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Children & Family

Two-parent families still favoured in Australia

Cosima Marriner - Sun-Herald

Seven out of 10 Australians believe a child needs to grow up in a home with both a mother and father to be happy, despite growing acceptance of single parents. The latest World Family Map, produced by the US Child Trends research organisation, found Australians were more progressive than Asian and Middle Eastern families but not as liberal as Europeans.

Drugs & Alcohol

Synthetic drugs an all too real danger

Matt Chambers - The Australian

Synthetic drug use by heavy machinery operators is becoming a major concern at the highest levels of resources and freight companies, who struggle to detect the narcotics in their current testing regimes. Santos chief David Knox says the growing prevalence of the branded and packaged synthetic drugs, which can easily be bought on the internet and at some ­tobacconists and tattoo parlours despite recent laws to stop their sale, was alarming.

$34 million to wean Victorian rural addicts off ice

Richard Willingham - The Age

The Napthine government will attempt to tackle the ice epidemic hitting Victoria with $34 million to boost drug and alcohol-support services. The new government money, to be announced in the state budget on May 6 and to be paid over four years, will be targeted at Gippsland, the Grampians and the Hume region as well as outer-metropolitan suburbs.


Abbott breaking another promise on university funding: Labor

The Age

Labor says the government will break another election promise if it pursues plans to open $6 billion of university funding to private sector competition. Labor higher education spokesman Kim Carr said that would mean less money for students of existing institutions, which the government clearly promised it wouldn't do before the election.

Homelessness & Poverty

A rightfully responsible Australia

Conrad Liveris - On Line Opinion

When we claim something as a problem, we should also consider how our own actions play into this. With any right comes a converse responsibility. Many people find it easy to discuss how frustrating or difficult visible homelessness and poverty is. Homelessness should not exist, especially in a country like Australia. We enshrined the idea of boundless plains to share in our national anthem.

Human Rights

Rebel MPs defy Tony Abbott and George Brandis on race hate laws

Jonathan Swan - SMH

Coalition MPs are secretly defying Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis by drafting an alternative proposal for changes to the race hate laws. NSW backbencher David Coleman, who has a law degree, is understood to be drafting the alternative proposal. Supporting him is a rebel group of backbenchers intent on overturning the controversial law changes proposed by Mr Abbott and Senator Brandis. The draft policy – as it currently stands – weakens protections against racial vilification and would allow virtually any racist speech if it is in the course of a "public discussion".

Mike Baird voices doubt on race act 18C 'fix'

Stefanie Balogh & Sarah Elks - The Australian 

NSW Premier Mike Baird has placed himself at odds with the Abbott government’s push to rework racial discrimination laws to remove constraints on free speech, saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’’.


Facebook could bring down the government, says state parliamentary inquiry

Henrietta Cook - The Age

The Victorian Electoral Commission could be asked to beef up its regulation of political tweets, online smear campaigns and Google advertisements as concerns mount about the impact of social media on state election outcomes.

Voting fatigue plagues Upper House election campaign

The Mercury

Unpredictability could be regarded as one of the Tasmanian Upper House’s most endearing features. Many a journalist has been left scratching their heads trying to work out which way the House will vote on particular pieces of legislation.


Manus Island riots: Scott Morrison backs down from guaranteeing safety of asylum seekers in PNG detention 

Geoff Thompson & Karen Michelmore - ABC News 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has backed away from guaranteeing the safety of asylum seekers inside the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre in Papua New Guinea.