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Children & Family

Budget 2014: Tony Abbott's signature paid parental leave scheme gets little mention

Alexandra Kirk - ABC

The Prime Minister's paid parental leave scheme has received little attention in the federal budget papers. Tony Abbott recently pared his signature scheme back so the maximum payment for six months would be $50,000, but the policy only appeared in one paragraph in Tuesday night's budget.


Education union blasts $245m budget funding for school chaplains

Daniella Miletic - SMH

The almost quarter of a billion dollars put aside for the controversial school chaplaincy program in this week’s federal budget is "completely misdirected" and should instead be used to address the needs of students with disabilities, according to the Australian Education Union.


Being ignored on Facebook can lower self-esteem

Mahesh Sharma - The Canberra Times

That disarming feeling some people get when no one likes their post or photo on Facebook is not imaginary. A new study has found rejection on social media, even if unintended, can lower self-esteem and affect our sense of belonging.


Indigenous affairs have taken some of the most savage budget cuts

Darren Mara - SBS

Before his election last September, Tony Abbott claimed he'd be a Prime Minister for Indigenous affairs. But in his government's first budget, Indigenous affairs have taken some of the most savage cuts.


NZ Anglican Church may bless gay couples


The Anglican Church's ruling body for New Zealand and Polynesia has decided to find ways to bless same-sex relationships, possibly leading to ordination of openly gay priests and gay weddings in the church.

Overseas Aid

Slashing foreign aid reflects poorly on Australia

Tim Costello - ABC

Those living in extreme poverty will bear the brunt of these budget savings. We can only hope Australia's standing as a good global citizen hasn't been irreparably undermined, writes Tim Costello.

Nationals debate heats up on surplus produce for foreign aid

Cimara Doutre - The Weekly Times

The Nationals are divided over a proposal to send surplus agricultural produce overseas as part of Australia’s foreign aid budget. Key Nationals David O’Brien and Hugh Delahunty have pledged their support but other members, including Mallee MP Andrew Broad, said the plan would not work.


Federal and state governments on GST collision course

James Massola - The Age

The states are on a collision course with the Abbott government over $80 billion in cuts to health and education, with Victoria, NSW and Queensland demanding an emergency meeting and NSW Premier Mike Baird labeling the federal budget a "kick in the guts".

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

The purchase of sex

Neil Johnson - UCB News

ACL's Wendy Francis spoke this week to Neil Johnson from UCB News about decriminalising prostitution in Australia. Wendy recently travelled to Sweden to investigate the country's prostitution laws which criminalise the purchase of sex, targeting the buyer.


Detention centre services on mainland to be provided by states and territories

Paul Farrell and Oliver Laughland - The Guardian

Deal will transfer to states healthcare, education and policing services previously provided by private contractors