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Children & Family

Let’s adopt a more sensible approach to kids in care

Jeremy Sammut - The Australian

Prime Minister Tony Abbott wants to make it easier for Australian parents to adopt children. In May, a Council of Australian Governments meeting will consider a report by an interdepartmental committee on ways to take adoption out of the too-hard basket.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol fuelled violence

Rod Quinn - ABC

How effective have the new lock-out laws in NSW been in reducing the rate of alcohol fuelled violence? Has it put a stop to what seems like an epidemic of drug and alcohol-fuelled violence?

Recreational pot use harmful to young people’s brains

Randye Hoder - Time

A new study from medical researchers at Harvard and Northwestern shows that 18- to 25-year-olds who smoke marijuana—even just recreationally!—had marked abnormalities in areas of their brains that regulate emotion and motivation

Human Rights

Christian camp loses discrimination appeal bid over same-sex youth group

Rachel Baxendale - The Australian

The manager of a Christian youth camp which refused a booking from a suicide prevention group for same-sex-attracted youth has been granted leave to appeal a finding of discriminatory conduct in the Victorian Court of Appeal, despite a discrimination complaint against his employer being upheld. In 2010 the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal fined Christian Brethren-owned Christian Youth Camps $5000 for discriminating against Cobaw Community Health Services in refusing to allow its Phillip Island Adventure Resort to be used for a weekend “Way Out” camp for 60 rural same-sex-attracted youth and 12 support workers in June 2007.

Overseas Aid

Fury over the £3bn Britain spends on foreign aid to groups who waste it (and it's been handed out despite MPs being told of the misuse)

Daniel Martin - Daily Mail

Ministers have handed out billions in foreign aid even after being told that much of it is being wasted, it can be revealed. Since the election, the Department for International Development (DfID) has given £3.3?billion to 12 organisations that offer ‘poor’ or ‘average’ value for money.


Barry O’Farrell’s journey from huge victory to bizarre downfall

Mark Coultan - The Australian

The resignation of NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell is one of the most bizarre and dramatic downfalls in recent Australian politics. In 2011 he won the largest election victory in NSW political history on the back of a tired, chaotic and corrupt Labor government.

Pratt slams WA Labor, Bullock

The West Australian

Labor Senator Louise Pratt has conceded defeat in the re-run WA Senate election and launched a scathing attack on her running mate Joe Bullock and the WA Labor Party. Senator Pratt, an openly gay woman from Labor's Left, lost the top spot on the ALP ticket a year ago when the left-wing United Voice union backed Mr Bullock, secretary of the right-wing shop assistants' union.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Islamists kidnap 100 schoolgirls who face living hell as sex slaves

New York Post

Heavily armed Islamic extremists abducted at least 100 female students from a school in northeast Nigeria before dawn Tuesday, but some of the teens managed to escape from the back of an open truck, officials said. The tragedy came one day after a bombing killed more than 70 people in the city of Abuja.


Reprieve for 26 Australian-born babies and their asylum seeker families

Kate Hagan and Jane Lee - The Age

The immigration department has provided an undertaking not to send 26 Australian-born babies or their immediate family members to offshore detention, pending the outcome of a court case to determine their legal status.


Screenagers face troubling addictions from an early age


One can only imagine the mental state of young people when a universe of information, temptations and perils can be carried around in their pocket. While it’s obvious that internet-use carries huge advantages for young people, they also need to be educated about the dangers before addictions develop.