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Greens launch push to decriminalise abortion in NSW

Amy Corderoy - Newcastle Herald

Abortion would be decriminalised in NSW under a proposal to be put forward by the Greens and welcomed by health groups and advocates, who say NSW has some of the most restrictive laws in Australia.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy: Is is really so bad? Confessions of a surrogate mother

New York Post

When surrogate mum Jessica Szalacinski told her tween son she was planning to have a baby for a male couple in New York City, he refused to speak to her for three whole days.


Anti-gay chaplains driving children to self-harm, says outgoing Labor Senator Louise Pratt

Matthew Knott - The Age

Outgoing Labor Senator Louise Pratt has used one of her final parliamentary speeches to call for the abolition of the school chaplaincy program, saying it is harming vulnerable gay and lesbian children.

Google Apps for Education mining data to develop targeted ads, experts warn

Tracy Bowden - ABC

Cyber privacy consultants are warning that data generated on computers in classrooms across Australia is being used by internet giants like Google to develop profiles for targeted advertising.

Homelessness & Poverty

Unexpectedly homeless in Melbourne

Tessa van der Riet - The Age

Charities are gearing up for a surge in homelessness, particularly amongst youth, as a result of changes to unemployment benefits in the federal budget. The head of St Vincent de Paul's homeless services says they will be forced to stretch their limited resources to meet demand if the budget is passed with alterations to Newstart that mean under 30s have to wait six months before receiving financial support.

Overseas Aid

Donor countries given performance benchmarks for Australian foreign aid under changes announced by Julie Bishop

Latika Bourke - ABC

Australia's foreign aid will undergo a "dramatic change", with foreign governments set to sign up to performance benchmarks in a move aimed at better monitoring how taxpayers' dollars are spent.

Coalition adds aid to Iraq pledge


The federal government will send $5 million in aid to Iraq in what is expected to be the first of several ­contributions to assist in the ­escalating crisis, both humanitarian and ­military.


Liberals and Geoff Shaw eye radical preacher Nalliah's numbers

John Ferguson - The Australian 

The Victorian Liberal Party and rebel independent Geoff Shaw are discussing preference deals with a hard-Right Christian party that opposes multiculturalism and whose leader says the Black Saturday fire disaster was due to the vengeance of Jesus over watered-down abortion laws.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Liberal MLA Giulia Jones pushes for investigation of illegal prostitution

Primrose Riordan - The Canberra Times

ACT Liberal Assembly members Giulia Jones and Vicki Dunne have pushed for more "proactive" police surveillance of illegal prostitution and for scrutiny of businesses advertising sex services.

Sexualisation of Society

Yes, pole dancing requires strength and flexibility. But it’s also about sex.

Melissa Wellham - Mamamia

Hold onto your sequinned short shorts people because pole dancing has well and truly entered the mainstream. It turns out that the provocative dance/sport is now being offered to children as young as six-years-old, and proving awfully popular.