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Jail family plan to stem girl abortions

Dean Nelson – SMH

Entire families could be jailed for up to seven years for pressuring women into aborting female foetuses, a move designed to halt India's widening gender imbalance.

Charities & NFP

Ballarat-based charity keeps thousands of diabetics alive

Pat Mitchell – ABC News

A Ballarat man is helping keep tens of thousands of diabetes suffers alive by sending desperately needed insulin and supplies to developing nations around the world.

Children & Family

Parents face sting from labour costs

Patrcia Karvelas - The Australian

Parents could face higher fees if the nation's childcare workers are awarded a government-funded pay rise because centres will be forced to pass on the significant additional "on costs", the peak body representing childcare centres has warned.

UN backs shaming of those who attack kids

The UN Security Council has backed a resolution calling for the naming and shaming of governments and armed groups that recruit, kill or sexually attack children in armed conflicts.

Child abusers flourish when good people say nothing

Cathy Kezelman

The report released yesterday by Justice Blaxell in Western Australia, shows that a countless number of board members in a WA hostel and a principal along with family members, ignored the allegations of sexual abuse made against Dennis John Mckenna – a warden at St. Andrews Hostel, Katanning.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Womb transplant surgeries offer hope

Stephen Adams – Brisbane Times

Two women have been given hope of having children after surgeons in Sweden performed the world's first mother-to-daughter uterus transplants.

Drugs & Alcohol

Regular use of cannabis can lead to suicidal thoughts

Adam Cresswell - The Australian

Regular use of cannabis can trigger suicidal thoughts in some users, particularly young men, according to the results of a 30-year study that experts say strengthens the need for stronger warnings about the drug, particularly for adolescents and young adults.

Bars, drinks makers suffer amid Czech ban

Jan Flemr – The Courier-Mail

Czech bars and drink producers were counting losses on Wednesday as a blanket ban on spirits sales has trimmed their earnings amid an unprecedented wave of alcohol poisonings that has claimed 23 lives.

Call for inquiry into booze marketing

Crystal Ja – Herald Sun

Federal politicians have mostly embraced the idea of a parliamentary inquiry into alcohol marketing and its self-regulation, which was derided by one Labor MP as "piss weak".


Education a vote-changing issue: poll

ABC News

The Australian Education Union is using new polling results to push public education funding onto the ACT election agenda.


New powers may sink trawler plan

Loretta Johnston – The Examiner

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke hopes to today begin using new powers under environmental law to stop super trawler Abel Tasman from fishing in Australian waters while scientific work is undertaken.

Scientists investigate Brisbane River fish kill

Tony Moore – Brisbane Times

Scientists are investigating whether a virus is the cause of the deaths of thousands of catfish in the Brisbane River.


Mathieson’s pub linked to money laundering

Chip le Grand & Adam Shand – The Australian

A suburban hotel owned by pokies billionaire Bruce Mathieson failed to act on suspicions of money laundering through its electronic gaming machines despite repeated warnings by staff and a paper trail showing a Vietnamese-born pensioner and his family were claiming winnings of up to $40,000 a week.


PM plan for indigenous recognition

Michael Gordon – The Age

The Gillard government has embraced a new strategy to recognise the ''unique and special place'' of indigenous Australians after conceding that a referendum proposing constitutional change could fail if it is put at or before next year's election.


Gay marriage bill defeated


Advocates will shift their focus to legalising same sex marriage at the state level, after Federal MPs yesterday voted down a bill which would have allowed gay couples to marry.

Brown laments lack of gay marriage leadership

ABC News

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has lashed out at both sides of politics for their "failed leadership" over the issue of gay marriage. 

MLCs shift on gay marriage

Rosemary Bolger – The Examiner

Support for Tasmania's bid to become the first state to allow gay couples to legally marry is slipping in the Legislative Council.

Gay couple review their marriage vows

Ean Higgins – The Australian

As a gay woman involved for years with a transgender partner, Labor senator Louise Pratt bared her heart this week as she argued for a marriage equality bill of which she is a signatory, suggesting she wants the right to marry if she so chooses.

Bernardi flies out of one storm and into another

The Age

A day after creating a media storm by linking the legalisation of gay marriage to the acceptance of bestiality and polygamy, South Australian senator Cory Bernardi could find himself in the middle of another media storm in Britain.


Tony Abbott slams Gillard Government on Bali bombings aid and launches petition

Phillip Hudson – Herald Sun

Tony Abbott has accused the Gillard Government of being "mean-spirited" towards victims of the Bali bombings and other terrorist attacks.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

France bracing for backlash over prophet cartoons

Rachael Brown – ABC Online

France has announced it will temporarily close embassies and schools in 20 countries after a French magazine published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed.


Asylum seekers get a tour of Nauru

Dylan Welch – The Canberra Times

One of their buses was labelled "Aussie Sights Coach Tours" but it is unlikely the Tamil asylum seekers on board actually believed they were to see the country they have risked their lives to flee to.

Sexualisation of Society

Call to keep frisky youth off sex-offender register

Adam Cooper – SMH

Legal experts have called for sexting-specific laws to be introduced to deal with cases effectively and prevent young people being added to the sex offenders register.


Migrants must abandon ‘ideology of hate’

Sky News

Billionaire businessman Frank Lowy says new arrivals must agree to live by the standards and values of Australian society.

Islamic rally canned amid violence fears

The Age

One of the key organisers of an Islamic rally to be held in Melbourne on Sunday has cancelled the protest amid police concerns it will be overrun by violent activists.