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Stand-alone abortion clinic at Midland Health Campus 'not costed', WA Health Department reveals

Stephanie Dalzell - ABC

WA's Health Department has revealed it has encountered "significant issues" in developing a stand-alone clinic for women seeking abortions at the new Midland Health Campus.


Advertising watchdog upholds complaints about “highly s-xualised” ads from Mardi Gras, Universal Studios

Smart Company

The Advertising Standards Bureau has upheld complaints about two advertisements from the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival and Universal Studios, which it found to be “highly sexualised” and depicting “inappropriate” sexual acts.

Menulog parody of Da Vinci’s last supper cleared of denigrating Christanity


Complaints suggesting Menulog’s commercial which parodied Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper vilified and denigrated Christianity have been dismissed by the ad watchdog.


Home truths: Christian home schoolers want more consultation

Madeleine Koo - Eternity Newspaper

Christians who home school their children want the NSW government to cut red tape, end discrimination and protect their freedom to educate their children. A recently-announced Upper House inquiry will be the first broad-ranging look at home schooling in the state’s history. The increasing numbers of Christians choosing to opt out of the school system are making sure their voices are heard by MPs. The hearings for the inquiry will start tomorrow today.


Our most profitable gambling venues are the most harmful

Francis Markham - The Conversation

The more money spent per capita on pokies in a venue, the higher the rate of gambling problems in that venue. This is the straightforward conclusion of our research recently published in the journal Addiction. The finding is important because it confirms the proposition that any move that increases gambling losses is likely to be at the expense of the public good.

Homelessness & Poverty

Wollongong women's refuge staff wait to hear their fate

Antony Field - Illawarra Mercury

Fifteen staff at Wollongong Women’s Refuge face an uncertain future as they wait to find out whether their tender for state government funding will be successful. The government is reforming specialist homelessness services (SHS) under its Going Home Staying Home policy, which it says will make services easier to access and deliver a better balance between early intervention, crisis and post-crisis support.


Rogue MP Geoff Shaw suspended from Parliament

Richard Willingham, Henrietta Cook, Josh Gordon - The Age

Geoff Shaw has been suspended from the Victorian Parliament after former Speaker Ken Smith rejected Labor’s push to expel the independent MP for misusing his taxpayer-funded car.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Dateline reporter Amos Roberts explores the booming mega brothel business in Germany

News Ltd

There are floors and floors of women; some wear nothing, others very little. Men in groups can be seen wandering the corridors of mega brothels, some of which offer unlimited sex for a flat rate as little as 99 euros.


Salvation Army says Scott Morrison misled media over Manus riots


The Salvation Army has accused the Abbott government of misleading the media over the death of asylum-seeker Reza Barati during violent riots on Manus Island. Witness testimony included in a review of the riots at the Papua New Guinea detention centre pinpointed a local Salvation Army worker as leading the brutal attack on the 24-year-old.


Gauging the morality of your consumer behaviour

Kristian Silva - Brisbane Times

What’s worse? Downloading your favourite TV show illegally or returning a t-shirt you have actually worn back to a shop? Is fare evading as bad as telling your insurance company you had something stolen when you really lost it? A Queensland University of Technology researcher has embarked on a study to discover how Australian consumers rank acceptable, questionable, and unacceptable behaviour.