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Children & Family

New mental health program for families of sick kids

ABC News

The Hunter Institute of Mental Health is developing a program to reduce the psychological stress on the families of chronically ill children.

Study finds most separated dads want more time with their kids

Natasha Bita – Adelaide Now

Half Australia's distant dads want to spend far more time with their children. But they blame busy workloads, long distances and hostile mothers for limiting involvement in their children's lives.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol use affecting children’s safety, survey finds

Peter Jean – The Canberra Times

More than four million Australians know families where they think children are not being properly cared for because of someone's alcohol use, according to a survey conducted for the Salvation Army.

Caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol just make a wide-awake drunk

Trent Dalton –

A volatile breed of weekend drinker is staggering into emergency wards across the country, defined as the ''wide-awake drunk'' pulsing on a cocktail of alcoholic uppers and downers.


Sex education gets physical

Natasha Bita – The Courier-Mail

Children will be taught to "recognise sexual feelings" from age 11 or 12 under a new national physical education curriculum criticised by religious schools.

Labor promises new schools, upgrades

Louise Willis – ABC Online

ACT Labor will officially launched its re-election campaign today, with a major focus on education.


Fisheries slams allegations of wrongdoing

David Wroe – The Age

Australia’s fisheries authority has hit back at an ombudsman's finding it broke the law by failing to exclude a super trawler operator from an advisers' meeting in which fish quota decisions were made that benefited the trawler.

Shell chief defends Arctic drilling


The man at the centre of Shell’s controversial drilling programme in the Arctic has said he is aware of the responsibility on his head but is convinced the Anglo-Dutch oil group is acting in a fully responsible and accountable way.


Palliative sedation a ‘peaceful way to die’

Deidre Mussen - The Press

Dying peacefully in your sleep is often touted as the way to go. Deidre Mussen reports on being put to sleep until you die, called palliative sedation, as an alternative to euthanasia.


Clubs claim raw deal on pokies tax

Josh Gordon & Tom Arup – The Age

Victoria’s clubs are furious about a Baillieu government decision to impose a new poker machine tax worth up to $34 million because of the bungled introduction of a new monitoring regime.


Push for bilingual education

Patricia Karvelas – The Australian

Bilingual indigenous language education should be introduced to all schools with Aboriginal students, and indigenous languages included as an official Closing the Gap measure, according to a parliamentary report to be released today.

Aboriginal suicide prevention report suggests culturally-based and lead approach

Science Network Western Australia

A new research report exploring the escalating suicide toll in the Kimberly has called for culturally based community programs that are designed to empower Aboriginal communities.


Carr supports same-sex marriage

Dan Harrison – SMH

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has become the latest Labor MP to declare his support for same-sex marriage.

Brisbane gays rally against government

Brisbane Times

Queensland's gay community has taken a stand against the state government's conservative policy agenda, which it says is causing anguish.


Big boosts for Gillard, Labor in latest Newspoll

ABC News

Julia Gillard is leading Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister by the biggest margin in more than a year, according to a Newspoll released today.


Two more asylum boats arrive

Joe Kelly – The Australian

The flow of boat people to Australia shows no signs of easing despite the transfer of asylum seekers to Nauru for processing, with two more vessels arriving over the weekend.

Salvo to help out in Nauru

Austin King – The Morning Bulletin

Rockhampton’s Major Peter McGuigan is an old hand at the "helping" game. The Salvation Army officer-in-charge of Capricornia hopes Rockhampton people will pray for him as he heads to Nauru to shore up support for asylum seekers.


Pollies slam violent Sydney protest

Andrea Hayward – SMH

Australian politicians have condemned the violent protests in Sydney that were sparked by an anti-Islamist video, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard declaring the street battle with police as "not the Australian way".

Girl, 8, calls on Islamic youth to back jihad

Jared Owens – The Australian

As Julia Gillard struggled to explain how Muslim children could be used to incite violence, eight-year-old Ruqaya yesterday fronted a congress of Islamic fundamendalists in Sydney to espouse her love for jihad.

Counter Islamism with commitment to core values

Kevin Donnelly – The Australian

Yesterday’s outpouring of violence and hatred on Sydney's streets directed against the US and Western liberal democracies such as Australia should be recognised for what it is: the action of an aggressive mob proving that we are becoming, in a phrase coined by the late Robert Hughes, a nation of tribes.