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Abortion patients sue clinic for passing on hep C

Sophie Gosper – The Australian

FIFTY women who contracted hepatitis C after having abortions at a Melbourne clinic yesterday launched a class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

It is believed to be the first time a personal injury class action has been lodged against a medical practitioner regulator in Australia.


Call for action on Euthanasia

Lisa Cox, SMH.

When he talks about euthanasia, Professor Bob Douglas borrows a line from a former health minister by saying it's an issue that has politicians ''hiding under their desks''. Studies have shown that the number of Australians who support voluntary euthanasia is greater than the number that oppose it.


Grandparents doing their share of Child minding

Rachel Wells, SMH

MORE Australian children are being cared for by their grandparents than by formal childcare providers, such as long day care, according to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The figures show that while half of all Australian children under 12 received childcare of some form last year, just 24 per cent were in formal care, compared with 26 per cent who were cared for by their grandparents.


New Approach to Gambling

Daniel Hamilton, ABC Online

For ten years Julia Karpathakis gambled on the pokies, but instead of a jackpot payout all she won was a bag loneliness, while she lost everything from her life savings, family and friends, to her self esteem and sense of morality. The decade long struggle ended when Julia reached out for support and became educated on the design of gambling and the realisation she would never beat a system designed to always profit the house.

TV Stations turn backs on Anti pokies' adverts

9 News

Anti-pokies crusaders have turned to SBS and cinemas to air an advertisement highlighting the ownership of gambling machines by supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.The major television networks have refused to air the advertisement, GetUp spokesman Simon Sheikh says. "So far every (commercial) network has refused to run it," Mr Sheikh said.


Same Sex Marriage seals Obama's fate as one term President

Mike McManus, The Baltimore Sun

Barack Obama made himself a one-term president last week by telling ABC, "I think that same-sex couples should be able to get married." Up till now, he was politically savvy, saying his position was "evolving." But in repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, he revealed to sophisticates where he stood. Another clear signal was Mr. Obama's refusal to allow the Justice Department to defend

Barack Obama's same-sex nod splits black vote

Brad Norington, Washington correspondent- The Australian

BARACK Obama is struggling to persuade black religious leaders to support his endorsement of same-sex marriage, raising White House concerns about the enthusiasm of African-Americans for his re-election this year.

Among the fiercest critics of the US President's stand on gay marriage announced last week are African-American preachers with considerable influence over their congregations.

Human Rights Commission member pressured into resigning after supporting traditional marriage

Jason Rushton,

A board member of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) has resigned less than 48 hours after Australian media reported that he had signed a document supporting true marriage.

Professor Kuruvilla George, who is also Victoria’s deputy chief psychiatrist, signed a pro-marriage submission to a Senate inquiry on the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010 in March. (There are currently three bills to change the legal definition of marriage before Australian parliament, which are the subject of two separate inquiries).

Hypocrites harm gay couples

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun

CONTRAST. In March, Australia's Human Rights Commission boasted it had entered a float in Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in "its campaign to allow same-sex marriage".

No fuss.

Last week, a board member of Victoria's Equal Opportunity Commission signed a petition "to oppose moves to 'same-sex marriage' ".

This time: screams, protests, outraged media and a resignation.

DJs backs same-sex marriage

Sophie Morris – The Financial Review

The chief executive of retailing giant David Jones, Paul Zahra, has urged federal MPs to back legal changes that would recognise same-sex unions.

“I think the current ban on same-sex marriage is sending a message that it’s OK to treat gay people differently,” Mr Zahra told The Australian Financial Review. “We value all of our staff and customers and treat them all equally and we’d like to see the federal government do the same thing and change the legislation,” he?said.


Govt program to tackle homophobia in ACT sport

Chris Wilson – Canberra Times

The ACT government has chosen International Day Against Homophobia to launch a $272,000 program designed to combat harassment, bullying and homophobia in Canberra sport.

ACT Sports Minister Andrew Barr will today unveil the program, which will include a full-time project officer and two years' funding.

Thompson cleared on election spending

Weekly Times Now

FEDERAL MP Craig Thomson has been cleared of electoral law breaches. But the Australian Electoral Commission has sought further information about $17,000 in spending by the union he formerly headed. As the AEC report was released, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Labor frontbencher Simon Crean raised doubts about the NSW MP's prospects of running again for the ALP at the 2013 election.

Kelty rebukes Labor over union woes

ABC Online

Union stalwart Bill Kelty has issued a reality check to the Labor Party, saying the hope and trust the Australian people once had in it has diminished. The wake-up call comes as both the union movement and Prime Minister Julia Gillard try to deal with the damaging fallout from the Health Services Union (HSU) scandal, which has seen Craig Thomson - a former HSU official and now federal MP - accused of spending union members' money on prostitutes.