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Abortion will hinder rise of China and India: Pell

Peter Jean – The Age

Sydney's Catholic Archbishop has questioned whether the gender imbalance caused by the selective abortion of female foetuses could hinder the rise to affluence of China and India.


Genetic test could predict the risk of autism in infants

Kate Hagan – The Age

A genetic test to predict a baby's risk of developing autism has been developed by Melbourne researchers, paving the way for earlier intervention to improve behaviour and functioning.

Charities & NFP

Coalition takes aim at charities regulator

Dan Harrison – SMH

The Coalition will oppose the Gillard government's proposed charities regulator and dismantle it if elected.

Children & Family

Parents of autistic children start new independent Treetop Autism Specific School in South Australia

Tom Bowden – AdelaideNow

Parents of autistic children have been forced to create a school to cater for their special needs, because South Australia is the only state without a specialised education facility for students with the developmental disability.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Paid surrogacy ‘should be decriminalised’

Lema Semandar – Herald Sun

A huge demand in Australia for commercial surrogacy should prompt NSW, Queensland and the ACT to make it legal, advocates say.

Drugs & Alcohol

Death and overdoses blamed on emerging drugs

ABC Online

Police say two emerging drugs have resulted in a death and two overdoses in the mid-north of South Australia.


Opposition obtains struggling schools watch list

Nick Harmsen – ABC Online

There are 28 South Australian public schools with significant financial problems and management shortfalls which the Education Department believes may affect teaching and learning.

Merged uni to break down the barriers

John Ross – The Australian

Central Queensland's forthcoming dual-sector university will mark "the end of educational apartheid", with tertiary students at all levels dipping into education on a needs basis, according to its presumptive leader.


Dutch demand answers over limits on super-trawler

Verity Edwards & Milanda Rout – The Australian

The Netherlands has insisted the Gillard government explain its decision to bow to a pressure group-led campaign and effectively ban a Dutch-Australian super-trawler from fishing in Australian waters for two years.


Church groups at odds with Coalition on gambling curbs

Richard Willingham – SMH

Church groups that support poker machine reform have turned on the Coalition for blocking plans designed to curb problem gambling, despite proposals reflecting opposition policy.

Human Rights

Disability advocates allege epidemic of abuse in care

Hamish Fitzsimmons – ABC Online

Disability rights advocates are calling for a royal commission into widespread allegations of abuse of disabled people living in care.


Too late for Indigenous referendum, Opposition says

Simon Cullen & Anna Henderson – ABC Online

The Opposition has given up on the prospect of holding a referendum to recognise Aboriginal people in the constitution before next year's election


PM embarrassed Church over gay marriage, says Archbishop

The Christian Institute

Rowan Williams has criticised David Cameron for the “embarrassment” he has caused the Church over same-sex marriage.

Truth a victim in unholy row

Adam Cresswell – The Australian

General practitioner Shiva Rayar believes there may be some truth to the notion that gay people don't live as long as the broader community, though not for the reasons that some of the country's more outspoken religious figures seem to think.


Rudd’s voice ‘won’t be silenced’

Michelle Grattan – The Age

Kevin Rudd has declared that he has ''a responsibility'' to get out and argue the case against Tony Abbott, in a wide-ranging interview that will be seen by colleagues as a new push against Julia Gillard's leadership.

Government hides laundry list of wacko Greens policies

Joe Hockey – The Punch

There is some deserved and overdue scrutiny of the Greens going on right now and it is appropriate the spotlight searches further. This is about a political party that prides itself on transparency, yet offers none when it comes to its own workings.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

‘Blasphemy girl’ fears for life after threats in Pakistan

Herald Sun

A Christian family and their daughter, who was bailed after spending three weeks in a Pakistan jail on blasphemy charges, fear for their lives despite government promises to protect them.


Nauru asylum seeker processing laws pass the Senate

Herald Sun

Federal parliament has approved the reopening of an offshore processing centre on the Pacific island of Nauru for asylum seekers who reach Australia by boat.

Labor silent on legal rights for asylum-seekers

Paul Maley & Paige Taylor – The Australian

The government is refusing to say what rights asylum-seekers transferred to Nauru will enjoy as it emerged Australia expects it will have no legal responsibility whatsoever for boatpeople processed under its reborn Pacific Solution.

Sexualisation of Society

Silence on sexuality is failing our children

Jane Fynes-Clinton – The Courier-Mail

Who would have thought that in 2012, there would be debate on whether little children should be taught the real names of their "private places"?