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Children & Family

Alarm over number of family violence repeat offences

Nino Bucci - The Age

An alarming level of family violence repeat offences has sparked calls for tougher sentencing and an overhaul of programs aimed at changing violent behaviour. Police crime statistics show almost one in four people charged with family violence last year had faced similar charges before.

Evidence of trafficking of Indian children for illegal adoption emerges

Rory Callinan - SMH

Fresh evidence of Indian children being trafficked for adoption in Australia has emerged as the Abbott government flagged a boost in inter-country adoptions.

Drugs & Alcohol

Cocktail of steroids, ice and alcohol breeding 'super thugs' behind street violence

Daniel Meers - The Courier Mail

A dealy cocktail of steroids and methamphetamines is behind the spiralling late night violence on Queensland streets, often requiring more than five officers to restrain a single man. Image conscious men are importing steroids from Asia, where anabolic steroid use is legal, and mixing it with methamphetamines like Ice to reduce their weight gain before fuelling it with alcohol and hitting key night spots.


Sex, schools and social suicide

Kevin Ryan - Mercator Net

Over the last three decades, social scientists, educational researchers, and pundits have probed for the reason why educationally the US on the fringe of being a Third World country. In particular, why does the academic achievement of American students begin to fall off during junior high and plummet during the high school years?


Victorian pokie losses creep up after ATM ban

Alana Schetzer - The Age

Anti-pokies campaigners said the ban had delivered only a short-term benefit. Losses on poker machines are rising again, less than a year after spending fell to a seven-year low that the Napthine government credited to its ATM ban.


Dementia, disability and aged care are key challenges, Buttrose warns

The Australian

Ita Buttrose has used her swan song as the outgoing Australian of the Year to urge Australians to respect older people. In her valedictory speech in Canberra today, Ms Buttrose said she had spent the past year campaigning to spark a cultural shift in how we perceive seniors. She urged people and business to rethink their attitudes towards older Australians in the fight against age discrimination.


Australian of Year 2014: Adam Goodes, Sydney Swans footballer, recognised for anti-racism advocacy and youth work


Aboriginal AFL player and anti-racism campaigner Adam Goodes has been named the 2014 Australian of the Year. Prime Minister Tony Abbott presented Goodes with the award at a ceremony on the lawns outside Parliament House attended by a large crowd of dignitaries and fellow award finalists.

Tony Abbott says it is time for indigenous people to be recognised in constitution

Katina Curtis - Daily Telegraph

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is determined that recognising indigenous people in Australia's constitution is a "national crusade'' that should be important to everyone. The case for constitutional recognition is getting a boost from two indigenous advocates winning Australian of the Year awards.


The Bible for secularists

Graham Young - On Line Opinion

It strikes me as bizarre that we mandate knowledge of Indigenous beliefs and customs in all subject areas, when these beliefs and customs have virtually no relevance to contemporary Australian life, yet we completely ignore the Bible and Christian beliefs and customs, which have huge relevance. As church attendance dwindles, it becomes even more important that this knowledge and understanding is transmitted. Otherwise we will become cultural orphans, strangers in our own linguistic landscape, unable to converse in depth with virtually all our cultural forebears. Clarke's central message is that you don't have to be a Christian for the bible to matter, it is a matter of literacy, not religion.

Abetz defends Bernardi: what counts is the argument, not the offence

Herald Sun

Eric Abetz, leader of the Government in the Senate, defends Liberal MP Cory Bernardi from the modern shut-uppers - people who demand important debates be shut down simply because they cause “offence”.