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Calls to lower abortion limit as record number of babies survive birth at 23 weeks

Leon Watson - Daily Mail

A major study has revealed a record number of babies are surviving being born at 23 weeks. The latest EPICure research showed at least 120 babies born during week 23 of a pregnancy have survived in the past four years. Week 23 is the last week when abortions on demand are legal.

Children & Family 

Legal Aid restored for family violence victims

Jane Lee - The Age 

Victoria Legal Aid will restore free legal help for family violence victims in child custody battles, reversing cuts that left some to face their attackers in court alone. The organisation stopped funding legal assistance for people in the Family Court if they were against a person who was also without a lawyer last year, amid drastic cuts to its services to save money.

Call to end domestic violence against women and children: Beyond Blue mental health approach will be the blueprint for national campaign 

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

Beyond Blue's successful strategies in mental health will become the blueprint for a new national campaign to end Australia's "epidemic" of violence against women and children. A group of prominent Australians, including former governor-general Quentin Bryce, will join the campaign against domestic violence, with the list to be unveiled at a national launch in Sydney on Friday.

Drugs & Alcohol

North Brisbane is Australia's worst binge alcohol drinking area


More than 700,000 Australians are binge drinking on at least 11 drinks in a sitting on a weekly basis and it's a growing middle class problem. Today we reveal the grogged up hot spots of Australia based on the latest National Health Survey figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Patients risk prosecution as medicinal cannabis faces long road to legalisation

Julia Medew - The Age

After a week of political announcements, Victorians who believe in the healing powers of marijuana feel no closer to sourcing the drug legally and say they will continue to risk prosecution for buying questionable products on the black market.


South Australia, ACT reject Federal Government's offer to fund $250m school chaplaincy program

John Stewart - ABC

South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have rejected the Federal Government's offer to fund a school chaplaincy program worth nearly $250 million, after non-religious counsellors were excluded from the scheme.


Labor MPs demand Tony Abbott act on indigenous recognition

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian 

Labor MPs are putting unprecedented pressure on Tony Abbott to become more active in pushing and leading the referendum to acknowledge indigenous Australians. One MP said there could be a vote before the next election if the issue were given the attention it deserved.

Overseas Aid

Iraq crisis: Nationals call for increase to Australia's foreign aid, boost to refugee intake

Naomi Woodley - ABC

The Government's junior Coalition partner, the Nationals, are calling for an increase in foreign aid to northern Iraq and a boost to the humanitarian refugee intake as part of Australia's effort to fight the Islamic State (IS).


Scott Morrison confident of swaying Senate to temporary protection visas

Stefanie Balogh - The Australian 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is optimistic of securing Senate crossbench backing to restore temporary protection visas and remove all children from onshore immigration detention, accusing Labor and the Greens of being blinkered by politics.