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US abortion clinics closing at an ‘incredibly dramatic’ rate

Xavier Symons - Bio Edge

With the introduction of radical new abortion restrictions in the US, abortion clinics have been closing at a record rate. As Bloomberg reports, at least 58 US clinics – 10% of the total – have shut down or stopped providing the procedure since 2011. Clinics are struggling to adhere to strict new regulations for operating rooms and medical equipment.

How can procuring female infanticide not be a prosecutable offence?

Archbishop Cranmer blog

Last year, the Daily Telegraph carried out an investigation into the abortion practices of certain doctors in certain clinics, and its findings were alarming. Not only were some medical professionals consenting to terminate pregnancies because the developing baby was female; they were pre-signing abortion forms in order to avoid the inconvenience of troubling two of them with having to conduct full medical examinations of the women concerned. One of the doctors consented to terminate a baby girl, even using the term ‘female infanticide’. Astonishingly, another said it was not her job to ask questions.


Feminist launches attack on the pill

Michael Cook - Bio Edge

Female genital mutilation, abortion, egg harvesting and surrogacy are all practices which have bioethicists arguing vehemently on both sides. But the most common practice of all, controlling fertility with the contraceptive pill, is seldom discussed outside of some religious circles. Now it is coming in for some feminist blowback.

Children & Family

Unmarried mothers to be in majority in Queensland by 2027

Jackie Sinnerton - News Ltd

By the year 2027 there will be more unmarried mothers in Queensland than married. Wendy Francis who is Queensland director of the Australian Christian Lobby is disappointed by the emerging trend and is worried about the future generations.

Why 'traditional' family will be overtaken by next year

Cosima Marriner - Bay Post

A same sex couple has successfully demanded that a church registers both partners as the “mother” on its official baptism register, despite being told by the vicar that the practice was potentially illegal.


How Should Christians Use Social Media?

Michelle Lazurek - Charisma News

We all need to belong. From tweeting your latest accomplishment on Twitter to the local library’s book clubs, everyone wants to belong to something, somewhere.

Drugs & Alcohol

Drug raids on 12 properties

Ben McKay - The Examiner

Around 180 Tasmanian and federal police were involved in a co-ordinated swoop on 12 properties early yesterday morning as part of a long- running drug operation. Earlier yesterday, Detective Inspector Glenn Lathey said only cannabis, steroids and prescription drugs were found, but by 5pm he confirmed "a quantity of methamphetamine, cannabis and three small- calibre unregistered firearms" were unearthed, all which were seized.


Euthanased patients a new source of organ donations in Belgium

Xavier Symons - Bio Edge

With a shortage of organ donors in Europe, Belgian doctors have a novel solution: patients with unbearable suffering donate their organs after voluntary euthanasia. This suggestion was put forward at the 21st Conference for General Thoracic Surgery in Birmingham, England, in May.


Senior public servant Anne Dalton jailed for fraud which fed her gambling addiction

Loukas Founten - ABC

A former senior public servant has been jailed for stealing more than $100,000 to feed her gambling addiction.

Human Rights

World heeds pope's call for Syria prayers


Pope Francis prepared to host a vigil for peace in Syria on Saturday as Catholics worldwide were joined by other Christians, Jews and Muslims for a day of fasting and prayer.


Nova Peris becomes first indigenous female MP


Former Olympian Nova Peris has become the first Aboriginal woman elected to Australia's national parliament, a welcome achievement for the centre-left Labor Party which lost power in the polls.


Kevin Rudd rests case on gay marriage

Dennis Shanahan and Paul Kelly - The Australian

Kevin Rudd has returned to a passionate defence and advocacy for same-sex marriage, defending his own Christian beliefs and refusing to apologise for rounding on a pastor on national television who had "cherry-picked" the Bible. "It was not simply a question about policy but about my fundamental qualifications to be called a Christian," the Prime Minister said yesterday.

Pastor who criticized Australian PM for gay marriage approval 'overwhelmed by support'

Stoyan Zaimov - Christian Post

The Australian pastor who called out Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for his support of gay marriage at a Q&A session earlier this week has said that he has been "overwhelmed by support" for his stance, which has thrust him in the national spotlight. "I have been overwhelmed with emails of support! 95% Positive! I've had them from all over Oz, NZ, USA, Canada etc. The clip with Kevin on Q & A has had over 900,000 views," Pastor Matt Prater of New Hope Church in Brisbane revealed in a Facebook post on Thursday.


Minor parties to play key role in Senate make-up

Monique Ross - ABC

New minor parties appear set to play a key role in the Senate, with billionaire Clive Palmer's party likely to pick up two spots, in Queensland and Tasmania, and a party for motoring enthusiasts on track to win a seat in Victoria. Vote counting for the Senate is continuing and preference deals mean even a tiny percentage of the popular vote can influence the outcome.

Same-sex marriage not a vote winner

Katherine Spackman - International

The Australian Christian Lobby congratulates the Coalition on its election win and says it demonstrates that despite the incredibly high profile during the campaign of same-sex marriage, it was not a vote winner for Labor. “It is clear that changing the definition of marriage is not something that defined the way Australians voted despite Labor’s high-profile campaigning on it and strong support for it in the media,” ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said.

Same-sex lobbyist cheers new order

The Australian

The number of federal MPs who support gay marriage has increased, according to the marriage equality movement, which says that despite the Coalition election win more MPs are prepared to now vote for the change. But the Australian Christian Lobby says the Coalition win shows same-sex marriage was not a vote winner for Labor.

Seselja making ground in race for Senate seat

Ross Peake - The Canberra Times

Liberal Zed Seselja has an increased chance of winning the ACT’s second Senate spot after further counting of votes on Sunday. But the Greens believe counting later in the week of below-the-line votes will strongly favour Simon Sheikh.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

‘Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18?

Max Fisher - Washington Post

When young girls are sold into marriage, as 38,000 are every day, they can expect a life with no education and few opportunities, little public autonomy outside of their adult husband’s control and an increased risk of death from pregnancy or childbirth, which are the number one killer of girls age 15 to 18 in the developing world. One in seven girls born in the developing world is married by age 15, usually sold by her family.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

In South Egypt, Islamists take over a town


The Coptic Orthodox priest would only talk to his visitor after hiding from the watchful eyes of the bearded Muslim outside, who sported a pistol bulging from under his robe. So Father Yoannis moved behind a wall in the charred skeleton of an ancient monastery to describe how it was torched by Islamists and then looted when they took over this southern Egyptian town following the ouster of the country's president.

Syria: Islamist rebels attacking Christian town enter man’s home, ‘They tried to force him to convert to Islam’

Ruth Sherlock and Magdy Samaan - Mid Night Watcher

The fighting raged through the picturesque mountain village of Maaloula, near Damascus, on Thursday, as the regime launched a counter-attack against the rebels. ‘They entered the main square and smashed a statue of the Virgin Mary,’ said one resident of the area, speaking by phone and too frightened to give his name. ‘They shelled us from the nearby mountain. Two shells hit the St Thecla convent.’

Same sex couple pushes church to register two mums on baptism register

Christian Concern

The number of couples without children will overtake the number of traditional nuclear families for the first time next year, as couples increasingly delay having babies and the general population ages. Social researcher Mark McCrindle described it as a changing of the generational guard with implications for housing, work participation and service expectations.

Sexualisation of Society

Pornography: The new normal

Carl Trueman - Reformation 21

I was fascinated by the reactions last week to the British government's intention of making British customers positively "opt in" to allowing pornography to be part of their internet package. The idea is ostensibly to protect children from seeing images which may prove harmful.

Sexualisation is all in a day’s twerk for some pop stars

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

In the pornified music world populated by churned-out female pop stars pumping and grinding to a sexualised script, cavorting semi-naked and presented as sexually insatiable, we see Miley Cyrus simulating sex acts while denuded of real sexuality.