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Children & Family

Society wedded to fallacies on families

Bettina Arndt - The Australian 

What a revealing tribute marking the fifth season finale of the popular television drama Offspring. Comedian and actor Eddie Perfect, who plays a central role in the drama, recently wrote about how the show has morphed from a sexy exploration of relationships into a celebration of dysfunctional families.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Women 'may fall prey' to birth pay

Natasha Bita - The Australian 

Women on welfare could be pushed into commercial surrogacy to earn cash, lawyers and feminists warned yesterday. Surrogacy Australia wants women to be paid $25,000 to $30,000 — on top of medical ­expenses — to act as surrogate mothers for infertile couples or gay men.

Drugs & Alcohol

AMA cautious on cannabis plan 

John Ferguson - The Australian 

Victorian Labor's gamble to back legalised medical marijuana has received only cautious support from doctors, attracting warnings that more clinical trials are needed before it is used to help the seriously ill.

Sydney lockout laws: Health experts, local businesses at odds six months after new rules introduced

Lucy Carter - ABC

Sydney's CBD lockout laws have reduced the number of violent attacks and injuries, but local businesses are suffering as people head to other areas to enjoy a night out on the town. Six months after the introduction of new liquor licensing laws, which imposed a 1:30am lockout and 3am last-drinks call in some parts of central Sydney, the effects of the crackdown on late-night alcohol consumption were starting to emerge.


Cheers and jeers as ALP debates how to choose its next leader

Sarah Vogler - AAP

Queensland Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has pledged to reverse a raft of government policy changes if Labor can achieve an unlikely win at the next state election. Queensland Labor has just nine MPs in the state’s 89-seat parliament, but has been buoyed by recent polling showing it has a fighting chance at the 2015 poll against an unpopular Liberal National Party government.

Denis Napthine facing electoral wipeout as support crashes: Newspoll

John Ferguson - The Australian 

Denis Napthine's Coalition faces being swept from power as a clear majority of voters reject his government and plunge the Victorian Premier into negative leadership territory for the first time, according to the latest Newspoll.


'Children saved' by detention, says Immigration Minister Scott Morrison

Stefanie Balogh - The Australian 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has conceded that having asylum-seeker children in detention is harmful but it is a consequence of border protections policies that are necessary to prevent children dying at sea.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Churches demand safe haven for Christians

Rachel Baxendale - The Australian 

Middle Eastern Christians in Australia are calling for international action to prevent mass genocide at the hands of Islamic State militants in Syria and Northern Iraq. Said Touma, the Syrian Ortho­dox Church Melbourne Archdeacon, and Joseph Haweil, from the Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation, say simply providing aid was not enough.

Iraqi Christians, Yazidi refugees fleeing Islamic State for Australia may miss out on visas

Norman Hermant - ABC

As hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians and Yazidi refugees flee Islamic State militants, family members living in Australia are hoping to secure special humanitarian visas for their loved ones. But groups representing the communities say the 4,000 places freed up by the Government are far too few.

Rabbi urges Muslims to break silence 

Grant Taylor - The West Australian 

The head of WA's Jewish community has urged Muslim leaders to condemn Islamic extremists publicly, warning that their silence is fuelling "suspicion" of their religion. Chief Rabbi David Freilich joined Christian and Muslim community members in Perth on Friday to sign a petition denouncing the rise of "Islamaphobia" in Australia.