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Drugs & Alcohol

Synthetic drugs continue to evolve in Australia as governments try bans, regulation

Elise Worthington - ABC

An emergency room doctor and researcher says prohibition is driving the rate that new synthetic drugs are evolving in Australia. Synthetic drugs or "legal highs" can be packaged as party pills, herbal highs, bath salts or even plant food, but often contain new and untested chemicals designed to mimic the effects of drugs like cannabis, LSD and amphetamines.


Parents using teachers as babysitters

Alexandra Smith - SMH

Parents who cannot secure after-school care or who want to avoid paying the fees are relying on teachers to be defacto babysitters outside school hours, principals and childcare groups have warned.


Philip Nitschke adds nothing to the euthanasia debate

Herald Sun

The suspension of medical practitioner Philip Nitschke should give pause to those who regard this dangerous quack as a hero for the cause of euthanasia. It is doubtful that it will, as Nitschke commands the kind of blind loyalty normally enjoyed by cult leaders.


Giving medical marijuana the green light

Michael Carr-Gregg - SMH

Over the years, my benign view of cannabis began to change. Having moved away from psychosocial oncology into clinical practice as a general adolescent psychologist, it was apparent that adolescent use of cannabis was linked to a range of serious developmental and social problems.


NSW ALP supports gay marriage


NSW Labor has voted to change its rules to support gay marriage. But to cries of "boo" and "shame" from socialist left delegates, the party's state conference rejected a motion that would've called on federal MPs to be forced to vote on party lines in favour of same-sex marriage.

Marriage now gender-neutral in Chambers Dictionary

The Christian Institute

Marriage has been redefined to be gender-neutral in the 13th edition of Chambers Dictionary. The dictionary now describes the institution as, “the ceremony, act or contract by which two people become married to each other”.


Tasmanian ALP leader Bryan Green vows to start afresh in bid for re-election


Tasmania's Opposition Leader has called for fresh policy ideas as the party tries to rebuild and reclaim government. Bryan Green has delivered his first speech as Labor leader to the party's annual conference in Launceston since the ALP was roundly defeated at the March poll.


Dry land at last as asylum-seekers flown to Curtin after a month

Anthony Klan - The Australian

The first group of asylum-seekers to reach the mainland in more than seven months arrived at the Curtin detention centre in Western Australia last night, ending their month-long odyssey on a Customs boat in the Indian Ocean.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Five dead in bombing of Nigerian church

Sky News

At least five people have been killed and eight injured in a bomb attack on a Catholic church in a mainly Christian area of Kano, the largest city in Nigeria's north. The attack came shortly after the end of mass, police spokesman Frank Mba said on Sunday.

Sexualisation of Society

Police warn of sex predator risk with children using apps such as Kik and other social media

Courier Mail

Children as young as seven are using a messaging service deemed by police to be dangerous for them. It comes as a Brisbane man has been arrested after allegedly using the service to force a 12-year-old to take indecent images of herself.