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Proposed amendment to Zoe's bill dismissed by critics

Kirsty Needham - SMH

Doctors and women's groups have dismissed NSW Liberal MP Chris Spence's amendment of his controversial bill Zoe's Law 2, saying it doesn't address their serious concerns about the impact changing the law to recognise a foetus as a living person would have on women. NSW Parliament is expected to exercise a conscience vote in the lower house on Thursday on the private member's bill, which is dividing Liberal and Nationals MPs amid fears the legislation opens the door to further criminalisation of abortion.

Man to pray for 40 days in front of abortion clinic

Owen Jacques - Gatton Star

A Brisbane Catholic campaigner is vowing to spend 40 days in quiet prayer in front of a Sunshine Coast abortion clinic, as part of a worldwide prayer campaign to end the "evil" practice. Franco Bernardini joined the 40 Days of Life movement last year, joining fellow believers in front of a Brisbane clinic to pray for its patients and for the clinic's demise.

Children & Family

Revealed: staff down by 25%

Anna Patty - SMH

The death of toddler Zoran Ivanovski has been drawn into the latest crisis involving Family Services Minister Pru Goward, after it emerged she has apparently misled Parliament over the number of child caseworkers. In the days after his death, Ms Goward rejected claims of any staff shortages and accused the public service union of running a ''morally bankrupt'' campaign.

Northern Ireland gay adoption case goes to UK Supreme Court

The Christian Institute

The UK Supreme Court is set to consider a case that could force gay adoption on Northern Ireland – even though most of the public are opposed. An official consultation on the question found that 95 per cent of respondents in the Province were opposed to changing the law.


Senior detective urges South Australia Government to cancel controversial Bill Henson exhibition at Art Gallery of SA

Nigel Hunt - The Advertiser

One of SA's most experienced child pornography investigators has urged Premier Jay Weatherill to stop a planned exhibition by controversial photographer Bill Henson from going ahead next year. The detective has written to Mr Weatherill - in a private capacity - expressing his concern that the government would permit the display of Mr Henson's images of naked teenage children at the Art Gallery of SA. Mr Henson's work has been the subject of police action at similar exhibitions in New South Wales and Victoria.

Drugs & Alcohol

EB Games Australia store reportedly distributed fake drugs with GTA 5 pre-orders

Jenna Pitcher - Polygon

An Australian branch of video game retailer EB Games reportedly distributed bags of fake drugs to those who pre-odered Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 during its midnight launch of the open-world title, according to Reddit user Matt Westcott. A photo taken by Matt Westcott features lines of fake drugs and paraphernalia on display during an EB Games Australia midnight launch of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Huge pill haul 'frightens' NSW cops


Police say they're frightened by the number of pills uncovered in raids on "squalid" homes in Sydney's west. Two Wentworthville homes were searched by Strike Force Yinnell officers on Tuesday as part of an investigation into the ongoing supply of prohibited drugs in the area.


Concerns the quality of India's booming higher education sector not keeping up with demand

Stephanie March - ABC

India's higher education sector is one of the largest in the world, catering to 25 million students. Six decades ago the country had less than 700 diploma and degree institutions. Now it has 45,000, with almost half of those emerging in the past ten years alone.


The big fix is in

Declan Hill - SMH

Global match-fixing has the power to destroy much of the modern sports world.

Victorian police share match-fixing allegations with Queensland as football scandal deepens

Marco Montrverde - The Courier Mail

Victorian police have passed on information regarding match-fixing allegations to their Queensland counterparts as part of the betting scandal which has engulfed Australian football.


Abbott government 'will build a new relationship' with Indigenous Aussies

Natalie Ahmat - NITV News

The new minister for Indigenous affairs, Nigel Scullion, says the Abbott government will make improving relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a key priority.


Don't alter marriage

Paul Dobbyn - Catholic Leader

An organisation opposing the legalisation of same-sex marriage has expressed concern of a potential "policy vacuum" on the issue in the new Tony Abbott-led Federal Government. Australian Family Association spokesman Luke McCormack said "the elected Liberal Party candidates have been promised that the Liberal party room will have a vote to decide whether man and woman marriage will be official Liberal parliamentary party policy or not".

Overseas Aid

Aid needed for millions in Syria

Sky News

Some seven million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid due to the conflict in Syria, and more than $A4.8 billion is needed this year. Of those needing help, more than two million have taken shelter outside Syria, while more than four million people have been displaced within the country, UN Emergency Relief coordinator Valerie Amos said.

AusAID fears massive staff cuts

Nine MSN

AusAID is bracing for sweeping staff cuts after Prime Minister Tony Abbott ordered it be merged with the foreign affairs department. AusAID Director General Peter Baxter resigned after Mr Abbott flagged the merger as part of his bid to cut "duplication and waste" across the public service.


Update on Tasmanian and WA Senate counts

Atony Green - ABC

The race for the final Senate seats in Tasmania and Western Australia won't be decided until every vote is counted and the AEC hit the computer button to distribute preferences. I'll update the progress of the count via this post over coming days.

Pope Francis: A ‘good Christian’ prays for bad politicians

Eric J Lyman - Chrisma News

Wading into ongoing debates over religion and politics, Pope Francis on Sunday gently chided Christians to pray for politicians, saying “a Christian who does not pray for his leaders is not a good Christian.”


Transgender toilet suit sparks school review

Michael McKenna - The Australian

A threatened anti-discrimination lawsuit by a parent of a transgender child has opened the door to Queensland schools introducing unisex toilets, change rooms and sports teams.

Facebook users are committing 'virtual identity suicide' in droves and quitting the site over privacy and addiction fears

Victoria Woollaston - Daily Mail

Facebook users are quitting the social network in droves due to privacy concerns and fear of internet addiction, according to new research. Increasing numbers are taking part in what's been dubbed 'virtual identity suicide' and deleting their accounts.

SA Attorney-General John Rau wary of mandatory sentencing private member's bill


MLC Robert Brokenshire plans to introduce legislation to the South Australian Parliament seeking mandatory minimum penalties for people who attack police officers. The Police Association is urging such sentencing because it says there has been a significant rise in attacks on police in Adelaide. The Family First MLC said the Association was keen for penalties to be reasonable enough to allow proper enforcement.

Who is really leaving the faith and why?

The Gospel Coalition

It's likely you've heard the news: the sky is falling. Reports have been circulating for a while now that our churches are on the decline and it's the young people who are to blame. Articles, blogs and even books have been written warning ministry leaders and parents alike, the Millennials are leaving our churches in droves of hundreds and thousands.