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Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Baby Gammy case: Thailand's ruling military considers draft law banning commercial surrogacy

Samantha Hawley - ABC

Thailand's ruling military is considering draft laws to ban commercial surrogacy, creating uncertainty for Australians who already have pregnant surrogates in the country.

Review into surrogacy in Western Australia almost complete

Aleisha Orr - WA Today

A review of Western Australia’s Surrogacy Act is expected to be completed by the end of next month. Alyssa Hayden, Parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Health told Parliament on Tuesday that a review of the Act was expected to be complete by September 30 and tabled in Parliament in October.

It sounds scary, but renting a womb makes sense

Julie Szego - The Age

It has long struck me as curious that the triumphant advance of the free market in this country stops at our nether regions. Or to be more precise, at women’s nether regions. It has been on my mind through every shocking and perverse twist in the baby Gammy case and each time surrogacy advocates push for a meaningful debate about introducing commercial surrogacy in Australia.

Gammy a defective product, to be disposed of at will

Miranda Devine - Daily Telegraph

I guess you can’t expect much from a convicted child sex offender. But David Farnell, the infamous biological father of surrogate baby Gammy, couldn’t have been more repulsive in his blubbering 60 Minutes interview Sunday night. He and his bizarrely silent Chinese-born wife Wendy were trying to refute claims they abandoned the Down syndrome boy to his surrogate mother, Pattaramon Chanbua, in Thailand seven months ago, while taking his healthy twin sister Pipah home to WA.

Human Rights

Anglican praise for anti-slavery measures


Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest's efforts to end slavery have drawn praise from the global head of the Anglican Church. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said Mr Forrest's Walk Free Foundation was a key part of a worldwide fight to free up to 30 million slaves. He said the church was backing a bill in the British Parliament that would require companies to make sure no slave labour was used in the production of their products.

18C used to sue Mike Carlton for racial vilification

Sharri Markson - The Australian

The controversial 18C provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act will be used in a complaint against The Sydney Morning Herald over its anti-­Semitic cartoon and the accompanying article by former columnist, Mike Carlton. A Sydney engineer, Wayne Karlen, 60, has lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission ­arguing the publication of the cartoon and column caused offence to Australian Jews.

Call to Christians: stand up and be counted

Pia Akerman - The Australian

With the global head of the Anglican Church by his side, Australia’s new Anglican Primate Philip Freier yesterday recounted how he came to the flock via Cape York and Gandhi.


Forrest report the way to go

Dick Smith - The Australian

Andrew Forrest’s report on Australia’s indigenous policies is a disturbing document. The scale of our collective failure is laid bare in all its awful detail. Billions of dollars have failed to deliver anything close to acceptable levels of Aboriginal health, education or employment.


Anglicans walk same line on gay marriage

News Ltd

The Anglican Church will continue to walk the line between scripture and community attitudes on same sex marriage, the new head of the Australian church says. The new Anglican primate, the head of the church in Australia, says the church is not advocating for changes to the marriage act.

Overseas Aid

Australia should help Iraq's besieged Christians
(mentions ACL)

John Morrissey - News Weekly

In what is emerging as one of the worst atrocities of the civil war in Iraq, jihadists from the Islamic State (IS) who captured control of the city of Mosul, about 300 km north of the capital, Baghdad, in June, have murdered many of the city’s Christian minority and forced the rest to flee.

Govt talks down troops into Iraq

Paul Osborne - SMH

The federal government is talking down the prospect of sending in troops to Iraq after Prime Minister Tony Abbott declined to rule it out. Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek said Australia could afford to provide more humanitarian and development aid to Iraq.


Childcare boost faces Senate veto

David Crowe - The Australian

The federal government is facing another veto on major policy as senators warn against boosting childcare funding as part of any overhaul of Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme, adding to frustrations over the budget. The government is being warned against the childcare boost as it considers a family-friendly package that could overcome Senate objections to the parental leave scheme, highlighting the difficulty of turning the Prime Minister’s signature policy into law.

Greens debate a new moniker

Stefanie Balogh - The Australian

Would they become the Australian Progressive Party, the Watermelons, the Earthians, or perhaps The No Longer Just Tree Huggers Party Party? The Australian Greens are being asked to consider whether they should change their name in the pursuit of votes, effectively de-Greening themselves to better promote their progressive values and erase perceptions the party is too narrow cast as an ­environmental movement.


Door open to 4000 fleeing Islamic State

Brendan Nicholson - The Australian

Up to 4000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and members of other minorities fleeing persecution by Islamic State terrorists will be ­offered sanctuary in Australia by the Abbott government.

Anglican leaders call on Australian Government to give asylum to Iraqi Christians


Leaders of the Anglican church have condemned the deteriorating situation in northern Iraq, and called on the Abbott Government to provide asylum for Christians under attack in the country.

No economic upgrades for refugees, says Scott Morrison

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Scott Morrison has declared Australia will work to find a “safe haven” for asylum-seekers held on Nauru and PNG who are found to be refugees but will not give “economic upgrades”.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

100 massacred in Christian town in Nigeria

Morning Star News

After weeks of sacking villages and destroying church buildings around Nigeria's northeastern town of Gwoza, Islamic extremist group Boko Haram on Wednesday (Aug. 6) killed an estimated 100 people in the predominantly Christian town, sources said.