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Children & Family

The facts prove kids do better

George Pell - The Daily Telegraph

Family structures are in the news. The push for same-sex marriage continues and in the campaign against random, indiscriminate violence, against coward punches, the dysfunctional family life of many offenders surfaced briefly. Most of us know wonderful step-parents and single parents, but it is a commonplace that children are generally best served by being with their married birth parents.


Attorney-General could vet billboards

Queensland’s Attorney-General could become the moral arbiter of roadside billboards if advertisers post sexually explicit images. A state parliamentary review into outdoor advertising was set up in April after the Australian Christian Lobby presented the government with a petition demanding a crackdown on sexually explicit images and slogans.

New laws may crack down on sexually explicit billboards

Robyn Ironside - The Courier Mail

Naken men and women draped across massive billboards could soon be branded too hot for Queensland after a State Parliament committee recommended a tougher approach to sexually explicit outdoor advertising.

Archbishop Philip Wilson asks Premier Jay Weatherill to cut controversial Come Heckle Christ show from Adelaide Fringe Festival

Callie Watson - The Advertiser

The head of South Australia's Catholic Church has asked Premier Jay Weatherill to cancel a "blasphemous" Adelaide Fringe show that encourages the audience to "heckle Jesus Christ".


Power goes back to parents as federal government unveils a $70 million plan to undermine union influence in state schools

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

The Abbott government will today launch a major offensive against trade union power in the state education system with a $70 million scheme to establish independent public schools across the state. The plan, which aims to get 25 per cent - or about 1500 - of government schools on board nationally over the next three years, will give principals more control over key areas such as staffing and budgets and reduce the power of teacher unions.

Leave sex lessons to straight teachers, writes Pyne's reviewer

Gareth Hutchens - The Age

Kevin Donnelly, chosen to review the national school curriculum, says many parents believe the sexual practices of gays, lesbians and transgender individuals are ''decidedly unnatural'' and has questioned whether students ought to learn about such relationships at school.

Homelessness & Poverty

Bill Gates issues a clarion call to eliminate global poverty

Andrew Carswell - The Daily Telegraph

It is a list that conjures heartache. It speaks of gut-wrenching poverty, of a perpetual and undignified fight for survival. The list is of 36 countries: some condemned by a succession of political failure or hamstrung by rabid corruption; some just too poor to consider even a glint of a bright future.


Curfews for kids to battle truancy

Patricia Katvelas - The Australian

Indigenous communities should consider imposing curfews on children to ensure they are asleep early enough to get up for school, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion says, as he moves to strengthen the government's crackdown on truancy. Senator Scullion has written to each of the federally funded night patrol services operating in 81 Northern Territory communities, demanding they round up children who are out late on school nights and take them home.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Amnesty condemned for plans to decriminalise pimps and brothel owners, ignoring experiences of abused exited women

Jennifer Kim - Melinda Tankard Reist blog

This leaked Amnesty International proposal advocating for the full decriminalization of all aspects of prostitution violates the basic human rights and dignities of prostituted individuals. The proposal denies the inextricable link between prostitution and exploitation, violence, and trafficking. Amnesty International’s priority here is to push for new legal “rights” for buyers of sex over protecting the basic human rights of “sex workers,” which are breached globally every day.


Republican cause takes heavy knock in poll

Bianca Hall - The Age

Support for an Australian republic has collapsed to a 20-year low, with just 39.4 per cent of Australians saying they support a republic. Support was lowest among older Australians and Generation Y voters, with people aged 35 to 65 most supportive of abandoning the monarchy.