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Upper House set to remove abortion from Tasmania's criminal code

Stephen Smiley - ABC

Tasmania is set to join Victoria and the ACT in removing abortion from its criminal laws, but a final vote on the detail of the change has been delayed.

Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion law

Lawrence Hurley and Lisa Garza - Reuters

A split U.S. Supreme Court declined on Tuesday to block implementation of a new abortion law in Texas that already has prompted a dozen clinics in the state to stop performing the procedure.

Albuquerque rejects 20-week abortion ban

Juliet Lapidos - New York Times

Earlier in 2013, the House proposed a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, and twelve states have gone ahead and enacted such bans. But when Americans are asked if legislators should be spending their time restricting the abortion window, most respondents say no. And the more Americans hear about what a 20-week bans really entail, the more they grow wary of them. So maybe it’s not shocking that voters in Albuquerque on Tuesday rejected a 20-week ballot measure. The Times reported that the referendum was “the first of its kind in the country for a municipality” and was “marked by record turnout.” The ban went down 55-45.

Drugs & Alcohol

One in eight deaths of young Australians attributable to alcohol: National Council on Drugs report

Jane Mower - ABC

One in eight deaths of Australians aged under 25 is now related to alcohol consumption, a report has revealed. The Australian National Council on Drugs report (ANCD) also found 60 per cent of all police call outs - up to 90 per cent at night - are alcohol-related.

Alcohol tax rises and earlier liquor outlet closing hours needed to curb the alcohol toll, experts warn

Sue Dunlevy - News Ltd

Young Australians are drinking themselves to death with alcohol experts warning that the public is "fed up". Alcohol is responsible for one in eight deaths and one in four hospitalisations of under 25-year-olds, according to new analysis from the government's chief alcohol advisory body. St Vincent's trauma surgeon Dr Anthony Grabs says 25-30 per cent of the patients he sees on the weekend have an alcohol-related injury or problem.

Schoolies overdosing on drugs

Brisbane Times

Some schoolies on the Gold Coast are overdosing on cocaine and ecstasy in their units before going out.

Drug fix fails test as users abuse Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative

Doug Robinson - The Advertiser

Drug users are abusing the system by repeatedly using the government diversion program to avoid the courts and criminal convictions, experts have warned, including one person who has completed it 32 times. Several police officers, a top Adelaide psychologist - who all wished to remain anonymous - and Liberal police spokesman Dan van Holst Pellekaan told The Advertiser many repeat offenders had no intention of quitting illegal drugs and were manipulating the system.


Greenwich's gay student bill on hold

Josephine Tovey - The Examiner

A bill to overturn controversial laws that allow private schools to expel students for being gay or transgender has been shelved indefinitely after the NSW Coalition indicated it was unlikely to support the change.


Walkerville Council investigates whether Dr Death clinic has proper approvals

Kurtis Eichler - Herald Sun

Walkerville Council will investigate whether euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke's Gilberton clinic has the right planning approvals.


Scots humanist quits over gay marriage

The Christian Institute

A founder of the Humanist Society of Scotland has resigned over the group’s support for same-sex marriage.

New South Wales rejects same-sex ‘marriage’

Thaddeus Baklinski - Life Site News

Members of the State Legislative Council of New South Wales, Australia voted earlier this week by a narrow margin of 21 to 19 to uphold the true meaning of marriage.


Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll quits parliament before other MPs have a chance to give him the boot

Steven Wardill - The Courier Mail

A day after begging parliament for his livelihood, disgraced MP Scott Driscoll has used social media to poke fun at his predicament. The former MP for Redcliffe, who escaped becoming the first Queensland MP to be kicked out of parliament for dodgy dealings, changed his Twitter profile photo and background in a final kick to the ethics committee who demanded his head.

Maverick MP throws Victorian parliament into chaos

Heather Ewart - ABC 7:30

An Independent with the balance of power in Victoria's parliament is threatening the future of the Speaker, pushing the chamber into scenes of chaos.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

A giant Teutonic brothel

The Economist

How modern and liberated Germany’s Social Democrats and Greens sounded in 2001. They were in government and wanted to raise the legal and social status of prostitutes. So they enacted a law to remove the stigma from sex work by, for example, giving prostitutes full rights to health insurance, pensions and other benefits. “Exploiting” sex workers remained criminal, but merely employing them or providing them with a venue became legal. The idea was that responsible employers running safe and clean brothels would drive pimps out of the market.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

‘Free speech attacked’ as court upholds Christian radio ad ban

The Christian Institute

Today the Court of Appeal upheld a ban on a Christian radio station broadcasting an ad on Christian marginalisation, a decision described as an “attack on freedom of speech” by the station’s CEO.

Sexualisation of Society

Knowledge is power!

Somebodysdaughter blog

We consider pornography to be any pictures or writing designed to trigger sexual arousal. It can range from exploitative ads—such as Victoria’s Secret commercials—to the inhumane violent videos found on the Internet. 100% of children growing up in this culture are being exposed to it by the time they are 12 years old. Becoming aware of the facts about pornography might be the first step you need to take to help change this culture for the next generation.

Boobs vs Brawn: The TV debut of ‘Lingerie Football’

Michelle Smith - the Conversation

Televising the LFL will do little to promote recognised women’s sports and nothing to increase the likelihood that they will be picked up for broadcast. It will only reinforce the small-minded view that women’s sports are uninteresting for viewers unless the competitors look like they could pose for a men’s magazine.

Opposed to Lingerie Football? You must be fat and ugly

Caitlin Roper - Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Another example of the abuse women receive for speaking out

SA court told online porn written by teacher Grant Geoffrey Martin helped deviant market flourish

Sean Frewster - The Advertiser

A former teacher who pretended to be an online female sex slave is the sort of person who helps deviant behaviour flourish, a court has heard. Prosecutors today asked the District Court to immediately jail Grant Geoffrey Martin for producing child pornography in the form of written "fantasies" shared with other perverts.


Church of England "on brink of extinction"

Cranmer blog

The media love religious prophecies of doom and gloom, especially when they come from former archbishops of Canterbury and the story can be spun into a tacit criticism of their successors.

Despite our secularist enemies, we are on the brink of a Christian Spring

Cristina Odone - The Telegraph

Archbishop Carey has grown in stature since he retired from Canterbury in 2002. When he speaks about the persecution of Christians abroad, he does so with passion and authority. When he warns not to dilute Britain's precious Judaeo-Christian legacy, he is compelling. But his latest pronouncement is wrong.