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Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Fears surrogacy hiding scams

Natasha Bita - The Australian

Surrogacy is being used as a smokescreen to traffic children to Australia from India, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Ukraine, the Immigration Department has ­revealed. Officials fear that Australians with “significant criminal history and/or convictions for child sex offences” have used surrogacy to bring babies home.

Surrogacy, drug trials and commercialising human bodies

Matt Wade - SMH

The story of baby Gammy, the boy with Down syndrome left behind with his surrogate mother in Thailand when his Australian parents returned home with Gammy's healthy twin sister has sparked a storm of debate about the ethics of surrogacy.

Drugs & Alcohol

Schools fear ice dealers will target children

Farrah Tomazin - The Age

Principals and youth workers fear Victoria’s ice epidemic is becoming so widespread that schools could soon become targets for drug dealers. Welfare authorities say that children as young as 12 are being exposed to ice in some country towns, while teenagers are becoming increasingly susceptible, particularly at parties with older peers.


Philip Nitschke holds first public workshop about assisted suicide since deregistration

Jo Skinner, Emma Cillekens and Jon Coghill - ABC

Voluntary euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has hosted his first public seminar since being deregistered by the medical board. Dr Nitschke said he had been inundated with requests for information about assisted suicides since being deregulated last month.

Peter Singer questions ethics of suspending Dr Philip Nitschke

Julia Medew - The Age 

Ethicist Peter Singer has questioned the Medical Board of Australia’s decision to suspend euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke’s medical registration, and says the only way to protect vulnerable people from him is to legalise voluntary euthanasia.


Family affair: same-sex couples still fighting for equality 10 years on

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Ten years ago today, what started as a small, quiet battle by two same-sex couples to have their marriages formally recognised was brought to a crushing standstill on the national stage.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Islamic State fanatics kidnap more than 3,000 women and girls in 2 week rampage

UK Mirror

Up to 3,000 women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic State thugs on the rampage in Iraq over the past two weeks, it is feared. They face the terrifying prospect of being forced into marriage or sold as sex slaves, reports the Sunday People.


Australia opens door to get 4400 Iraqi and Syrian refugees out of hell

Sunday Telegraph

Australia will rescue 4400 Iraqi and Syrian refugees fleeing persecution and the murderous reign of Islamic State terrorists. The federal government will ­announce today that it will commit a minimum of 2200 places for Iraqis and 2200 places for Syria in the resettlement program.

Advocates slam Coalition over refugee intake 

Ben Doherty - The Age

Australia will quarantine one-third of its humanitarian program  for Iraqis and Syrians fleeing the violence of terror group Islamic State, but refugee advocates have condemned the government for reducing its refugee intake despite the growing crisis in the Middle East.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

UK: Travelodge removes the Bible from every room: No one had complained... but chain 'doesn't want to discriminate'

Daily Mail

One of Britain’s biggest hotel chains has removed Bibles from its rooms to avoid upsetting non-Christians. The decision by Travelodge has been condemned as ‘tragic and bizarre’ by the Church of England, which says Bibles in hotel rooms are important to provide hope, comfort and inspiration to travellers.