity Act.

Sexualisation of Society

Neighbours angered at beachside holiday houses becoming large party venues with nude revellers

Daily Telegraph

Residents in the beachside suburb of Caves Beach near Newcastle have been subjected to years of loud parties that sometimes continue for days with some revellers parading around naked and in full view of neighbours and their children.