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Children & Family

Kevin Andrews: seniors and women should be kept in the workforce

The Guardian

Social services minister says wider participation will reduce budget pressure caused by an ageing population.

Mothers losing up to 60pc of income when they return to work, as childcare costs soar: report


New research shows mothers are losing around 60 per cent of their gross income when they return to work, after taking into account childcare costs, loss of government benefits and increases in tax.

Child protection workers failing to cope with workload since Luke Batty's death: whistleblower

Guy Stayner - ABC

The lives of children are being put at risk because Victorian child protection staff cannot cope with ever-increasing workloads, a worker has warned. The whistleblower, who wants to remain anonymous, has a decade of experience in the sector and said caseloads for child protection staff had become unmanageable since Luke Batty, 11, was killed by his father in February.

Drugs & Alcohol

Pope Francis says don't legalise drugs

Haroon Siddique -The Guardian

Pontiff says attempts to legalise recreational drugs are legally questionable and 'fail to produce the desired effects'


Why July 1 cannot come soon enough for Tony Abbott

Michael Gordon - The Age

First impressions are hard to shake. Voters thought the Abbott government’s first budget was unfair the moment they digested it and, almost six weeks on, that judgment hasn’t changed. Despite an improvement in the Coalition primary and two-party preferred vote, the latest Age-Nielsen Poll represents a stunning 6.5 per cent swing against the Coalition since the election.

Labor's 2013 election loss 'self-inflicted', internal review finds

Heath Aston - SMH

The chaotic and disjointed style of Kevin Rudd and his close circle during the 2013 election led to ''one of the most disappointing'' campaigns in Labor's long history, an internal review has found. The 25-page post mortem has identified ''serious difficulties'' in lines of communication between Mr Rudd's travelling party, headed by political adviser and confidant Bruce Hawker, and campaign headquarters in Melbourne, led by campaign director and ALP national secretary George Wright.


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison rejects Labor's calls for increased refugee intake

Karen Barlow - ABC

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has defended the size of Australia's humanitarian refugee program in the light of a record blowout in the number of the world's displaced people.

Paying asylum seekers to return home 'standard practice' for 10 years, Scott Morrison says


Paying asylum seekers who return home voluntarily has been standard practice for more than 10 years, the Federal Government says, amid reports some are being offered as much as $10,000 to return to their country of origin.

Number of forcibly displaced people hits 51 million, highest since WWII: UNHCR


Escalating crises in Syria and parts of Africa have pushed the number of forcibly displaced people to the highest level since World War Two, the United Nations says. United Nation's High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) says it is dealing with multiple refugee crises, making 2013 one of the most challenging years in its history.

Scott Morrison to seek to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas for refugees


The Federal Government will seek to restore Temporary Protection Visas for refugees after the High Court rejected its current policy of restricting the number of permanent visas available.