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Abortion laws trample rights

Angela Shanahan - The Australian

Where are the civil libertarians when you need them? Where are the defenders of free speech and freedom of conscience? Not long ago the commentators were bristling with outrage over former federal attorney-general Nicola Roxon's attempts to curb free speech and, of course, the so-called Bolt law.

Denis Napthine willing to back Geoff Shaw on abortion amendments

Farrah Tomazin - The Age

Five years after one of the Victorian Parliament's most divisive battles, Premier Denis Napthine has reignited the debate over women's reproductive rights, saying he would consider any attempt by balance-of-power MP Geoff Shaw to overhaul the state's abortion laws. Dr Napthine, a Catholic who voted against the decriminalisation of abortion in 2008, said he would assess any move by Mr Shaw - or any other MP - to wind back the existing laws on merit.

Abortionist who kept 36 bags of aborted babies in storage unit found dead

Ben Johnson - Life Site News

Authorities say an abortionist with a history of tax evasion, botched abortions, and unusual disposal of aborted babies has died.

Children & Family

The problem of parental plunder

Philomena Horsley - The Age

The elderly are at risk of being financially abused - by their children.

Drugs & Alcohol

Pub violence: high-risk venues face bans on glasses and shots before midnight

Sean Nicholls - Sydney Morning Herald

The state's most violent licensed venues could be forced to implement a ban on shots and glassware earlier than midnight under a further crackdown by Hospitality Minister George Souris. Mr Souris has released the latest violent venues list, which is again topped by the Ivy nightclub on George Street, which recorded 26 assaults in the past year.

Drugged motorists seeing red in ACT testing

Phillip Thomson - The Canberra Times

To a drugged-up driver in Canberra, there can be no more uncomfortable sight than four little red lines inside an innocuous piece of plastic. Once those red lines appear, it is off to the station. Your car stays by the side of the road, exposed to any other lawbreakers who want to kick in the windows, urinate on the passenger seat, rip out the sound system or have a crack at hot-wiring it and driving away.


NSW Greens seek redirected school funding


The Greens are calling on the NSW government to divert money promised to private schools to their public counterparts amid the Gonski school funding fallout.


Euthanasia for minors: Belgium’s painful dilemma

Euro News

Emotive, controversial and supported by the majority of people in Belgium. A debate on changing the law to allow euthanasia for minors has deeply divided the country.

Why I'll help my beautiful daughter take her own life when the time comes

News Ltd

She made the phone call with a terrible sense of foreboding and when her daughter answered, her worst fears were confirmed. Debby Thornton's 33-year-old daughter, Jennie, answered her mobile phone in the middle of a severe coughing fit.

Homelessness & Poverty

Child poverty on the rise? ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie's claim is overblown

ABC Fact Check

The first sitting of the new federal parliament prompted a call for fresh measures to address child poverty. Australian Council of Social Service chief executive Dr Cassandra Goldie said on ABC Radio National on November 12: "The problem is growing and that's the real concern for us.


Croatians reject gay marriage in referendum


Partial results suggest 64 percent voted yes to question of whether marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Gay Marriage: On threshold of making history

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

When the clock strikes 12.01am on December 7, Joel Player and Alan Wright will exchange vows and cement their place in history as the first gay couple to marry on Australian soil. This is the hope held by the north Canberra couple, who plan to marry in the first minute on the first day same-sex marriages can take place, if a High Court judgment does not prevent them from doing so. Mr Player already considers Mr Wright his husband, after a commitment ceremony four years ago.


Labor has a big task to become competitive again

Geoff Robinson - On Line Opinion

Recently I attended a workshop on the 2013 federal election. Descriptors for the election as whole were tossed around: the angry electorate, the politics of disillusion etc., but then one participant reminded us that this disillusion was largely restricted to one side of politics.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Protests as France debates prostitution

Fabrice Randoux - IOL News

French lawmakers on Friday started debating a bill punishing clients of prostitutes that has sparked fierce debate in a country known for its liberal attitudes to sex. Dozens rallied both for and against the bill as debate began in the lower house National Assembly, which is expected to vote on the bill next Wednesday.


Greens court Labor support fighting TPVs


The Greens are urging Labor to back their move to challenge the recently reintroduced Temporary Protection Visas. Labor's support will be vital if Monday's disallowance motion for debate in the senate is to succeed but, as yet, the party has not indicated how it will vote.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Egypt: Sectarian violence in Minya leaves five dead

Hend Kortam - Dailyn News Egypt

Two separate incidents of sectarian violence in villages in the governorate of Minya on Thursday claimed several lives. One of the incidents took place in the village of Badraman where reports surfaced of a relationship between a Muslim girl and a Coptic boy. Ishak Ibrahim, a researcher with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said the families of the girl and the boy held reconciliatory talks but the talks fell through after “Muslims burnt down the house of the boy’s father and an adjacent house.”

Central Nigeria: Four Christian-dominated villages decimated; dozens killed; Muslim tribe suspected of attacks

Christian Post

About 40 people were killed in coordinated attacks on Monday night in four Christian-dominated villages in the central Nigerian State of Plateau.

Sexualisation of Society

Collective Shout’s list of corporate offenders for 2013

Collective Shout

The festive season is here. You only need to look at the latest shopping centre catalogues, online stores and even your facebook news feed to see that companies are working hard to compete for your Xmas dollar. But lets not forget which of these companies have used sexploitation to flog their products in 2013!

Me, my wife and my live-in girlfriend: Polyamorous couple on sharing their bed with another woman

Sadie Whitelocks - Daily Mail

Kamala Devi and Michael McClure, aged 38 and 49 respectively, swore off monogamy from day one. They have up to a dozen different lovers each - some to themselves and some who they share.


Activists to gay conversion therapists: 'Don't try to fix us'

Global Post

This story is the first in a running series on the global debate about the controversial practice of gay conversion therapy — also known as reparative therapy and sexual reorientation therapy — which has been widely discredited by professional organizations but remains legal in most places. The stories will explore the intersections of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) identities and mental health.

ACT government bill will introduce wider gender identification

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times.

The ACT government has called on the other states and territory to follow its lead in introducing laws to recognise transgender and intersex people in identity documents. A month after the ACT passed historic same-sex marriage legislation, Attorney-General Simon Corbell moved on Thursday to enact the "final piece" in the government's legislative reforms for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people in Canberra.

Christian couple’s sincerity impresses hardened media

The Christian Institute

I thought they were just bigots, wrote one journalist, but Peter and Hazelmary Bull’s sincerity on the BBC made me realise “bigot” was entirely the wrong word. That was the conclusion of one hardened journalist, who does not share the Bulls’ beliefs, but thinks it is a shame they have been taken to court by “equality campaigners”.

Real shame is that one side ends up crushed

Rebecca McQuillan - Herald Scotland

A BBC report had just come on about Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the B&B-owning couple in Cornwall who turned a gay couple away. The Bulls had just lost their Supreme Court appeal against being found guilty of discrimination and the reporter was talking to them outside court. I got ready to roll my eyes. I braced myself for what I expected to be their thinly disguised homophobic views.

'I love you guys': Shark attack victim Zac Young's last words

Alexandra Smith, Manuel Mitternacht - SMH

Grief-stricken teenagers have spoken of the moment their friend Zac Young was attacked by a tiger shark off NSW mid-north coast, as hundreds of mourners gathered to pay tribute to the young surfer in his church and on the water. Zac's father Kevin Young addressed a memorial service at Grace Church in Port Macquarie on Sunday morning, paying tribute to his son who loved the ocean and revealing he had told his friends as they tried to save him: "I love you guys, I love you." Zac was a committed Christian, who was ‘‘fun loving’’ and well-known in the community, his devastated employer at the Youth for Christ organisation, Daryl Carter, said on Saturday.