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Children & Family

Warnings child abuse cases may be unreported, ignored by ACT government

Primrose Riordan - The Canberra Times

The ACT Government has failed to act on repeated warnings over a three-year period that child abuse cases may be left unreported if psychologists are not made mandatory reporters.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol interlock devices mandatory in Victoria for drink-drivers who have licenses cancelled


Drink-drivers in Victoria who have their license cancelled will today have special locks fitted to their cars to prevent them driving while under the influence. VicRoads said the alcohol interlocks were "proven to reduce repeat drink-driving" by up to 64 per cent.

Drug diversion report identifies failings, government pledges to strengthen efforts

Christopher Knaus & Michael Inman - The Canberra Times

The ACT government has pledged to strengthen efforts to divert drug users away from the justice system, after a report identified a series of failings in its current approach.


Liberal Democratic senator David Leyonhjelm defends smokers, slams tobacco excise increase

Lisa Cox - The Age

Liberal Democratic senator David Leyonhjelm has stood up for the rights of smokers, describing increases in tobacco excise as "flagrant theft" from "havers of good times".

Drug that stops bowel cancer growth in 80 per cent of cases uncovered by Melbourne researchers

David Mark - ABC

Australian scientists have discovered a set of drugs that stop the growth of bowel cancers in about 80 to 90 per cent of cases. Dr Toby Phesse, from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, said new forms of treatment for this type of cancer are in high demand.

Homelessness & Poverty

One in three Australian elderly live in poverty and face income insecurity, despite being highly educated 


One in three elderly Australians are living in poverty, despite being among the most highly educated senior citizens in the world. While Australia climbed one spot to 13th in the 2014 Global AgeWatch Index, a worldwide study of the quality of life and wellbeing of older people, it was in the bottom half of the list for income security.

Overseas Aid

Foreign aid faces cut to fight terror, plan national security

David Crowe - The Australian 

Foreign aid is set to be cut to help pay for military operations in Iraq and stronger national security at home, as the Abbott government hunts for new savings while standing by unpopular reforms now stymied in the Senate.


Newman, Palaszczuk in dead heat as preferred premier

Amy Remeikis - Brisbane Times

Another day, another poll. But a Roy Morgan state voting intention poll, conducted through mobile phone messages last weekend and released on Wednesday, found the race in Queensland is closer than some pundits think.


Government's Multicultural Affairs spokeswoman criticises 'distracting' burqa focus

Latika Bourke - The Age

The government's spokeswoman on Multicultural Affairs says the burqa debate has become a "distraction" from the real debate we should be having on the terror threat, but has also lamented that Muslim women are being targeted over what they wear.

Sexist attitudes in Australia are on the rise, young women tell gender study

Melissa Davey - The Guardian 

Australia trivialises and sexualises women in senior and leadership positions, a gender and media academic has said, as a new study reports that young women are rejecting certain career paths because of an overwhelming perception they will face sexism.