ACL compiles a daily media monitoring service of stories of interest to the Christian constituency relating to children, family, drugs and alcohol, marriage, human rights, religious freedom etc. Visit the ACL’s website each day to see what’s of interest in the news. Please note that selection of the articles does not represent ACL endorsement of the content.


Children & Family

Kids are now the moral police of the household, setting the tone for parents

Lisa Mayoh - The Sunday Telegraph

Children are the new moral guardians of the household. The shift from parents ruling the roost to their pint-sized offspring, can be blamed on better educated youngsters, according to leading children organisations. Kids are now teaching their elders on a variety of issues, from recycling and the environment to not texting while driving and the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Feuding lesbians and two children in limbo

Janet Fife-Yeomans - The Daily Telegraph

A lesbian couple and their sperm donor are fighting over the custody of their two children in a case that has become the new reality for family court proceedings. Same-sex couples, adopted families and children born to surrogate parents have made the traditional definition of parents a tricky legal area, legal experts said. An expert said in a report to the court: "Children can have three parents".

Drugs & Alcohol

Public must have biggest say on liquor laws

Kirsty Needham - SMH

The O'Farrell government didn't want the public to see the changes it made at the behest of the supermarket giants to new liquor promotion guidelines finally released in watered-down form last week.


Police seize cash, drugs, gambling gear in raid on illegal casino found in Abbotsford warehouse


Police have busted an illegal casino operating in a warehouse in inner Melbourne. The officers seized a large amount of cash, gaming tables, gaming chips and other gambling paraphernalia as well as a small amount of cocaine and cannabis.


Panel declares Aboriginal act a 'substantial failure'

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

The NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act was a "substantial failure" with a backlog of claims that would take 57 years to clear, a review of the 30-year-old legislation has found.


In the birthplace of revolution, a French Spring

Robert Hutchinson - Mercator Net

The establishment has been rattled by the vigour and intelligence of opposition to the new law on same-sex marriage. Unlike in the United States, the French opposition to gay marriage has focused like a laser beam on its impact on children.


It's crunch time for Rudd

Daniel Hurst, Dan Harrison - SMH

Detention facilities in Papua New Guinea will be swamped within days if the Rudd government's hardline new asylum seeker policy fails to quickly stem the arrival of 3000 people to Australia by boat each month. The arrival of 837 asylum seekers in the past week alone - bringing the total this year to more than 15,000 - is set against a capacity for only 300 on Manus Island.


PM lurches in bid to right Labor's ship

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Kevin Rudd's deal to banish all asylum-seekers arriving in boats to Papua New Guinea is the political circuit-breaker Labor has needed for years. Tony Abbott had no choice but to endorse the agreement with PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and be positively welcoming.

Numbers don't lie: PNG solution flawed

Daniel Flitton - SMH

By the numbers, shifting the asylum seeker problem to Papua New Guinea simply fails to add up. The nation already has a substantial headache with refugees – about 9000 people have fled across the border from Indonesian West Papua and remain, in the cold parlance of the United Nations, ''in need of durable solutions''. By agreeing to shoulder more of the burden of Australia's asylum arrivals, PNG has multiplied a series of sharp domestic challenges.

Cost no object – Rudd just wants the asylum seekers in someone else’s backyard

Michelle Grattan - The Conversation

Kevin Rudd has pulled out every available stop to persuade voters that he can stop the boats – not immediately, but eventually. The Australian government has spectacularly outsourced its asylum seeker problem. It has effectively agreed to pay whatever is needed to compensate Papua New Guinea for coming to its assistance.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Egypt's Coptic Christians pay price of political tumult

Ahmed Maher - BBC

Khamis had no other choice than to leave his house in the village of Dalga, near the central Egyptian city of Minya. After an arson attack on his cousin's house and the fatal shooting of another relative, he fled into hiding with his wife and six children. He said they had been singled out for no other reason than being Christians.

Eight Iranian Christians sentences to prison

Iran busts Christian prayer meeting and sentences 8 to prison.

Atheists flood the public square

To The Source

Secular liberalism has been engaged in trying to undermine Christian culture in the West for about 500 years. Radical atheism is just its latest form. But Christians are making a monumental mistake if they think the culture can ultimately be reclaimed by any other efforts than their own.

Sexualisation of Society

Australia’s #NextTopPredator

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Fox 8 reality show Australia’s Next Top Model is currently running a competition on social media looking for Australia’s ‘next top selfie’. To enter, young modeling hopefuls are required to post selfies on instagram and twitter, using hashtags #antmselfie and #fox8tv.

Fakebook - Lawmakers puzzle over sexting laws after SA teenage boy posed as a girl and fooled his mates into sending nude photos

Sam Kelton - Herald Sun

A 14-year-old South Australian boy could face a lengthy jail term after he set up a fake Facebook account posing as a girl and invited male friends to send him nude photos. The boy sent hundreds of friend requests posing as an unknown girl, and after gaining their friendship, invited many male friends to send in explicit images.


Is being a scientist compatible with believing in God?

George Virsik - On Line Opinion

Is being a scientist compatible with speaking Hungarian? The answer is provided by pointing to the number of scientists who speak Hungarian. Similarly for being a scientist and believing in God. One does not have to speak Hungarian to accept this fact. The same in the other case. Nevertheless, one may be curious about how these scientists deal with what some atheists see as conflicts or cognitive dissonance.

Archbishop says ‘don’t retreat’

Russell Powell - Sydney Angicans

Archbishop Peter Jensen, in one of his final addresses, has urged Christians to engage in public discussion and “not to be put off by those who say we should stop trying to impose our values on others”.