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Sex sells, but the Advertising Standards Board’s not buying it

Yolanda Redrup - Smart Company

An advertisement by Adelaide-based lingerie brand Innerware has been pulled from television after a complaint was lodged with the Advertising Standards Board. It’s a long-established concept in marketing that “sex sells”, but this latest ad has sparked a debate around just how far advertisers can push the limits of what’s socially acceptable.

Bonds ‘boobs’ campaign demeans women

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

In December 2008, aged 39, Rachael Lonergan was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative breast cancer. The Sydney freelance media strategist spent 2009 in treatment with two operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and more. Lonergan considers herself recovered. ”They never say never, but so far, so good,” she says. But what continues to make her sick is the way women’s breasts are sexualised and objectified by companies who pinkwash their motives by supporting breast cancer charities, especially during October – Breast Awareness Month.


Abbott wants to turn public schools "independent" with principals and parents in charge

Samantha Maiden - News Ltd

Principals and parents will be put in control of public schools under the first rollout of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's schools revolution. Promising to take on the education establishment, including unions and the bureaucracy, Mr Abbott pledged during the election campaign to make public schools "independent", and wants 25 per cent of public schools to make the switch by 2017.


Premier to revive her push to legalise voluntary euthanasia


The Premier has vowed to launch a fresh bid to legalise voluntary euthanasia in Tasmania next year. The latest attempt to pass Australia's first state-based euthanasia laws failed in State Parliament last night.


Depression is hitting aged care residents

Jodie Stephens - The Examiner

More than half of aged care residents have depression, with Tasmanian mental health advocates fearing that many facilities lack the awareness, training and resources to help. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare this week revealed that 52 per cent of Australian aged care residents have symptoms of depression.


When a gay man has coffee with the head of the Christian lobby

Rob Stott - News Ltd

'Hi Rob if you're available, I'd love to catch up for a coffee next time I'm in Sydney'. The message from Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton thudded into my Twitter Direct Message inbox unexpectedly one day. What could Mr Shelton, Australia's leading opponent of letting dudes marry dudes and ladies marry ladies, want with me, an out and proud supporter of marriage equality?

ACT's same-sex marriage bill at risk, law experts say

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

Pro-marriage equality MPs and constitutional law experts have warned the ACT government its same-sex marriage laws could be struck down in the High Court if the bill is not amended.


Pollies pay back $20,000 in claims

Bianca Hall - SMH

Federal politicians have repaid taxpayers more than $20,000 in the three weeks since Fairfax Media first revealed two of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's most high-profile ministers had claimed thousands of dollars in entitlements for attending the wedding of close friend and Sydney shock jock Michael Smith. The revelation sparked controversy over dubious entitlements claims made by politicians, with at least eight vowing to repay the money they had spent on accommodation, attending weddings, book tours and more.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking – sensationalist and unsubstantiated reporting

Africa Check

There is need for real, reliable data to enable the implementation of government policies and the proper allocation of resources to combat genuine cases of human trafficking. NGOs that cry wolf to secure donor funding and newspapers that publish sensational reports without interrogating the figures hurt efforts to combat a real problem.

Sex slaves get chance at life free of abuse

Michaela Whitbourn - SMH

Women trafficked into Australia to work as sex slaves are being given a chance to start a new life thanks to a groundbreaking program giving them access to state-funded compensation.


More obstacles for Syrian refugees arriving in Italian island

Allen Pizzey - CBS News

Desperate to flee the civil war at home, Syrian refugees in ever greater numbers are risking the perilous journey from North Africa to the Italian island of Lampedusa. So far this month, two boats making the trip capsized claiming more than 500 lives. But the troubles don't end for the refugees who do make it to land.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Syria conflict: Christians 'fleeing homes'


A senior Church leader in Syria has said almost a third of the country's Christians have fled their homes. Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III Laham told the BBC that more than 450,000 Christians out of a total population of 1.75 million had been displaced or left the country.

Syrian Christians face difficult decisions as refugee crisis grows

Connor Adams Sheets - Reuters

As Syria's civil war rages on, the conflict's refugee crisis, already one of the worst in the region's troubled history, is escalating madly. As many as two millions Syrians have fled the country; that’s about the same number of people who escaped Iraq in the wake of the war with the U.S., yet Syria’s population is only about two-thirds of its much larger neighbor to the East.

Christians: The ignored Malalas

Chelsen Vicari - Christian Post

Malala Yousafzai survived the Taliban's attack on her life. She rallies for the rights of girl's right to education. She is the youngest Nobel peace prize nominee and the winner of the European Union's prestigious Freedom of Thought award. She is adored by media as she promotes her new autobiography. She is invited for special visits national leaders to discuss terrorism. At the tender age of 16, she is an international hero.

Pentagon denies Christian ‘hate group’ slur

The Christian Institute

The US military has distanced itself from an Army training session which listed a pro-family Christian organisation as a “domestic hate group”. The pentagon said the training session for soldiers did not use official sources of information and does not reflect Army policy. But the group at the centre of the storm, the American Family Association (AFA), says it is likely to sue the military for defamation.

Pakistan, school textbooks teach its okay to kill Christians


The text-books of Pakistani schools pose the killing of Christians as "goal to be sought" that would help the same members of the minority to seek martyrdom for the faith. This is shown by a report published in late September by the Middle East Media Research.

Sexualisation of Society

Nearly one quarter of college students in Britain will get an STD freshman year, a new study finds

Kirsten Andersen - Life Site News

A new survey conducted by hookup website [email protected] revealed that nearly one out of four college students in the UK will contract an STD during freshman year. That figure jumps to 44 percent before graduation, the Huffington Post reports. More than half of those who had contracted a disease could not remember who gave it to them.


‘Cure’ harms budding minds

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

As the ACT Legislative Assembly prepares to debate a same-sex marriage bill, Lisa Cox examines claims a Canberra Christian school counselled gay teens against homosexuality.

Legal action over gay ads on London buses

The Christian Institute

A Christian group is taking legal action against Transport for London (TfL) for repeating a gay ad campaign on buses in disregard of comments from a High Court judge. TfL has allowed a pro-gay ad by campaign group Stonewall to be displayed on buses, but banned an ad which states an alternative view.

Mexican archbishop defends school that refused admission to child with ‘two fathers’

Sofia Vazquez-Mellado - Life Site News

Monterrey’s Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera is defending a local school that is under fire for refusing to admit a child who is being cared for by his biological father and his homosexual partner. In an exclusive interview with, Cabrera stated that schools have a right to protect students from such influences. If a school, “be it or not Catholic, has this as part of its ideology, it is correct for them to proceed in such manner,” he said.